When awakened from his sleep, Hunny sempai tend to get extremely foul-tempered and will murder the poor soul who woke him up. In this story of mine, we shall see the different reactions when the host club members try getting Hunny out of bed!


By convention, it is usually up to the maids or Mori sempai to wake Hunny up in the morning. However, for today, our idiotic king of the host club, Tamaki Suoh, decided to wake Hunny up himself as he wish to go on an outing with the rest of the host club to the commoner mall near Haruhi's house.

0630h, outside Hunny's Bedroom doors

"Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock!!!" Tamaki rapped smartly on the smooth double doors, which opens to Hunny's sleeping chamber. Leaning in, he pressed his ear to the door, trying to determine if there is any reply.

After a moment, he tried again. This time, a faint rustling can be heard. Tamaki brightened up at this but his expression fell again after 5 minutes as the door are still not opened. Gathering all his bravery at the prospect of Hunny's wrath, he knocked for the last time and opened the door, calling out as he looked around the doorframe, calling "Hunny sempai? Come on, it's time to wake up – ouch!"

A missile caught him on the chin as his words are suddenly cut short. Clearing the stars clouding his vision, Tamaki found that it was a pillow that hit him. Looking up in time, he saw Hunny turning over, seeking a more comfortable sleeping position with his remaining pillows.

"Hunny sempai!!!!!!!! That is really uncalled for!" He whined. "Out of the goodness of my heart, I travelled from my house to yours so as to - " Tamaki's grand speech was cut half-way through again as another pillow came flying over, this time nearly missing him straight in the face.

"If you don't shut up, Tamaki, you will be the next thing flying across the room." Hunny growled, while glaring at our shivering King with murder-intent eyes.

"Hai! Hai!" Tamaki gulped, backpedalling to the door as fast as he could. "I leave you to your sleep then! You see, I wanted to visit Haruhi's -" For the third time in the morning, his words are cut short as a mini tornado hit him fully this time. Looking up dizzily, he found a fully awake and hyperactive Hunny, who is clutching his precious toy rabbit- bun bun, while sitting on his stomach.

"Tama-chan, tama-chan! We are going to visit Haru-chan? Give me a minute, wait for me!" he then sprinted off at top speed, to wash up and get dressed.

From his floor position, Tamaki grinned ruefully "at least I got Hunny sempai to be up and awake, while staying among the living!"

Verdict: 2 pillows, threats and the pinning of Tamaki to the floor. How will the rest of the host club do?


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