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Konoha was in flames. The five remaining survivors stood on the Hokage monument and watched as the invading forces of sound, rock and cloud destroyed their dreams. The leader of this small band watched impassively as the hard work of all the Konoha-nins died in vain. 'Ero-sennin… Obaa-Chan… Sakura-Chan… why...?' one of the survivors sensed his grief and tried to cheer him up. "Rokudaime-sama, all is not lost! As long as we live, Konoha survives! So do not think on the unyouthful past, and rather look to the future!"

Naruto smiled and turned to his war general, Rock Lee. Ever since Gai died in a sound attack, he had matured drastically, stopping referring to things as youthful or unyouthful almost to extinction, though he couldn't quite kick the habit. When asked about it, all he says is, "with age comes wisdom. I have stopped denying that I have one thing I don't have in exchange for another thing I do have." He then turned to the rest of the group.

There was Shikamaru, who was still the same shougi-playing, cloud-watching lazy ass he was in his youth, though he a lot more brutal in his job as war advisor after the loss of his beloved wife, Temari. After that, he had taken up a nindo: "nothing is troublesome enough to justify civilian lives lost."

Kiba, chief of intelligence and espionage, was a lot more morbid than in his youth, which could probably be attributed to the fact that he lost both Akamaru and Hinata, his girlfriend of 6 months, on the same day. Ironically, they were killed on the very day that Kiba was about to propose to Hinata.

There was Chouji, quartemaster and ration poisoning tester, who had replaced all the gut he had for well toned muscle, per orders of Ino, who was his girlfriend of a whole 1 week before she went MIA. The rumours state that she died fighting 25 Iwa jounin in a cave, and caused it to cave and kill them all.

Finally, there was Gaara, who had traded in his Kazekage robes for a Konoha hitai-ite after Suna, along with his siblings, Temari and Kankurou, were decimated by 10 platoons of sound cursed seal warriors, led by Orochimaru himself.

Naruto sighed and shook his head clear of those thoughts, before they led to how his own precious people died. "Thanks, Lee. I needed that. But I still can't help thinking about the past. In the past is where the memories are, both good and bad." Naruto lowered his head as the memories flowed over him. Then his head shot up. "The past…" he whispered to the wind. "Kiba! Did you get the forbidden scroll like I told you?"

Hai, Hokage-sama. It's right here." Kiba replied as he reached for a scroll. He pricked his thumb and spread the blood along its length. An oversized scroll poofed into existence. Everybody sweatdropped. 'A scroll within a scroll…' were more or less the thoughts of everybody there, excluding Kiba, who was oblivious to his comrade's predicament.

Naruto shook his head and got down to business. "Thank you Kiba." He then reached for the scroll and began to skim the contents for the jutsu he was looking for. A few minutes later he found it. "Aha! I knew I'd find it in here. It's as forbidden as it gets!" everybody began to worry at these words. "Okay, guys, I'm gonna need to know your elemental affinities for this to work." Naruto pulled out some chakra cards from his pocket. "I assume you all know how these work. Just channel your chakra into these and tell me what happens." Naruto handed them all out to everybody, except Lee, as he can't channel chakra.

Shikamaru was the first to talk. "I don't know what your planning, Naruto, but it's going to be troublesome, I can tell this much. Anyways, my card just sort of crumpled in on itself."

'Lightning, eh? Interesting…' Naruto thought to himself as Kiba started talking. "Ha! Mine was cooler than yours! Mine turned into dust! Beat that!" he jovially exclaimed. 'Kiba always did act like how he was before Hinata and Akamaru died with a new toy or jutsu. So he's earth, huh? So far so good…' Naruto again thought as Chouji was next.

Well, mine got really wet. I mean, REALLY wet. It broke because it was so wet. See?" he pointed down to the ground, and there was his chakra card, snapped in half and soaking wet. 'Water? I wasn't expecting that, especially such a strong affinity for it. But the jutsu will work still! I thought it would be shot down by now!' Naruto happily thought. It was going to work! But apparently, fate had other plans as Gaara spoke. "Mine was the same as Kiba's."

"Dammit! I was so sure…" Naruto sank to his knees as his master plan crumbled before his eyes. The others eyed him with varying levels of curiosity as he broke down in front of them. Gaara, in an extraordinary moment of sympathy, tried to console him.

"Naruto, calm down. The Kage must be a pillar of strength to his village and the ninja he commands. Besides, if you keep this up, Kyuubi will have a field day with this." The group nodded. Naruto started to cry.

"Well, damn the Kyuubi, because I don't-" Naruto froze. "Kyuubi! That's it! Gaara, you're a genius!" Naruto pulled out yet another chakra card and fed the demon fox's chakra into it. The card burst into flames. "YES! It will work!" he jumped up off of his knees and punched the air as the group of ninjas became confused at his sudden change of mood over a flaming chakra card, with the exclusion of Kiba, who was complaining about Naruto having a cooler reaction than he did. "Okay, this is going to take precise actions on your parts, so listen up, and do exactly as I say…"


A few minutes later, the ninjas were positioned on the five points of a pentagon like so: Naruto was standing on the top point, the kanji for 'fire' stenciled into the ground. Standing to his left was Chouji, the kanji for 'water' also written in the ground. To HIS left were both Gaara and Kiba, the kanji for 'earth' beneath their feet. To their left was Shikamaru, the kanji for 'lightning' written as well. The only point left open was to naruto's right, the kanji for 'wind' standing out on its lonesome. Five lines were drawn from the points, converging in the center, where Rock Lee was standing.

Naruto walked up to Lee. "Okay, Lee. You have the hardest part of the jutsu. I'll show you the part you have to do, and I'll ask you if you can manage it." Naruto handed him the forbidden scroll. Lee's thick eyebrows shot up.

"Naruto! You're going to use this jutsu!? You can't do it!"

"Can you do it?" Naruto asked, the ice in his words a few steps away from becoming visible.

"You know what happened to those who tried! We could-"

"CAN YOU DO IT!?" He screamed, causing everybody but Lee to wince.

"Well, yes, but-"

"No buts! By order of the Rokudaime Hokage, you ARE going to go through with this jutsu!" he yelled. "Besides, we're going to die anyways, so might as well give it a shot," he added in a whisper, so that nobody but Lee could hear it. He walked back to his position. "Kage bunshin no jutsu!" he yelled, causing one clone to appear in the wind position.

"Everybody. I know that I have only been Rokudaime for a short while. I know that many people have shunned and hated me because of the burden I carry. But I need your utmost faith on this. The jutsu we are about to perform has never had anyone test it and live to tell the tale." Everyone gulped at this. "We may quite possibly die performing this. But if this works, we can fix everything. We can save Konoha and our precious people." Shikamaru's eyebrows almost shot off of his forehead as he realized what he was implying. 'I always knew he was a genius." Naruto thought wryly. "So who's with me!?"

There was silence. Then Gaara stood up. "I will go through with it. You changed me, Naruto. I was a demon, hated by all and trained to have no feelings, only to kill. Then you showed up. You were the exact same as me. You said that all it took was to have recognition for who you are, and not what you have inside you. You gave me back my life. I say, a life for a life." He said in possibly one of the most inspirational speeches he'd ever given. Slowly but surely, everybody else agreed to it.

"You guys…" Naruto whispered, on the verge of tears, emotional because of the amount of faith they had in him. "Thank you. I promise you, this will not go to waste." He said as he pulled his emotions together. "Okay, you guys have to channel all the chakra in your entire being into the grooves in the ground leading to Rock Lee. And when I say all, I mean ALL. All as in you could die from chakra burnout all. Lee, you know what to do." Everybody nodded and began the procedure. The symbols for wind, fire, earth, water, and lightning started glowing, as the chakra flowed along the grooves towards Lee. The chakra converged and flew into Lee. He flinched from the pain of foreign chakra entering his veins.

"Lee, now!" Naruto yelled through clenched teeth, it was hard having a bunshin draining all the natural chakra AND channeling demon chakra at the same time, not to mention painful as hell.

Lee nodded and started making hand seals. The chakra flow increased, causing pain to the donors, and caused Lee to grit his teeth and make the hand seals faster. And so it continued, the chakra flow increasing the faster the hand seals went, causing the hand seals to go even faster, creating a tourniquet of pain. Just as the pain was about to cause everybody to pass out, Lee reached the final seal, and screamed out, "FORBIDDEN NINJA ARTS: FIVE ELEMENT SECRET RELEASE: FATHER TIME MANIPULATION NO JUTSU!" the kanji for 'time' appeared underneath Rock Lee's feet as a blinding white light enveloped the five, and they knew no more.


Orochimaru was enjoying this day. Today, that blasted Konohagakure was destroyed. He had also enjoyed killing the populace. Especially that pink haired one, Sasuke called her Sakura.


Flashback no jutsu

Orochimaru had just finished killing Tsunade. 'It helps that she thought that I was here to turn myself in. kukuku' he laughed. Suddenly he froze. Someone was coming in! "

"Tsunade-shisou, I finished the work you-" Sakura froze mid-step. There was Sasuke, with Tsunade slumped over the desk, not breathing. "s-Sasuke-kun?" she stuttered.

Orochimaru smirked at the name. A second later, it was all over, a chidori-empowered hand shoved through her heart. "Yes,, Sakura-Chan, I'm your beloved Sasuke-kun. Kukuku!" he whispered in her ear. He laughed at the face that she would carry to the grave. He heard the door opening again.

"Hey, Obaa-Chan, I want a new-" he stopped when he saw the situation. Unlike the girl, he was not fooled. "Orochi-teme," he said, voice trembling. "You killed them. YOU KILLED THEM! AAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!" he screamed, a Rasengan already in his hand. Orochimaru panicked. Unlike a normal Rasengan, this one was blood red, meaning it was using demon chakra, and therefore would hurt tenfold. He ran.

Flashback no jutsu, Kai!


Speaking of Naruto, he hadn't found the Rokudaime, or his attendants, yet. He frowned. Until they were dead, the destruction of Konoha wouldn't be complete. Suddenly, he sensed a MASSIVE chakra flare, coming from the Hokage monument. He whipped his head around. He recognized the jutsu. "NO! STOP THEM!" he screeched as his world grew black and he fell to the ground.


Kakashi was hurt badly. A chidori aimed for the heart would do that to you. (I said AIMED FOR, people, not through, AIMED FOR! one of my reviewers pointed out this flaw) He seriously regretted teaching Sasuke that move. He had managed to drag himself up to the Hokage monument, to hide behind some bushes and lick his wounds. He doubted that it would help if Orochimaru came up here, but it should fool the average Joe ninja. Suddenly he heard Lee scream, "FORBIDDEN NINJA ARTS: FIVE ELEMENT SECRET RELEASE: FATHER TIME MANIPULATION NO JUTSU!" his eyebrows shot up. They were attempting that jutsu! And with a Jinchuuriki and two Kages, it should work! Kakashi put on a burst of speed he didn't know he had as he raced to get into the jutsu. His fingertips brushed the pillar of light as he fell down, and his world blackened.


"Uunngg," was the collective sound heard as Naruto awoke. His ninja senses quickly took in the surroundings. There was Kiba, Gaara, and Shikamaru coming to about the same time he was. Rock Lee was still out cold. So was Kakashi-sens- wait! Kakashi-sensei!? His head jerked over to the prone form of Kakashi. Yep, that was him, all right. But why was he here? That thought was quickly banished from his head as a devilish thought entered his head. Naruto quickly stood up, his muscles extremely sore, and limped over to the prone body of his sensei. A smirk crossed his face as he reach for his sensei's mask.

"Uunngg," Naruto jumped back as his sensei started to sit up. 'Dammit! Why does that always happen!?' He growled. "I feel like I got hit by a chidori. Oh, wait, I DID get hit by a chidori. My bad!" Kakashi deadpanned as everybody, including Rock Lee, started to stand up. Naruto looked down at his sensei's chest and jumped back with a yell. Kakashi had a huge hole in his chest, and was still alive!? Kakashi looked down. "Hello, what's this? I would've thought that this would've healed when I entered the time stream," Naruto flinched as his sensei found out what they were doing. "Excellent job getting it to work. My compliments." His face hardened. "However, that was very irresponsible of you! You could not only have killed yourself, but your teammates! As a Hokage, you should be ashamed of yourself!"

"I did what I had to do, okay!? What would you have done!? Huh? Would you rather have-"

"ENOUGH!" everybody jumped at the volume of these words. "There will be no fighting in this sacred hall. Now, the first thing I would like to say is, congratulations. You are the first people to be able to reach here. Well, the second, but they were Jinchuuriki." Everybody smirked as the unknown voice continued. "Very well. If your reasons are clear and your heart is pure, you can travel through time, for sure." The mystery voice intoned as it decided to reveal itself. A shining light broke through the dreary landscape. As the light dies down, an old man bearing an uncanny resemblance to Sarutobi stepped down.

"Ojii-Sama!? You're alive!?" the man laughed.

I guess. I've always been alive, and I always will be. I, however, am not the man you refer to. I am Father Time. Now, what do you wish of me?" nobody seemed unduly surprised at this revelation. Naruto motioned for a group huddle.

"Well? What are we gonna do? We could go back to when we just turned genin…" Chouji suggested.

"No! At the beginning of the academy. We could become rookies of the year!" Kiba said in a conspiratorial tone.

"I say we go back to the sound invasion Chuunin exams, it would be too troublesome any farther back." Shikamaru said.

"Perhaps the Hokage has an opinion? What do you say, Naruto?" Rock Lee said in a kind tone.

Naruto sighed. "I… I would like to go back to my birth… maybe be able to see my parents… before they die…" in an uncharacteristically somber tone. Everybody agreed, at seeing such a happy person so sad. He turned to Father Time. "I-" he was then struck with inspiration. "Father Time, can we each go back to a different time?" the others looked at him quizzically.

"Hmm. This is an odd request, but yes, I suppose it could be done. What time do you wish?

" I wish that we all could go back to our respective births, Father Time." Everybody was shocked. Naruto turned to the others. "Hey, this way we can practice all our jutsus and get even better without the threat of war on our doorstep and the constant interruptions of missions! To get even better to save our precious people! What do you think?"

"Hmm, it would be extremely troublesome to go through all that again, but I DO see your logic in it. Heh, and if it gets too monotone, I can always shake it up a little!" Shikamaru smirked, the thought of everything he was going to do already in his mind.

"Maybe I could atone for all the people I killed in cold blood as a child." Gaara added.

"I could train even more with taijutsu, and prove that hard work WILL overcome genius!" Rock Lee exclaimed as a testament to his former self.

"I would get to spend more time with Akamaru!" Kiba shouted, his heart racing at seeing his precious dog again.

Kakashi and Chouji remained silent. "Kakashi-sensei? Chouji? Do you have anything to say?" Naruto asked.

" I really don't want to go back to my birth, could I go back to the Kyuubi attack?" Kakashi asked, his one visible eye pleading.

"Okay. Chouji? You going to contribute?"

"I'm good with it, or whatever other plans you come up with." Chouji replied.

"Thank you." Naruto turned to Father Time. "Father Time-sama? Could Kakashi instead go to the date of the Kyuubi attack on Konoha?"

"Yes, I guess that would be acceptable." He replied. He then got a good look at who he was talking to. "Wait a minute. Slitted eyes… whisker marks… elongated canines… you wouldn't happen to be-"

Naruto's seal on his stomach glowed a dull red, and a beam of light shot out of the center of it.

"Yep, it's me all right, and it's good to be out of there!" a deep, demonic voice boomed as a shadow in the air started forming, resembling a nine-tailed fox.

"Kyuubi no Yoko, you old rascal, that's why you never answered any of my phone calls." Everybody sweatdropped. Father Time called the king of the demons? "Hey man, you missed out on this awesome party a decade ago. It had everything! It had a band, it had all-you-could-drink beer, it had- oh, wait, you wouldn't have come that huge fangirl of yours, Nibi, was there, but so was-"

"You know each other?" Naruto asked what was on everybody's mind as everybody sweatdropped a second time. The Nibi was a fangirl of Kyuubi?

"Oh, sure, we were best buds in grad school, right?" everybody sweatdropped once more. Father time and Kyuubi went to grad school?

"Yeah. And speaking of grad school, you still owe me for hooking you up with mother earth that one time. And how is the little one doing?" everybody drowned in their sweatdrops. Kyuubi is the reason the forces of time and nature merged?

"Kami-Chan is doing just fine. And I guess I'll take it like a man and pay up. What do you want?"

"Well, you know…" Kyuubi leaned in to whisper something in his ear. Father Time's eyebrows shot up.


"Not until he's genin, at least!" Kyuubi backpedaled. "And if it gets out of hand, I'm always there!" Naruto's eyes narrowed. What were they saying about him?

Father Time sighed. "Fine, fine. I do see your logic in wanting that. Sure. Now, are you all ready for the trip?" everybody nodded. "All right then!" he waved his hand, and suddenly they all found themselves in vehicles that suspiciously resembled roller coaster cars.

A female's voice spoke up. "Please fasten your seat belts and make sure your TV trays are in the upright and locked position. Thank you and enjoy your trip through time!" nobody had the time to even sweatdrop before they were launched out of their seats, and into their new life.


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