The Legacy: Genesis

By: I Laugh at ur Pain


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I changed things around, like where the Titans came from. I can do that because I put a disclaimer and its called fanfiction! As in FICTION, you make it up.

Little Summary:

This story is from Starfire's point of view. The age range is between 17 and 19-ish. It is told from 1st person in Starfire's point of view. This story is about Starfire and how she is sold to slavery by her parents. Along the way of breaking free, Starfire meets some new friends that help her survive the long journey.

Please… enjoy:

Chapter 1: Sold!

As I paced the room, my mother screeched at me when my hat fell to the ground. A maid quickly rushed over and fixed my hat promptly onto my head.

"Koriand'r stop pacing and stay still! They will be here son to inspect you on your performance and looks," my mother snapped at me. My mother and father were never really fond of me, that's why they're selling me to slavery. They didn't like me, but were oh so loving to Carmen. They got her everything she wanted and since my parents are rulers of the planet Tamerain that wasn't very hard. I, on the other hand, got hand-me-downs and whatever was left over… or what Carmen didn't want. I wasn't even able to have a boyfriend while almost every night I would hear moaning coming from Carmen's room. To tell you the truth, I was almost happy I was being sold to slavery and taken away from this horrible place… almost happy.

"Mother, when are they going to be here?" I asked, staring out the window and looking for their ship.

"They'll be here when they are! Now shut up," she spat at me. I crossed my arms stubbornly and looked away only to be twisted around and slapped.

"There will be none of this attitude when the commander gets here," she yelled, grasping my arm harshly.

"Queen Armender, they have just landed," a messenger said, bowing to my mother after he was dismissed.

"Koriand'r, I want you to keep your mouth shut, smile, and stand in place. The "3S" rule is now in effect," my mother said and yes she made a rule for my when quests come near. I'm not even allowed to tell them my own name and say that it's a pleasure to meet them.

"Presenting thy royal Commander!" the same messenger exclaimed, opening the doors to let him in. My mother quickly stood up straight and put her hand on my shoulder. The commander walked in, his official looking hat covered is face, casting a shadow so his eyes could not be seen. Carmen was now next to me, where she came from… I have no idea.

"I've heard that even when he has sex he keeps that hat on," Carmen said, giggling. I cringed in disgust, but quickly obtained my posture.

"She looks strong and well built," the commander said, lifting up Carmen's arm to check for mussel.

"EWW!! I'm not some icky slave! She's the one you're taking," Carmen cried, pointing over to me. I quickly bowed and when I came up, I was face to face with the commander.

"There will be none of that sissy bowing crap once you're with me," he threatened. He stood straight again and looked at my mother.

"She'll do, how much?" the commander asked.

"One million," my mother told him.

"That's absurd!" the commander exclaimed.

"She is royalty… sadly. I could raise the price higher for being the daughter of the rulers of a planet," my mother said smugly.

"Fine. Slave, get the money!" the commander ordered. I was about to leave for the money when another person, around my age, came out of the shadows and ran off. A strange thing about the boy is that his skin and hair was green. A few minutes later the green boy returned with a case of money. He gave it to the commander who then gave the case of money to my mother.

I gave the green boy a smile when he looked up at me, but he did not return it. Instead he shook his head in pity and went to the side of his master.

"She is yours now!" my mother said happily after counting the money. The commander came over to me and put chains on both my hands before walking away pulling me with him The green boy walked with me, but did not look at me. Instead he watched the ground, not making a single sound.

"Who are you?" I whispered. The commander quickly turned around and smacked me to the ground.

"Quite slave! There will be no speaking when I am in your unworthy presence!" he yelled at me. The commander grasped the chain tightly and thrust me from the ground and onto my feet. The rest of the walk to my new "home" was silent… except for the sound of my heels hitting the tile floor.

"Dispose of those damned shoes!" the commander yelled. I quickly took off my shoes and was about to pick them up but the green boy shook his head telling me not to. We continued walking, but soon stopped again.

"Slave, fix her clothes. They're giving me an extreme head ach," the commander ordered, rubbing his temples. I shrieked as the green boy went behind me and unzipped my dress leaving only my silk under dress. He then ripped the sleeves off my silk dress and the bottom of my dress as well. Now my arms and most of my legs were exposed. He also threw my huge, purple, sun hat to the side.

"Take off your stockings and take down your hair. Can't have you looking fancy," the commander ordered and I did as I was told without a second thought. I left all of my fancy clothing behind me and continued walking in my silk rag. When we boarded the ship, the commander took the chains off me and told the green boy something, but I could not understand it… they were speaking in a different language. When we were finally out of the commander's ear shot, I asked,

"Please, what is your name?" but he looked at me like I was speaking a foreran language. Now that I thought about, all the times the green boy did something from command in my language the commander had used signals.

"So you do not know what I am saying?" I asked. The silence told me yes so I leaned forward to kiss him, but the green boy backed away.

"Please, I use the lip contact to learn language," I told him, but he did not understand and kept walking. As the ship took off, I fell to the ground, but the green boy kept walking.

"I'm gonna have to get used to this," I thought to myself before quickly getting up and chasing after him. I continued following him and he soon stopped in front of 5 cells; two of which were empty and the other three had somebody in them. The walls were not solid but instead just bars. You could see into all five of the cells from your own.

In one room, there was a tall, dark skinned, part human part robot. Next to him was an empty room but the green boy quickly went into it tell me it was his. Next to the green boy was a girl with pale skin, raven shoulder length hair, and she was meditating on her bed. Next to her was an empty room which I quickly got into. And finally, next to my room, there was a guy with black spiky hair. He had icy blue eyes, and had put his bed against the wall so he could use it as a punching bag.

"Hello?" I called to the girl next to me. She did not reply or open her eyes so I turned to the boy next to me.

"Hello?" I called out again. He didn't know what I was saying, but he stopped punching his bed and went over to me. I signaled for him to come closer and when he did I quickly grabbed his head and put my lips against his.


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