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A sudden updraft caused me to soar upwards. I relished the feeling of my wings stretched out as far as they could go to catch the wind. They were like downy sails on either side of me. It was almost worth the years of pain, physical and emotional, for this. For this feeling. For… flying.

And let's not forgot the flock. They were everything that I lived for. I got up in the morning to protect them, be with them. I loved them more than life itself; I loved them more than the world, the sun, and the sky…. Sweet, mischievous Gazzy… adorably caring Angel… lively chatterbox Nudge… devious Iggy… and… and… Fang….

My thoughts turned towards the brooding teenager on my right. Fang seemed different than usual. Somewhere between Anne's house and here, he had changed. He was still silent most of the time, but nowhere near as closed off. Every once in a while he would glance over at me, and our wingtips brushed feather-light on every down stroke. I would have said something, but it kind of made me feel… good, the attention, all warm inside. I briefly entertained the idea that I had feelings for Fang, but squashed them down quickly, before Angel could pick up on it.

Having just left Dr. Martinez's – oops – Mom's home (It feels so great to be able to use the phrase "my mom"!), the flock and I were flying in a straight line across, Fang and I in the middle, Iggy, the Gasman, Angel, and Nudge flanking us. Total was in my backpack, having found out about the baby carrier from Gazzy. We weren't headed anywhere, really – just North.

Fang was giving me another one of his odd looks, when Iggy, on my other side, stiffened and snapped his head up.

"Do you hear that?" Hear what? What could possibly bring me down from the high of having a mother and a sister and the way Fang's glances made me feel? Suddenly, though, a droning buzz became apparent. We had gathered together and hovered, back-to-back, at Iggy's first sign of stress… though I can't say we were prepared for what happened next.

From out of the thick trees below us burst the most flyboys I had ever seen in my life. I doubted that all the Erasers I had ever seen could add up to this amount. We had to fly away; there was no way we could fight this many!

"Let's go!" I called out, not letting any of my panic show through. I had to be strong for the flock. Could we get away?

Apparently not. With astounding speed, the flyboys were upon us. Keeping an eye on the others, I flew into battle with thoughts only for the safety of the flock. I slammed a kick down hard on the base of the nearest flyboy's spine, remembering their weakness… though it seemed that it wasn't one anymore. Was this a newer version? These flyboys had their guns attached, but didn't seem to want to use them. The robot before me seemed to almost smirk before slamming his fist into my head, sending stars spinning around my skull. The legions of flyboys around us took this opportunity to swarm. I was dimly aware of the rest of the flock succumbing, but I kept fighting. Lashing out blindly, I was hurting myself more than them on their shiny metal exteriors, but I couldn't stop, my rage at their interruption of my own private heaven was unforgivable.

A fist grabbed my own. My leg was ensnared. I strained against the flyboys, beating my wings furiously. Panic enveloped my mind, I was intent on freedom, and it was all that I focused on. So consumed was I by this that I poured on my super speed without a thought. The sickening crunches and pops that followed from my trapped limbs seemed to echo around me. I stopped struggling immediately, and the robots fully restrained me. I felt lightheaded and fuzzy. My mind registered that I should be in pain, but I didn't feel anything. I looked down at my body. I saw only the white of bone and the red of blood before tumbling into darkness.

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