Tails got to the Mystic Ruins fairly fast. Faster than he normally would since he was so excited about entering the temple. But a few hours had already passed and to his dismay...Sonic hadn't showed up yet.

He just stood there as he waited. Thinking about how Kila was doing and how everything would be okay after they were done with all this, however he knew that somehow in the near future they'd be in a different jam in a more adventerious nature. There was one thing that made him mad, however. He was at a prison with mostly adults and he could sort of understand why Kila was charged as an adult but why was he? He had to talk to the president soon..this wasn't making him very happy.

Before he could get anymore pissed at his injustice Sonic ran up, sloppily wrapped in bandages which were fairly soaked in blood.

"Tails...got--the--statue.." he breathed heavily.

Tails picked up the statue he sat down by the steps and smiled.

Sonic smirked and held up the statue that was already in his hand.

"Hey, Sonic!" Tails playfully got into a running pose. "Race ya!"

"Uhh..heh...we'd better not Tails..."

Tails calmed down and his challenging smile faded. "Oh, sorry."

"It's okay..let's just...walk up the stairs."

They both started up the stairs at a slow pace as Sonic was slightly limping but he still went with as much effort as he could without immense pain.

When they finally got up to the top they both at the same time triumphantly raised the statues above their heads and set them in the designated place...nothing happened..

"No!" Tails sobbed "No no NO!"

"I..umm..hey..." Sonic put a hand on his shoulder. "Be strong, Tails there must be someth---aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Sonic let out a yell of suprise as did tails as the ground lit up and disapeared beneath them and they fell into what seemed like a bottomless pit.

It wasn't as they had thought, it was a very deep pit but they landed on very hard rock, oddly without a scratch on them. Other than the ones already received, of course.

It was a room that they felt was somewhat familiar. It was a gigantic room with a little pond around the entire room about four inches deep with a couple of switches in the room. The wall was mysteriously divided up into seperate blue squares. However, the search would not take as much effort as they had thought.

Sonic felt one of the switches in the middle of the four inch pond meant something, he stepped on one and to their suprise, the wall rumbled and rubble fell in certain places, this place was certainly old...but after it was all done nothing had happned but the blue squares moving closer together.

Sonic sighed. "Hey, I'm going to go check over here."

Sonic went off to the left but Tails looked at the switch he had pressed before. It looked different..it looked weaker than before...maybe the switch had beem pushed to it's limit...hell he might as well.

He stepped on the switch but it didn't press down, it seemed that he was too light he started to get agressive with it and pretty much bodyslammed it with all his might. His shoulder was pretty badly briused but there it went..it was moving again..nothing happned.

He kicked water to the side and shouted words he had only heard before. Sonic who was on the other side of the room, examining another button heard Tails' wails of profanity and ran over to see what was the matter.

"Yo, Tails!" he jogged over with pain. "Ugh..." he panted. "What's wrong?"

"This fucking peice of crap won't work!" Tails shouted as he kicked it.

"Tails! Calm down!" Sonic yelled. "We'll find something, just give it time!"

"I don't want to give it---" Tails looked at the switch..it had crumbled when he kicked it...and the wall was now moving. The squares moved together and formed a line...the line lit up all the circles in the middle of the squares..

"This has happned before.." Sonic remembered "It has to have had..."

But then, something happned that was unexpected to all of them. The line of squares exploded and another room was revealed after the dust from the rubble cleared...a light was shining.

Without thinking Tails grabbed Sonic, reved up and flew up into the room. It was a treasure chest with no lock..just a treasure chest..

Tails opened up the trasure chest which had an outline of pure gold which illuminated the entire room it was so bright. He looked inside and there was a scroll. He unrolled it and found only characters that were very blurred and hard to make out but he read aloud so Sonic could hear.

"If anyone of any nature should find this scroll after putting forth an effort to find it will find it's information helpful. The only way to get rid of the evil is to give the present guardian a drink of These ingrediants that thou will find at the bottom of this scroll. They must be found and mixed together with the closest water to the temple...I only pray to the gods that you can help..without this potion..even I who have lived eons from now..will never have existed.."

Sonic and Tails looked at eachother and nodded. But all of a sudden the room turned a bright red. The scroll started to float and placed itself in front of them in mid air..it crumbled. But before they could react a wave of fire came over them and they couldn't remember anything else.

Knuckles' form let his arms down to his sides.

"Those fools almost found out." It muttered.

[They WILL find out, I swear, you'll pay!] Knuckles had tried with his best effort to get back to the outside of his body but..he could only if the other party was willing and this party was anything but willing. The only thing that could save him now was that mixture of herbs.

"I will summon them before they can find out anything else, guardian." It spoke with an evil tone. Knuckles listened as he muttered some very strange sounding words, words he was pretty sure he had heard before...

He was half right, the evil was speaking the ancient language of his people but he probably had never heard his incantation which proved to be real as soon as he realized all seven Chaos emeralds float onto the island.

Blinx was stacking up firewood where the fire would be lit, they had planned to stay an extra day. Although he would rather have gone on with his life after last night and scaring Tikal away, there was just something about her. But oh, well, the girls seemed to be having fun and that's all that really mattered to him, they'd eat s'mores and be friendly instead of business partners anymore. That's what he'd wanted and the girls were out buying the food.

He jumped in suprise and practically fell over when two figures fellonto the campsite out of nowhere. He thought it was just two dead birds and was moments away from stabbing them dead for a hot meal tonight..but closer examination revealed that the two corpses were Sonic and Tails, they looked a little injured but still in stable condition, Tails was just tired. Sonic looked as if he was bleeding to death so he bandaged him up right along with a splint on his right leg which seemed to be twisted.

Sonic awoke at late evening, he saw himself bandaged neatly and Blinx sitting nearby. "YOU!" he screamed "You did this! I thought we could trust you!"

"Calm down, idiot you guys just fell out of the sky." Blinx pointed over to Tails "He's going to be sleeping for a bit longer."

Sonic sat up. "Geez, I felt like a truck just ran over my head."

"Well go back to bed, dumbass." Blinx started to brew up a few with some thing twigs and a match. "When Tikal gets back we're gonna be eating so I'll wake you two up then."

"Tikal? Whoa-ho where's Amy and Rouge on this one?" Sonic smirked. His head was hurting but he still felt that smart remarks could be made.

Blinx wanted to beat himself for making the mistake in his remark. "Oh..they're...with..Tikal.."

"Then why did you only say Tikal, you got a thing for her?"

"I don't think that's any of your business, hedgehog, go back to sleep!"

"SO you do? Oh, my god you tried to put the moves on Tikal. I guess it was bound to happen while around all those girls."

"Leave me alone!"

Rouge, Amy, and Tikal were only a few minutes away from the camp site with a bag full of Junk food.

"You're kidding me.." Rouge asked Tikal as she snaked on a candy bar. "Why did you do that?"

"I..I...I didn't know what else to do.." Tikal answered shyly.

"He's a sweet guy I don't see why not." Rouge chucked. "Don't you like him?"

"Well..yes I do..." Tikal sighed. "Please..Rouge..I'd rather not.."

"Yeah, he's dreamy when he wants to be." Popped in Amy cheerfully as always.

"You don't understand." Tikal shook her head. "It wouldn't work...he can't come with me to the past and I can't stay here."

"Oh..I see...well...uhh.." Rouge shut up as they walked into the light of the fire in the campsite, Sonic and Blinx didn't see them for awhile..

"Jewelery?" Blink asked curiously.

"Sure! With Jewels it's in the bag!"

"Well she is a..--" Blinx looked over to see the three girls. "P-princess Tikal! Amy! Rouge! Welome back!"

They all stood in place in shock as they could hear the crickets chirping in the silence of the night.

"Is that...Sonic?" Amy stuttered.

"Hey Amy!" Sonic waved

"You big dummy!" Amy ran over and bonked him on the head. "You could have invited me but nooo I was here scared to death half the time and...Oh..uh-heh" She eyed Blinx who tried not to look like his feelingd were hurt. Although they weren't very badky "..but Blinx turned nice now and he's nicer than you now, so there!"

"Sonic! How?" Rouge asked in amazement.

"I don't know..." Sonic thought.

"AHHHH! NO!! NO!" They heard a scream. It was Tails. He was laying on his back pointing and screaming. They looked at him first and it looked like he had gone mad but when they looked at what he was pointing at it was clear...it was Knuckles, or so they thought."

"You..You guys." The evil disguised his voice as Knuckled. "They almost got me but I broke out of Tails' jail!"

"Impossible..I tested it on some of the Chaos emeralds...how?" Tails stopped and realized but Rouge was still glad to see Knuckles.

"Oh, Knuckles!" She ran over to him to hug him. "I'm so happy to see you!" She squeezed him tightly. "We have all the peices and now we can go home!"

"Rouge! No!" Tails yelled but it was too late.

"That's all I needed to know." The voice converted back to evil.

"It can't be!" Blinx screamed. "NO! NOT NOW!"

"HYA!" Knuckles raised up a hand forcefully and all the peices came together to form the green master emerald..but it was fading..it was blinking darker and darker each second until it was the only completely black gigantic gem they had ever seen. The emerald raised above their heads and there was a flash of white light.

They all landed safeley on Angel Island which was floating dispite the emerald not being in it's place. It was over looking Station Square.

"It was the funnest thing, watching you idiots try your hardest only to find out your efforts will prove USELESS!" Knuckles enlarged into a gigantic Echidna that was covered in shadow with big black glowing eyes. He was crying himself to death on the inside but on the outside..he wasn't even him.

They all looked upon him in horror, he was as big as the island itslef.

"There has to be a way!" Tails cried.

"NO! THERE'S NO WAY! NOBODY ASK ME, DO YOU HEAR THAT?!" Blinx glared at everyone who he had even picked up as a personal friend, his compassion for them was gone. "SONIC CANNOT TURN INTO HIS SUPER FORM WITH THE EMERALDS UNDER HIS CONTROL! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE, LIVE WITH IT FOR A FEW MORE MINUTES!"

"Oh, I won't let you die without a show." The shadow of Knuckles chuckled with a voice as powerful as Lucifer himself. "Watch, you fucking fools!" he raised his hand over his head and the seven Chaos Emeralds along with the Master Emerald floated into their power consuption places around the shrine and not even a second sooner..BOOM! All of Station Square had burst into glames.

"NO!" Amy cried. "ALL THE PEOPLE! ALL DEAD!" She cried, tears streaming down her face.

Everyone was too crying as that's all they could do, they were powerless. Even the heroric Sonic was crying. Blinx however looked like he was thirsty for blood but there was none left in the world. Tikal too wasn't crying..she was thinking and not very good at that. She had to try.

She walked up in front of the shadowy figure.
"The controllers are the seven Chaos..--" she continued on.

Blinx's eyes widened horrifingly. He couldn't let her die before him, as long as he could live as long as one vital sign was alive he would protect that girl.

"--power enriched by the heart" she spoke slowly. The prayer was almost done. He had to do this fast.

He walked over to Rouge and put a hand on her shoulder. "Rouge, listen to be carefully. If this in some sort of miracle stops..promise me...swear to me..you'll carry out my promise to Michelle if he doesn't get to her town before it's over."

"I...okay.." she responded

"Promise me!"

"I promise."

"Good.." He hugged her and walked over to Amy.

"Amy!" Amy stood up suddenly in fear but he hugged her tightly. "I'll miss you, child."

"I'll..m-miss you too." She sobbed, not really knowing what Blinx was preparing to do.

He could hear the last few words of the prayer. "Unifies the Chaos..." Tikal stuttured.

"One day...in another world maybe..in another place...we'll make s'mores...just you and me." he kissed her on the nose and ran over to Tikal and full speed which proved to be pointless as it took the figure a while to let all his laughing out as obviously, the prayer hadn't worked.

"You little idiot! You are the biggest fool! You might as well be the first of the last ones in Station Square to die..I'll destroy this whole planet in a matter of minutes."

"I..am not afraid." Tikal stammered.

The figure raised it's hand in an attempt to simply push Tikal off the island, but Blinx interfiered.

"TIKAL!" he screamed as he dove forward and pushed her with all his might as far away from the monsters impact as he could.

The monster threw a fatal swoop with his hand that bearly missed Tikal and knocked Blinx clear off Angel Island. His only regret he had when he lost his life...he never got to say good-bye to Tikal.

"Hmph." The figure grunted. "Stupid insect."

Tikal jumped to her feet and looked around for Blinx...he was not around there was only one thing that could have happned. "Blinx.." she whispered to hearself as the tears finally started up.."Blinx..no..." There was a flash of lightning in the red sky as Tikal's voice deepend into a more mature tone. "Cerran." She whispered.

The figure immidiatly shrunk down into the small Knuckles again. "Lerane...my love.."

Tikal started to glow with a blue aura. "Cerran..my eternal love!"

They both ran toward eachother and immidiatly began a passionate kiss as if they were long lost lovers and hadn't kissed for years. More like they were kissing for the love between every couple on the planet. Tikal let out a yelp of pleasure as the kiss neared an end. They both floated into the air in the blue aura surrounding Tikal. Tikal and Knuckles' bodies were dropped to the ground from the heighth where they were standing and two transparent beings were set free from the bodies as they cotinued on with the kiss, they landed on the ground and stopped kissing.

One being was a black echidna with red eyes and a muscular body. The other was a female white echidna who was looking around cutely.

"My love! Look what has happned! It has worked! We will live alone in our own existance!" Cerran stated exitedly

"No, we can't, love. These people need their existance..."

"But how will we ever see eachother?"

"As long as we're not standing in true loves way, darling." She looked down at Sonic, Tails, Rouge and Knuckles and Tikal who were sitting up.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" the female bowed. "I am princess Lerane."

"Yes and I am prince Cerran." The male bowed.

"I know we have caused you pain but let me explain...in very ancient times even before Tikal's ancient tribe we were part of two seperate tribes...and fell in love. But our tribes were at war so we prayed to what was the purpose of the war..The Chaos emeralds. Chaos had just been born and had the evilist of evil inside of him which is the purpose. Cerran and I promised to guard the emeralds with all our power if one day we could be together. So the prayer was accepted and we have lived with guardian after guardian, me guarding the past and Cerran guarding the future..but Chaos wanted to cause trouble and put ideas into Cerran's head about us having our own existance so it was because of that the emeralds started evolving, not just Chaos alone but his evil sped the process up. My most humble apologies for all the trouble" she bowed "Excuse us."

She raised a hand over her head and the fire was gone...it was as if it had never happned and life resumed. Cerran and Lerane were nowhere in sight.
Tikal was automaticly teleported to her time in the blink of an eye and Angel Island back in it's proper place with the Chaos emeralds once scattered again and the master emerald in it's place.

Sonic and friends stood on Angel Island, still sad over the death of Blinx. Rouge set off on a journey of her own to find Michelle and Tails went off to find Kila. Sonic and Amy continued life in Station Square and Knuckles returned to his position as guardian.

They were all still somewhat mad that they went through all that trouble and someone died over a flame that wouldn't die out but love previals most of the time..even Cerran and Lerane had to face that."

Cerran and Lerane floated in what was limbo between earth and afterlife.

"My love we are together forever now." Cerran rested his head on his lovers shoulder.

"No, my love I'm sorry." Lerane lowered her head.

"What do you mean?!" Cerran's eyes teared up. "What did we do now, we're not in the way of love! The Chaos emerald has to keep it's promise."

"Yes...we were the ones who brought them together. We played a part in their destined happiness forever."

"No...we were so close.."

"Yes, but in the next few millinia we will do it right...the emeralds will begin the evolution process again and the next time we will use it to be eternally happy and save the world..not split apart again and try to destroy it."

"Until next time my love." They both held hands for as long as they could before they went their different ways. To the past and future.


Tikal cried and cried for as long as she could remember on the steps of the shrine where she had re-appeared. He was gone...he hadn't even been born yet from where she was living but she knew his fate...all because of her.

There was a loud crash as two generals came in carrying another echidna that was kicking around and trying to get loose of their grip.

Tikal walked up to the two bigger echidna's. "What seems to be the problem?"

"This soldier in training will not train because he CLAIMS he knows you!"

The soldier had his head down and looked up. It was Blinx. "Tikal!" he tried to run up to her but the generals held him back.

"Let him go, NOW!" Tikal yelled which was new to the guards who knew her as a sweet and linient future ruler.

They both hugged and cried onto eachothers shoulders in happiness...just then Tikal heard a little voice in the back of her head. It was Lerane

[We have given you two a second chance, child, you were destined to be.]

Tikal blushed furiously as did Blinx who had just gotten the same message from Cerran. Tikal didn't beleive although it was true that they were destined to fall in love but she only knew one thing...

She wanted to do something nice for him...after all, he DID save her life.