Kyouya and Haruhi

It was late afternoon when the host club gathered to began their next session of hosting. Glancing over to the sofa where Hunny sempai was sleeping peacefully, Kyouya called "Haruhi, please wake Hunny sempai up."

"Ano? Me? "The natural rookie of the club asked.

"Yes, you. Haruhi Fujioka. Do you know of anyone else by that name?" Kyouya asked sarcastically.

"Mother! Don't bully our daughter!" Tamaki wailed, flying across the room to save his so called daughter.

"Very well, Daddy can do it then." "Mother" replied, without even looking up from his laptop.

"No!!!!!!!!" Tamaki shivered in fear. Sweatdrop from the rest of the club he snapped out of his state as Haruhi tugged on his shirt sleeve. "Tamaki sempai, don't worry. I can wake Hunny sempai up on my own. But I wonder why Kyouya sempai never tries to wake Hunny sempai on his own before?

"Because unlike someone, I don't have a debt to pay. By the way, a debt that is going to be raised by 20 percent if Hunny sempai don't wake up soon." The Shadow King remarked from the table.

"Right away!" Haruhi yelped as she scurried to the sofa where Hunny is still sleeping on. Kneeling down, until she was eye to eye with the sleeping Hunny, Haruhi shook Hunny gently while calling softly "Hunny sempai! Please wake up! The girls are going to ask for you and bun bun together soon!"

"Sleepy!!!!!!!!!!!" Hunny whined, billowing deeper into the sofa.

"But bun bun is awake and wants more cake at the table with the girls" Haruhi replied. "Come on, get up!" so saying, she reached out and tugged the sheet off Hunny, folding it.

"Mmmmmmm…….haru-chan…." Hunny mumbled, trying to push himself upright. Haruhi lend a hand, lifting him up and sitting him properly on the sofa. Smiling at him, Haruhi said, "What cake will you like to have, Hunny sempai? I will bring it over for you." She brushed his hair back, tidying him up.

"A cake that Haru-chan likes! Let's have tea together, with bun bun and Mori!" Hunny smiled back cutely.

Tamaki watched the whole exchange and asked Kyouya "compared to us, Haruhi got Hunny sempai awake with no effort at all!"

"That is Haruhi for you. Now you know why I send to Haruhi to wake Hunny sempai up and not myself?" the Shadow King smiled from his table.

Verdict: Kyouya will always be a winner. I certainly can't imagine him waking Hunny up for any reason at all. Hence, our dear Haruhi will have to do it for him. LOL.

Still, as compared to the Tamaki and the twins, both Kyouya and Haruhi certainly got it easy, don't they?


This will be the last chapter for this story. I decided not to do a chapter on Mori after all. After all, as cousins, he ought to be able to wake Hunny up with no damage to himself.

Hope you all like it. Please review.