"You're welcome. Now come on, lets get back to the others," Robin said, grasping my hand and entwining his fingers with mine. It was then that I realized the commander wasn't wearing his hat. I guess Carmen was wrong, but I ignored that thought and turned my attention back to Robin.

"But don't you have to work?" I asked him.

"Nope, he gave me today and tomorrow off," Robin told me. The rest of the walk was silent and when we got back to our cells, the others stared at us.

"Aren't you guys supposed to be working?" Beast Boy asked as Robin released my hand and walked back to his cell, I to mine.

"Umm, something happened. So I no longer have to work and Robin has a couple days off," I told them.

"I never told her that, I wonder what else she heard," Robin whispered to himself, thinking that nobody else had heard him, but I did… I just didn't comment.

"Well what happened?" Raven asked me.

"Nothing of importance," I lied to them before lying down and facing the wall. I needed time to think; thank God I didn't have to work anymore. Now I had more time to think and without Robin being here. It's not like I didn't like Robin, I find him very intriguing, but the commander was right about one thing, it was too soon. I had indeed just met Robin and I was not sure if I loved him or not. It was a sure thing that Robin loved me, but I was not sure of my own feelings.

"Why does love have to be so confusing?" I thought, turning to look over at Robin. Once again, he was working out by punching the life out of his bed.

"I wonder If it's more comfortable to sleep on a bed after punching it," I thought, curious to find out if there were better sleeping conditions. I thought about it for a moment before giving up. I had been trying to get Robin off my mind, but it was merely impossible. Everything I thought about eventually led to him. Maybe I was in love… but there was no sure way to find out. With the though of Robin in my mind, I quickly drifted off to sleep.


When I finally did wake, everyone was asleep. I looked to my left to find Cyborg snoring, Beast Boy kicking in his sleep, and Raven sleeping completely still and calm. I looked to the right to find Robin staring at me. Well he wasn't exactly staring at me, but because his eyes were closed, but I would tell he had been staring at me. When I looked at Robin's face, I saw two emotions. The first was anger and the second was a type of love and compassion. I stared at him for a few more moments before turning my attention to the ground.

"What am I to do? He loves me, but I am not sure of my feelings," I thought to myself. Sighing in frustration, I quickly gave up on the thought and closed my eyes. With the hope of things becoming better, I once again drifted off to sleep.

The Next Morning:

I opened my eyes a crack when I woke to find Robin smiling while staring at me. I stretched, pretending I had just woken up and Robin quickly went to the ground and started doing push ups.

"Good morning," I said happily, slowly sitting up. Robin looked over at me and smiled before continuing his work out. I looked over at t he others and saw that Beast Boy was missing. Before I could ask, Raven said,

"Bathroom," before returning to her meditating. I sighed and looked over at Cyborg.

"What are you doing friend?" I asked him, watching s he drew something on his wall. He looked over at me and smiled.

"It's a lady," Cyborg told me, moving to the side so I could see the life sized drawing of a girl his age. She was a hall, curly haired girl, with beautiful features. For her hair, she had it up in two small buns on the top of her head, one on each side. She had large eyes, luscious lips, and her nose wasn't at all odd looking. She had wings that looked like they belonged to a bee on her back and two weapons that looked like the letter 'B'. Surrounding the weapons was electricity. She was wearing a tight tang top that was two different colors and ended a little above her belly button. She was also wearing tight pants and boots. To top it off, she had a belt at the top of her pants with a 'B' on it. I couldn't tell the different colors because her picture was carved into a wall.

"Cyborg, she is beautiful! Is she your girlfriend?" I asked him, staring at the beautiful drawing.

"Sadly no. I had a dream about her and I just had to draw her. I didn't want to forget her. She's the best things I've seen in a long time, even if she was just a dream," he said, lightly smiling.

"Well then it is best hat you never forget. May you please tell me of your dream?" I asked.

"Yeah, a story would be nice," Robin said, sitting on his bed now. Even Raven stopped meditating and turned her attention to Cyborg.

"What cha guys doin?" Beast Boy asked, walking into his cell.

"Friend Cyborg is going to do the telling of the story!" I exclaimed.

"Oh boy!" Beast Boy cried before moving his bed closer in the direction of Cyborg's cell. I followed his example and soon so did Robin. After looking at her, Raven moved forwards some as well. While waiting for Cyborg to begin his story, I closed my eyes and laid back on my bed.

"Why'd you close your eyes?" Beast Boy asked me.

"It is so I may imagine the story in my thoughts and get a better metal image of what Cyborg tells us," I said and they nodded before closing their eyes as well.

"Wait guys," Cyborg said, causing us to pen our eyes. "Before I start the story, I want you to see a picture of her," he added before moving o the side so we could look at the woman on the wall.

"Now the story begins when Bee, that's what I'm gonna call her, goes flying through the air and crashes to the ground," Cyborg told us, beginning his story. We all closed our eyes, picturing what he was telling us. And as Cyborg continued his story about Bee, my imagination grew and I was able to see it all.


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