Naruto lay on the bridge. He was blowing a father up and down as he breathed.

Sasuke stared at him like it was the last thing he would see.

And Sakura? She was staring at Sasuke, with the lust that had filled her eyes for many years now. She was continuing her ignore Naruto and focus all her energy on Sasuke.

Oh well.

You win some, you lose some.

Naruto always lost some.

((Switching to Naruto's point of View. Because I wanna, and I've been thinking of it like that))

I always lost some.

Him staring at me was getting really annoying.

I stopped blowing the feather. I took a lung full of air.

I forgot about the feather.

I swallowed it. I sat straight up. Its light strands tickled my throat. I started choking. All I saw was Sasuke, Sakura and Sensei running over to me before I blacked out.


OH MY GOD! That dobe swallowed the feather. And now he's unconscious.

I shoved my fingers down his throat.

"Sasuke?" Sakura asked me.

"Shut UP! I'm saving his damn life!" I practically yelled at her.

She stood back a bit. Oh thank god! She's the biggest pain in the ass, I have ever met.

I pulled out the sopping foreign object out of Naruto's throat.

"Kakashi-sensei? Can you push on Naruto's chest five times for every breath?" I asked.

He nodded and kneeled next to his body. I opened Naruto's mouth and pushed air into his lungs. Kakashi started to pump his chest. Once we had finished and I had started to move to Naruto's mouth to blow into. Naruto's eyes opened.

((Naruto's POV…. Yes I know that I just changed, but I don't think Naruto would be able to see anything while he was unconscious))

Sasuke's mouth was moving towards mine. I pushed him away from me.

"What THE HELL?!?! Were you doing???" I practically yelled.

"I WAS SAVING YOUR DAMN LIFE!!!" He yelled back.

I got up. I was never going to play with feathers again.


I turned on my heel and stomped off.

((At wherever Itachi is. No-one's POV))

Itachi stared at Deidra. Deidra stared at Tobi. Tobi stared at the girl that had been left in the woods near them.

She had red hair that covered her eyes. She was only about 19 but she was already a wanted ninja.

"I don't want to deal with this. Good bye," Said Itachi.

He glided out of the lair. He made his way back to his home village.


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