Title: 5 Times Immortal!Dean met Meta!Chloe.

Chapter: When the Fighting's Done (5/5)

Authors: strangevisitor7, Chapters: 1, 3 & 5 and pen37, Chapters: 2, 3 & 4.

Fandoms:Highlander, Supernatural & Smallville

Characters: Dean, Chloe, Duncan

Disclaimer: The characters you know and love all belong to their respective creators

Summary: These stories cross the two worlds we created. This collection starts about 1 year after "Waiting on The World to Change" in the Immortal!Dean series and spans time far into the future beyond the last Chloe and the Immortals story, "The One Left behind."

The Immortal!Dean series starts with my stories "Red Tape" and "Others such as Me"

Pen37's series Chloe and the Immortals can be found on her Live Journal

A/N: Because I wanted to set the future of the Immortal!Dean 'verse in a known place. We have thrown a little Firefly into the mix. No Characters; just a familiar place.

When the Fighting's Done

Dean had fought for a lot of different causes in his long life, but the losing battle taking place here at Serenity may have bothered him the most. The Browncoats were beaten he knew; hell they all knew it. Still, no one was ready send up the white flag.

In all the chaos, he'd lost track of Duncan. Not that it mattered -- they always had a contingency plan. Duncan was off playing medic; he didn't do soldier anymore because of some vow he'd taken back on Earth-that-was not to kill mortals.

Not Dean. He would never say that he enjoyed it, but some people needed killing. As far as he was concerned that included the whole of the Alliance. More than any other banner he'd taken up through the years, he believed in the Browncoats and that was why this defeat was really pissing him off.

A fresh barrage of explosions erupted over the valley, lighting up the night sky and bringing him to full alert. Looking out over the battlefield, he saw someone trying to cross between adjacent bunkers. Another flash, confirmed it was a woman, one wearing a medic's insignia on her uniform.

Stupid woman is going to get herself killed, he thought. Sometimes he hated being Immortal.

With a sigh, he launched himself over the embankment wall and ran quickly across the open field.

Just as he reached the woman another explosion impacted just a few feet away throwing them both to the ground. Luckily, he was able to shield her with his body as she landed face down in the dirt.

A second bomb landed even closer and this time. Dean felt the shrapnel enter his back and noticed his ears were ringing. That was new one; he wondered how long it would take to recover his hearing. His back hurt like hell, but he could already feel the healing begin.

Under him the woman was struggling to move. He assumed she was talking but he couldn't hear a thing.

"Calm down Blondie, the shelling ain't over," he yelled. He felt her body still and than begin to shake with laughter. Slowly, his hearing was returning and her voice was beginning to register. It sounded vaguely familiar.

Suddenly, he found himself staring up at the sky. The woman had flipped him off her and then leaned into his field of vision. "Dean Winchester. Where the hell have you been?"

He blinked and then blinked again, "Chloe?"

She stared at him, "It's only been 150 years, did you forget?"

"No, I…my ears…they're ringing" he stuttered an explanation and pointed to his head indicating his lack of hearing.

"Not now, then."

Dean was saved from responding when another explosion sprayed dirt and debris in their direction. For once, Dean was grateful to the Alliance for the distraction. He said nothing. He grabbed her hand and pulled her back across the field and into the bunker.

They tumbled awkwardly down the embankment and landed hard. This time Chloe ended up on top of Dean giving him a nice view of her cleavage through her tattered uniform. He was enjoying the feel of her lying along his body and he could almost forget that he was in deep shit with her.

"Enjoying the view?" She was trying to sound angry but failing.

He reached up to stroke her cheek while his other enjoyed its position trapped between them. He was surprised when she didn't smack his hand away. "Yeah, I am," he smirked as he wriggled the fingers of his trapped hand.

"Unbelievable, only you would try to cop a feel in the middle of a war zone," she couldn't help but smile at his audacity.

"It's a gift," he said smiling back. Freeing his hand, he wrapped it around her and just held her. Maybe he'd dodged a bullet and she wasn't mad after all.

"Can you let go now? You're sword is poking me," She said, but made no attempt to free herself.

Waggling his eyebrows, he grinned at her. "Not carrying my sword," he paused, "I've missed you."

Chloe actually started to blush but then her face went dark. She scrambled off of him to lean against the dirt wall of the embankment. "You missed me," she said flatly. "And whose fault is that?"

Damn, apparently that was the wrong thing to say. He reached for her and this time she did smack his hand away.

"Don't even think about trying to seduce me until you've explained your self."

"So, you saying there's a chance I would be able to . . .Seduce you that is."

"Dean!" she snapped his name, "You went out 150 years ago and you never came back."

"I told you where I was going."

"You're note said Duncan was in town for a drink. The two of you have never managed more than a two day drunk. What happened?"

"It was Richie. He'd gotten himself into a bit of trouble and I had to go. Duncan needed my help. We had to leave in a hurry."

"And they didn't make phones or any communication devices where you were? It never occurred to you that maybe I was worried?"

"I'm Immortal. How worried were you really?"

"Dean, that's not the point. We were in a relationship. People tell each other things like: Hey, my best friend's in trouble. It may take awhile but I'll be back."

"Time flows differently for us you know that. I hadn't seen Duncan in decades. I just lost track of time."

Chloe snorted, "That sounds like Immortal speak for we needed a break. If you wanted out why didn't you just say so?"

"Is that what you thought? We were together almost 50 years! That's longer than most mortals. Of course, I wanted to be with you. I thought we knew each other well enough that you would have waited."

"Oh really? Well, forgive me if after a month, I figured that you were gone for good."

"That's a drop in the time bucket and you know it. I did come back -- in 2 months. By then you were gone. Where did you go? Off running with the old man again?"

"You leave Methos out of this."

Dean watched her body language. "Ah ha, you weren't so broken up. You ran right over to play sidekick again. Admit it, you were glad to shake the dirt off your feet and go traipsing around the universe like a Doctor Who companion."

"So glad to know you actually paid attention to the shows I used to watch."

"I paid attention to everything you did, Chloe."

"I guess. But that's not the point. You left me."

Dean's expression softened. Even after all this time, Chloe still hadn't shaken some of the self doubt left behind by her teen years.

When she got like this, he was glad that Kal-el had died centuries ago. Otherwise, Dean would have tracked down his big, blue, alien ass and fried it.

Dean took both her hands in his and held them to his heart, "Chloe, I'm truly sorry if I hurt you. I always knew we'd see each other again. And you did too. That's how immortality works."

Finally she nodded. "I missed you too." She gave him a sheepish smile. "I did go running off with Methos. What can I say? I was bored."

"I knew it," Dean smiled triumphantly, "So, where is our resident grumpy old man these days?"

"You know Methos. He's too pragmatic to get involved in war. He's probably off in some cushy Alliance apartment waiting to cheer the winner. He mumbled something about being surrounded by boy scouts and how lost causes were not noble. He then told me to come back when I got tired of playing hero."

"Yeah, sounds like him," He sat down and leaned against the dirt wall. Chloe settled in beside him like she'd never left. Dean shut his eyes, and savored the feeling. It was like coming home. "You look great by the way."

Chloe snickered, "Oh yeah bloody war medic has always been a good look for me."

"Woman, you'd look good in a burlap bag," he acknowledged.

She gazed up at him. Dean recognized that look and took the opportunity it offered. He leaned in to meet her upturned lips. The kiss was as good as he remembered. Then something tickled at the back of his brain. Damn, he thought.

"For Goram's sake Dean, we're trying to fight a battle here and your busy picking up women?"

Dean could fell Chloe smiling though the kiss as it ended. Looking up he grumbled, "Mac, anybody ever tell you for an Immortal, you have a lousy sense of timing."