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After a day of reminiscing, and since the moon started to appear along with the stars, Ichigo and Rukia finally decided to head home. They had been out the entire day, just walking and talking. They weren't really talking about anything important; they were just talking about themselves, personally. They both talked about their families, childhood, schooling, mishaps, funny incidences, lucky times, scary times, and so on. To them, it seemed like their conversation would never end, but when they got in front of the house, all of the memories of yesterday and the troubles of today come flooding back in. They both stood quietly, remembering what they were going to say and what they felt like telling each other at that moment.

"Um…Ichigo?" Rukia tried saying but stuttered because of her fears.

When Ichigo turned to look at her, Rukia felt like all of heaven had fallen upon him. He had never looked as handsome or as sexy as he did at that moment. She didn't know if it was the way the moon shined down on him or if it was the twinkle in his eyes from the stars, all she knew was one thing. So she told him that one thing, "Ichigo…um…I love you and I want to be with you but…if you like someone else I'm OK with that."

Rukia still had doubts about how Ichigo was going to react. She wasn't sure if he liked Orihime or had no feelings for her what so ever. She just didn't know. She decided not to look him in the eyes, afraid of what his response might be. She stared at the floor feeling embarrassed by her confession and feeling worried about what he was about to say.

As Rukia stared at the floor telling herself how stupid she was for confessing to Ichigo without even knowing if he had feelings for her, Ichigo walked up to Rukia, lifted her chin and kissed her. She wasn't expecting it but she still enjoyed every moment of it. His warm, strong lips touching hers. It felt like all of God's angels had blessed her. She never wanted to let him go. She reached up and hugged him tightly as he did the same.

After some time passed, Ichigo decided to end it. Rukia held on tighter when she felt him back away. He noticed this reaction and instead of staying with her he just smiled at her. He stared at her. With all the warmth and happiness in his eyes he said softly, "How could I like anyone else if the person I love the most is right in front of me?"

All of the pain and crying that Rukia had done was now a distant memory. HE LOVED HER and she wanted to scream it to the world, but instead, decided to show him how much she loved him for it. She leaped into his arms and kissed him vigorously. Ichigo started to lick her lip asking to be let in. Rukia opened her mouth and let Ichigo play with her tongue. As they both stood on the street making out, Ichigo reached for her shirt and started to unbutton it. She felt his hand on her shirt and quickly pushed him off and said, "ICHIGO! We're in the middle of the street!"

"Then let's go inside and let me refresh your memory of that day."

Rukia had no objections to his suggestion. The memories from that night had started to enter her mind. She could feel her body begging for a reminder of what they'd done before. She quickly led Ichigo to the window and they entered quietly. As they both entered the room, they felt and remember the exact same things that had happened two nights before.

Rukia quickly positioned herself on Ichigo's bed and let Ichigo lay on top of her. They began to kiss even more intensely. Ichigo went directly to Rukia's shirt to unbutton it, but as he was working on her shirt so was she. She started to pull up his shirt and ended up taking it right off of him. She ran her fingers over his muscular chest and abs. When Ichigo finished unbuttoning her shirt, he started to take her shirt off by kissing her neck and chest. When Rukia couldn't take the excitement anymore, she fully removed the shirt and swiftly removed her bra.

"Eager are we?" Ichigo said in a very promiscuous voice.

"Don't you dare tease me now!" Rukia commanded as she began sucking on his neck and nibbling his ear.

As Rukia was working on his neck, Ichigo started to take off her skirt and her panties. When they were fully off and Rukia stopped playing with his neck, he told her, "But what if I want to tease you?" He then started to enter her with his two fingers. Rukia arced back in pleasure and she dug her fingers into his back. Ichigo would let her have her fun by taking her to the edge of pleasure and then letting it sink away. He did this over and over again until Rukia just couldn't stand it anymore.

"If you want to play with me then I get to play with you." She announced.

Rukia then pushed Ichigo off her and made him sit on his bed while she started to unzip his pants and started to play with him. Ichigo felt all of his muscles tighten as he felt Rukia now teasing him. She then began to use her mouth and tongue to also take him to the edge and back.

After a while, Rukia couldn't stand the desire anymore. She flipped onto her back and told him, "I can't stand it any more. Get inside of me," she ordered.

"Yes mama," he replied as he took off his pants and boxers the rest of the way.

Ichigo instantly climbed on top of Rukia and enter her slowly. She moaned loudly as she felt Ichigo's flesh touch hers. She felt the vibrations inside her. Ichigo continued by pulling out and pushing back into her, slowly. She could feel every single part of him entering and exiting her.

"Faster!" Rukia moaned. "Deeper!"

Ichigo complied with her by picked up his pace. He also lifted her legs onto his shoulders so he could get in deeper like she wanted. Now Rukia was digging even deeper into his skin as Ichigo went faster and deeper. Ichigo could feel that he was about to reach his limit..

"Rukia, I'm at my limit," he told her while breathing heavily.

"I'm going to max out too," she said breathlessly.

As Ichigo gave his last strong thrusts, Rukia felt her insides fill with his white cream. Right after Ichigo came, Rukia went into complete orgasm. Every part of her body vibrated with pleasure. When Ichigo finished, he laid next to Rukia as they both grasped for air. But Rukia didn't want the sensation to stop, she wanted to keep going even if she was out of breath; so she climbed on top of Ichigo, and sat on him again, having him enter her.

"We're far from done," Rukia told him.

"I never said I was."

Rukia started off slow. She tried to get some air while allowing Ichigo to get use to the rocking feeling. She eventually started to put her hips into it causing Ichigo to go even deeper into her. Rukia started to moan even louder then before. She was now almost jumping up and down on Ichigo, trying to go as fast and get as deep as possible. Her insides were going to max out again. She could feel her body being taken to its climax. Ichigo also was going to his limit again but this time didn't say anything. Instead he held onto Rukia's hips tightly.

As Rukia's climax hit her, she slowed down and let the vibrations travel throughout her body. Then she felt Ichigo climax inside her again which heightened her sensation even more. When her body finally gave out, she resumed her position next to Ichigo recovering from all the excitement that the new lovers shared.

After about five minutes Ichigo turned to Rukia and told her, "How come I didn't see it before?"

"See what?" Rukia asked a bit confused.

"That my idea of a perfect woman was living in my closet the whole time."

Rukia just smile and kissed him softly before saying, "Well, now that we have found each other promise me something."


"Never let me go," she said gently.

Ichigo hugged Rukia with great strength and told her, "I fought all of the Soul Society to save you, what makes you think that I'm going to let anyone take you away from me?"

Rukia fell in love with him even more as he spoke. She kissed him lightly and finally, before falling asleep in his arms, she said, "Thank you."

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