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AN: Quick age reference

Ranma: 18

Inners: 16/17

Haruka, Michiru: 20

Hotaru: 14

Setsuna: Who the hell knows

Anyone who has read this story before will quickly notice a difference in the sequence of events. This was done for two reasons. One: every one was complaining about the chapters being to short. I agreed so I combined the existing chapters into fewer, but longer ones. Two: I feel the story flows better like this. It makes more sense when trying to plot a timeline.

Chapter One

The senshi gathered around the ashes of yet another youma. Not unusual in itself. The fact that it had been in it's current condition when they got there WAS. Not as much as it should have been though. This was the fifth one they'd found like this. Mercury's computer indicated several more that weren't even ashes by the time one of the scouts got to it's location.

"Any new readings, Mercury?" The blue haired scout was busy scanning the quickly vanishing pile with her visor on. She sighed, and turned the visor off as she stood up.

"Nothing. The only energy reading I'm picking up are from the youma and us."

"Us? What do you mean us?" Mercury sighed as she once again prepared to explain to her friend and leader.

"We give off a low level form of residual magic whenever we are in this form, Moon. It is easy to find and identify if you know what to look for." Please let this be the last time she asked.

"Do we all give off the same energy then, or is each a little different?" Moon asked, tilting her head to the side. Mercury blinked, surprised at the relevancy of the question.

"Well actually each of us has are own unique energy pattern. However they are so similar it can be very hard to distinguish between them. Why?"

"I was just thinking what if the reason you can't get a reading is it's a new senshi. You said that you can tell between us right?" This time all the other scouts sweat dropped while Mercury blinked at the usually air-brained Sailor Moon again.

"How could it be a new senshi? All the planets are taken meatball head!" Mars bopped her beloved leader in the head. Jupiter looked around and spoke up.

"If you can't find anything else, perhaps we should go. We seem to be attracting a bit of an audience." The others glanced around. Indeed several onlookers could be seen just out of earshot. The others nodded and leapt to the roof and began hopping back to the shrine.

Several blocks away a shadowy form watched them leave as it had watched them come. As they passed beyond sight it also slipped away, in the opposite direction

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ranma moved slowly through the kata, letting the moves wash away her worries. The curse didn't matter. Her ex-parents didn't matter. Akane didn't matter. All thought was focused on each step in the forms. Her mind slowly shifted to her recent visitor. The blond had certainly been eager to learn, and Ranma hoped she would return. Joy in the Art was something she loved to share, and this kata would be perfect for a new meditation technique. A sad smile crossed her face as she finished. It was too bad she had never been licensed to teach. That would have been a lot of fun. She was pushing it with what she had taught her new friend. Wait a tic. Why did she care about getting a license from her ex-old man? Happosai was the Grand Master. He had proven plenty of times he didn't care about 'normal'. He would probably do it in exchange for a glomp. Disgusting, but worth the sacrifice.

"Pig-tailed goddess! At last I have found you!"

No. Please not yet. She wasn't ready to deal with the Nermites yet. Ranma turned slowly, the dread taking hold. Yes, it was indeed the true blunder striding boldly towards her. Damn! How to get rid of him.

"Oh glorious day! Pray tell my love, What are you doing in a park so early?"

"I'm camping here you idiot."

"Could I offer you a room at my estate? Surely it would…."

"No you can't. I don't like you Kuno. If you bother me again, my brother will not be stopped from ending your life." Ranma harshly interrupted before he could start.

"Brother? I was not aware you had a sibling, oh beauteous one. What is his name?


"……." Giant sweat drop. "Surely you jest! The foul demon has been cast from his clan! Even if you were related once, you are no more!"

"In case you missed it blunder brain, Nodaka and Genma have no children. I too have been cast out. And you, Kuno, are partially to blame for this. Ranma's forgiveness of you and your sister's actions was seen as an unforgivable weakness." Kuno starred at her open-mouthed. "Our former parents decided we were too weak and dishonorable to be allowed in the clan. How does it feel, Kuno? The girl you have chased after is Ronin, and it is your fault!" As she spoke, Ranma grew increasingly angrier. "Instead of shouting about being samurai you should have tried acting like one! Where is the honor in leading a horde of men to attack one girl outside of formal trainin'?! Where is the honor in attacking her fiancé over an arranged marriage made before they were even born?! Where is the honor in……?" With a visible effort Ranma reigned in her temper, submerging it in the Soul of Ice. "Go home, Kuno. You have done enough." With those parting words, Ranma turned and walked away. Kuno stood watching as she passed out of sight around some trees. Some faint glimmer of understanding washed across his face. There was something he had to say, but could not raise his voice above a whisper.

"I'm… sorry."

- - - - - - - - -

Several days later, the scouts had once more gathered at the shrine. Makoto had brought snacks and Usagi was busy stuffing her face. Ami sat to one side typing on her computer. Makoto and Minako were busy discussing a boy from school. The others just sat and waited for the final member of the group.

"Where is she?!" demanded Rei.

"Where is who?" Setsuna asked from behind Usagi.

Everyone prepared for the normal round of jumping and screaming demands to never do that again.

Everyone was disappointed. Usagi simply held a cookie over her shoulder.

"Would you care for a cookie Setsuna? Makoto made them." The floor groaned from the impact of eight simultaneous face faults.

"Are you feeling alright Usagi?" asked Michiru. "You seem a little, off." The others nodded in agreement.

"No, I feel fine. I just finally realized that she always waits for someone to ask where she is before she shows up. I think that meditation technique is working." The entire crowd blink-blinked at their princess.

"Um, Usagi? When did you start using meditation techniques?" Makoto was a little upset. If Usagi wanted to learn martial arts she should have come to her.

"Well I met this girl in the park a little over a week ago. She was doing this fighting dance thing, oh, what do you call it Mako-chan?"

"A kata?"

"Ya, that's it. Anyway she was doing this really cool kata. Lots of jumps and kicks. I guess she overheard me sigh about how much I wished I could move like that cause she tried to show me how. But I kept falling. She said I kept getting distracted by little things, so she taught me this easy meditation technique to help me clear my mind. I think it's working, cause I got an 87 on my last math test." An 87 was probably the highest Usagi had scored on a math test since fifth grade.

"I'm glad that you are doing better in school princess, but I believe we're here to discuss youma." Setsuna came around the couch and sat down next to Usagi. "What ever is finding them does not show up in the time gates. I watched the youma we found last night get ripped apart by thin air. Something was fighting it, but I couldn't see what." The eldest scout had a small frown. "The really odd thing is that the Gates picked up the fight at all. The few other times someone has hidden from them, I couldn't even see the area they occupied. I was able to track them by what I 'couldn't' see." Usagi turned to Ami.

"How about you?"

"Well, I think I may have found something." Ami pulled out her Mercury computer and set it on the coffee table. "The wave forms here show... hold on." Everyone watched as she entered a few commands. Suddenly a picture appeared in the air above the table. "That's better. Now as I was saying, these patterns are us. Moon is at the top followed by mine, Venus, Mars, and so on. This one," She tapped another button, causing a new line to appear, "is what I found last night. As you can see it is very similar to our own, which is why I had trouble finding it before. It took me two days to isolate. It does appear to be Silver Millennium, but of what form I can't tell. All the elements seem to be taken already." This statement caused a bit of an uproar. Demands about who else was alive in the silver Millennium, where the person was hiding, and so on flew back and forth across the table. Finally Rei shouted for quiet, and turned back to Ami.

"What do you mean elements? We're tied to planets, right?"

"Well yes and no. Each planet has one or more elements associated with it. Think of our attacks. You do Fire, I do ice, and Makoto has electricity. Haruka and Michiru have earth and water. Minako has emotions, Hotaru is death and re-birth, and Setsuna is time and space."

"Since when is Setsuna the Senshi of space?" Minako demanded.

"Time and space are the same thing according to Einberg," Stated Usagi. Ami raised an eyebrow at her friend.

"I think you meant Einstein. Other than that you're right. Besides you are senshi of Life and Light, and are not bonded to a planet."

"But what about the moon?"

"Not a planet. Jupiter has moons as large as earth, but they are still moons, not planets. Anyway the point is, what element is left with all those taken?"

"Well you have the four basics, and emotions count as spirit." Usagi calmly ticked them off on her fingers. Most of the others stared at her blankly. They weren't sure they could handle this new Usagi. "Time and Space. Death, Rebirth, and Life. Light and... Darkness?" Setsuna gasped as a realization hit her hard.