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This was done using the Almost Totally Random Writing Exercise Generator.

The prompts were 250-300 word / Child / The smell of rain.

Enjoy this little drabble

The Rain

Five-year-old Harry Potter stood outside the Dursleys residence. The Dursleys didn't want to deal with the little boy, as it was their son's sixth birthday. They had told him that he was to go and play in the park until it was dark. He had already been in the park for a few hours, but didn't mind, he was playing for once, without his cousin beating him up. None of the children that were at the park played with him, but he didn't mind, he was fine playing alone.

He was about to slide down the old slide when he felt something hit his nose. He brought a hand up, it was a little drop of water. He felt another hit his ear, then another and another. It was raining but Harry didn't mind. He loved the smell of the rain. It was fresh and clean. He wondered if his parents smelt like that. He loved the feel of the rain as well, it felt clean and pure, and to the mind of a five year old who only ever got a sponge down, wonderful.

Harry held out his hand, to catch to large drops. He smiled at it and then looked up to the greyed clouds. He could hear parents telling their children that they had to go home. Harry shook his head, could they not see the wonderful thing about rain, couldn't they smell the fresh clean smell of the large droplets that were hitting them.

He went down the slide and stood up. He knew he couldn't get too wet, as the Dursleys wouldn't let him inside. He looked around for a dry place. He spotted the kiddie climber and sat under one of the roof areas, just smiling as he looked out at the falling rain.

The End

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