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" Hello Professor Snape! "

" Ms. Lovegood. "

" How are you doing today? "

" ... Fine. "

" I'm doing quite well myself, thank you. "

" I didn't ask you how you were doing Ms. Lovegood. "

" Oh, I know. I'm sure you would have though, if the Cackle- Pluppins hadn't taken over your mind. "

" Excuse me? "

" Are you having trouble hearing sir? Oh no, this is terrible. The Cackle- Pluppins must have burrowed farther into your brain than I thought. "

" How dare you? 10 points from Ravenclaw for your cheek! "

" Poor poor Professor Snape, taken over by the C.P.'s and you don't even know it! Well don't you worry Professor, I'll help! "

" What is that?! What did you just pull out of your pocket? Root of Alvin? Don't throw that at me idiot girl! I'm--- "

" There there Professor, it's all right now! The Root of Alvin should have gotten rid of all the nasty C.P.'s... Sir? Sir are you okay? You look rather pale sir. Do you want to sit down? "

" You pant stupid wheeze girl! I'm allergic to Root of Alvin! "

" Oh dear. "

" Harry, " Said Ron Weasley, watching Snape and Luna from a respectable distance, " this is definitely the best idea you've ever had. "

Harry Potter just smiled a small smile, watching with a sort of gleeful satisfaction as Luna patted the greasy hair of a horribly pale Snape.


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