Hey. I've finally gotten around to looking at this story, and I'm wondering what the hell I was on when I wrote it. I can't even remember the plotline I had planned out, or if I even had one at all. It reads like I was high on coca-cola and marblecake, on an archive binge of Naruto the abridged series, and just doing whatever the hell I want, by the seat of my pants. The character development was abysmal, the humor was way too crackish, and I pretty much made Naruto and rock Lee into God-Mode Mary Sues. This last one, more than anything else, makes this story unreadable (and unwritable) in my eyes.

Frankly, I wouldn't know where to start up again even if I felt like trying. I just can't write in this madcap style anymore. I suppose this is what happens when you get better at writing, but this is just way amateurish for the current me. And going back and rewriting it all so that I could continue this really just doesn't appeal to me.

As such, I am discontinuing A Second Chance, A Second Life. I despise authors who do this, but I simply cannot continue this story. If anybody felt like adopting it, I won't complain, but I no longer want to write this story. You've all waited long enough for an answer, so here it is. Thank you, faithful readers that have held out this long. Your loyalty is a balm to my soul.

The Animaniac Dude.