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"Quit messing with it," Catherine hissed into Sara's ear as they walked through the hallway. She had given Sara a baseball cap to wear to school that day to cover the giant gash on the side of her head and her makeshift bandage.

"This stupid things itches," Sara grumbled, and, despite Catherine's advice, was still rubbing the hell out of it.

"I said stop it," Catherine finally nudged Sara-- hard-- with her elbow to get her to stop. She stopped, but grudgingly.

"Now I can see why they made you class president," Sara muttered as they maneuvered their way down the hallway, stepping over books lying on the floor and backpacks proving as obstacles in their way. "Say no and you'll elbow them to death."

"Oh stop it," Catherine growled. "So what class do you have first?"

"Calculus," Sara announced. "It should go by smoothly so long as that creep from biology isn't sitting behind me again."

"He have a thing for you?" Catherine asked, raising an eyebrow. "Should I be concerned?"

Sara groaned. "Don't make me think about it, he's a perv. His name is Eddie, and he's a real asshole, and no, you shouldn't be concerned. He's a pig."

"Sounds like it," Catherine couldn't help but grin. "So listen, I've got my mother's car so after class I'll take you over to my place. My mother shouldn't care so long as she knows that I didn't smuggle you in like last night."

"And what sort of lame excuse are you going to make up to get us alone together in your room?" Sara couldn't resist asking. "'We need to study for an exam tomorrow so in order to get the best possible grade I need to keep my door locked and wear my extra tight pair of jea--'" Sara would've continued her teasing remarks if it hadn't been for the outstretched foot in the middle of the hallway that she tripped over.

Purposely-outstretched feet in the middle of the hallways weren't new to Sara, but they still managed to piss her off all the same each time.

"You okay?" Catherine asked, kneeling down to help her up and gather the books she had dropped.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Sara growled, getting to her knees and searching around the black sneaker that had ultimately been the cause of her fall. "But Mr. Black Sneaker isn't."

"Sara," Catherine warned.

But Sara didn't listen, getting to her feet and turning around to search for who had tripped her. "Speak of the devil," she hissed.

"You should watch where you're going, Sidle," Eddie sneered, now leaning against one of the lockers in the middle of the hallway. "You could get hurt."

"You bas--" Catherine cut Sara off and pulled her back as she made a move toward him. Sara had such a short temper, that it was good to stop her before it started. Otherwise many peolpe would end up with black-eyes and bloody-noses, one of them being Sara.

"Sara, that's enough," Catherine told her, pulling her away forcefully by her shoulders. "Come on, just ignore him." Sara shot one more of her signature "if looks could kill" glares before turning and walking away with Catherine after taking the books she had dropped.

"Nice hat, Sidle!" Eddie laughed at her as she turned and walked away.

"Just ignore them, it's fine, he's fine not worth it," Catherine whispered into Sara's ear as they continued down the hallway. She knew it was taking every fiber of her being and every last ounce of restraint not to pummel him. Eddie was a very, very lucky guy.

Listening to Catherine's routine anger management coaching was slowly but surely calming Sara down, even if she wouldn't admit it. She just had to figure out now how she was going to make it through the rest of the day wearing this ridiculous hat on her head, and how she was supposed to explain the gigantic bruise she would be getting on her hand later to Catherine from where she would have punched the brick wall behind the school in anger.

Manging to restrain herself until then, Sara pulled the brim of her hat down over her face as the bell rang for classes to start.


"Peanut butter or ham and cheese?" Catherine asked Sara, holding up the two sandwiches she had made that morning before they left for school. It was now lunchtime, and they were sitting outside at their routine eating area-- under the trees behind the science club. It was shady and no one was ever there, so it was peaceful and quiet.

"Don't care, whichever you don't like," Sara shrugged. Catherine handed her the peanut butter and jelly. "Thanks, I appreciate it." Since Sara's parents not only didn't trust her but were getting closer and closer to the point of bankruptcy after every six-pack they purchased, Sara never had any money for lunch or had anything from home she could bring to school to eat. Then most mornings, she left before her parents had even woke up to avoid them. She was eternally grateful that she was just getting food.

"No problem," Catherine told her, taking a bite of her own sandwich. "So what are you reading?" Sara had been engaged in a textbook ever since Catherine had rescued her from her last class.

Sara liked books, particularly textbooks. She often borrowed them from class to take home with her on bad days. There she hid in her closet with a flashlight and put herself in another place. Reading about the cold war took her mind away from the raging war going on just outside her bedroom door. Reading about the Quantum Theory in her physics textbooks helped mute out the shouting.

"Introduction to Advanced Trigonometry," Sara told her, taking a small bite from her sandwich. "Just got it today."

"Figures," Catherine laughed. "How can you read something like that? I've always hated math."

"But you're good at it," Sara pointed out. Closing her book, she set it down on the grass beside her. "Math is easy; math is precise. All it is is a series of numbers jumbled up with a few fancy mathematical symbols. It's like a puzzle. And guess who gets to solve it?" she grinned.

"Spoken like a true nerd," Catherine sighed, shaking her head.

"Hey," Sara playfully nudged her with her foot. "Takes one to know one."

After twenty minutes of a peaceful lunch, the bell rang indicating it was time to go back to class.

Sara let out a sigh. "Time for calculus... guess who I get to see?"

"Hey, like I said, just ignore him," Catherine told her, getting to her feet and brushing the grass and dirt off of her jeans. "He's not worth it. He's an ass."

"Told you," Sara said, grabbing her textbook off the grass. As she got to her feet she let out a sigh, brushing off the backs of her torn jeans. "I'll meet up with you after last period, then."

"Okay," Catherine nodded in agreement, slinging her bag over her shoulder as they walked off toward the hallways across the campus. Oh great... Unfortunately, there waiting for them by the hallways were Eddie and his friends. When she saw Sara tense she grabbed her arm as a restaint and pulled her past them as quickly as possible. Sara couldn't ever get a break.

"Hey Catherine!" Eddie called over his shoulder. When Catherine didn't respond, he scoffed and muttered under his breath, "bitch."

Muttering or not, it was loud enough for Sara to hear who immediately yanked her arm out of Catherine's grasp and ran full speed at Eddie.

Catherine didn't have time to stop her or even blink before she had punched him across the face.

"Whoa, Sara, stop!" Catherine had grabbed both her shoulders now and was using all her strength to pull her back from Eddie was now outstretched in the middle of the hallway clutching a bloody nose.

"Crazy bitch!" Eddie shouted, "I'll get you! Both of you! And you're going to love what I'm going to do to Catherine!"

"FUCK YOU!" Sara screamed at him. She was tugging and pulling at Catherine's restraining arms like a raging bull. It was one thing to talk about her like that; she had heard a lot of things, it was nothing new. But to talk about Catherine was something completely different... and to threaten her was a death sentence. Catherine was all she had anymore. "You try anything and you'll regret the minute you--"

"Sara, ENOUGH!" Catherine finally shouted at her once she heard footsteps. She hadn't noticed it before but now the entire school was crowded around the two watching the scene unfold, yelling and cheering and chanting undecipherable phrases. The commotion had attracted the attention of the school's administrator.

"What is going on here?" he asked, stepping inbetween Eddie who was still clutching his broken nose and Sara who was being restrained by Catherine.

"Sir, please--" Catherine tried but he interrupted her.

"Eddie, for god's sake go to the nurse," he motioned behind them to the nurse's office that was at the front administration building. "Sara, come with me." Sara looked at Catherine but did not move. "Now."

Sara finally pulled away from Catherine and started following the principal down the hallway. She wished she could just crawl into a hole and die right then and there. It was like walking on death row. She knew there was going to be a consequence for her actions, but when the principal got involved, that always meant a phone call home. Her parents were not the understanding type.

"Wait," Catherine said, jogging up behind them. "With all due respect Sir, I think it would be best if I went with her. I was a witness, and as class president it's my responsibility."

"Catherine, you've got classes," he replied. "Sara is perfectly capable of going on her own."

"I don't care," Catherine firmly said, standing her ground. "I'm going with her."