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Keep me in Mind


It had been the perfect plan.

Lure Adria to the planet- capture her, convince her to take all her little troops back to the Ori galaxy all in a nice little cell in the SGC and everything would come up roses.

Instead of that 'jam' packed happiness instead her daughter was now a goa'uld. Vala Maldoran watched those eyes glow and a pain unlike any she knew filled her.

Contrary to belief Vala did feel as if Adria was her daughter- she was only part Ori child, the other part was her, and indeed how could Adria look so brilliant in those outfits if not for her.

Vala swallowed. As a mother she had failed to keep Adria from leading fleets on mass murdering crusades, to understand right from wrong, or even appreciate a good card game. But the one thing she had wished to save Adria from she had failed at.

As Qetesh, that had been the worst thing in her life. Seven years of hell, literal, screaming in her own body, begging for release, begging for freedom.

But this was worse- this nightmare being inflicted on her daughter, her Adria.

Vala stayed behind, went in the room instead of listening to their 'replace Ba'al with a Tok'ra' plan. She hated it as much as this. How could they even think of it- how could Daniel?

But there was nothing she could do- there was no one… the priors could save Adria. Vala knew she made bad judgment calls in the past, and this probably might go down as one of them.

She approached Adria/Ba'al who was still gloating. Probably a very bad plan. Vala Maldoran knew she was a lot of things, flippant, trying to make up for her past, treasure hunter, former thief extraordinaire.

But she was also a mother, and that perhaps counted the most of all.

Vala stood in front of the gloating snakehead with the zat aimed. "Now I will tell you how this is going to happen, so you will listen and obey or else"

"Or else what?" Ba'al/Adria smirked. "You will not kill your own daughter"

"I will to save her, you forget as Qetesh's host I remember how much it is not a fun 'sharing' experience- I also know she would rather be dead than this because even if I could never get through to her- I get her, in a small way I understand Adria"

Ba'al/Adria's expression faltered as he realized she was serious. Inside, a prisoner of her own body the Orici felt more joy than she had ever known- her mother had acknowledged her. And s sense of fear for a reason she could understand.

Vala smiled, but it was a small sad smile. "You will leave her, without harming her, you will use me instead, whatever you do you are not going to keep her, the Tok'ra will remove you- or I will kill you both now- either way she would be free. I've rigged it so you can't hurt her without dying and after you are safe, gone in my body the shielding will collapse in this room and Adria will leave"

Adria felt the most human she ever had and the fear grew. No Mother couldn't do this; she couldn't be taken like this…

Ba'al/Adria eventually nodded. "Take off your jacket" he said, with a slight leer.

"Oh want to see the full package?" quipped Vala, but inside she was afraid. She pulled the jacket off.

"Back towards me"


Daniel Jackson ran into the room with Cameron and Teal'c. The Orici was in the center of the room.

He didn't bother aiming his gun. "Where's Vala"

Adria looked at him. "She gave herself… for me… the Ori didn't help me, I was alone but she did and she's gone" Daniel looked at her, trying to order his now chaotic thoughts. The Orici was in real pain- something he believed her incapable of.

But Vala had. Daniel promised himself this- he would free Adria from the grip of the Ori, and he would save Vala. He had failed Sha're. But he wouldn't fail this time.