A/N: This is my first crossover, I hope you like it, the pairings I don't know for now, and they will come later.

Summary: While returning from his training with Jiraiya, Naruto encounters Itachi. Itachi makes a jutsu with the intent to immobilize the boy but does a couple of hand signs wrong and sends Naruto in another world. There, everything changes.

Note: No Yaoi, or Yuri

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Chapter one: A new world…

"Neh Ero-sennin how much further?" asked a boy around the age of 15-16 with blonde hair in spikes, he wore a black with orange jacket and dark orange pants. He had his kunai holster tied to his left leg.

"Gaki shut up, we just entered fire country, it's still a long way." replied a man with long white spiky hair, he had two red markings coming from his eyes down to his chin.

"So how do you think Konoha evolved in all this time?" asked the boy looking up at the sky and tapping his chin.

"Well surely it is back to its formal glory, right?" was the reply he got from the pervert as said pervert started writing something on his note pad.

"Yes I think that is true." replied the blond with a shrug.

"We need to stop." said the man as he looked away from his notes.

"Why?" whined the blond boy with a pout.

"Because it's getting dark." snapped the man turning his head towards his protégée.

The boy frowned. "But I miss Konoha." he whined "I want to go back now." he continued whining while looking away in anger.

"I know Naruto but we still have a long way to go, we will have to make camp here for the night, why don't you go and take some firewood?" asked the old man whose name was Jiraiya.

"Fine…" replied Naruto bored as he started running towards the woods. After looking around for a little he found a place with a bundle of firewood, he started picking them when he heard a twig snap, he threw a kunai in the direction of the sound and it hit a log. He heard someone clapping.

"I'm impressed Naruto-kun." said a cold calculated voice.

"Itachi…" Naruto growled while jumping in a fighting position.

"So you remember me…" said the voice again, a shadowy figure jumped down from a branch and landed in front of Naruto. "Why don't you be a nice jinchuuriki and come along peacefully?" he asked holding his hand in front of Naruto.

Naruto slapped the hand away from his face. "Never, you will have to defeat me." he said stubbornly.

"Very well them." said Itachi lowering his hand and closing his eyes slightly.

Naruto didn't wait for Itachi to attack and started running at blinding speed towards him, he delivered a punch but was caught by Itachi, and he spun around and delivered a roundhouse kick only to be blocked. Naruto jumped down and studied Itachi. He created a Kage Bushin and Henged it into a large fuuma shuriken, he threw the fuuma shuriken towards Itachi and the Uchiha jumped away avoiding the attack.

"Impressive." the Uchiha said.

"Then you will like this!" yelled Naruto as he appeared behind Itachi and thrusted a spiraling ball in his back "Rasengan!" he yelled. The attack hit Itachi who disappeared in a puff of smoke. It was a Kage bushin, Naruto turned around and saw Itachi delivering a punch, he caught the fist and moved his leg to hit Itachi in the ribs, and Itachi spun around appearing behind Naruto and kicked the boy in the back. Naruto flew and hit a tree, he fell on his back.

Itachi wanted to continue but he felt a powerful chakra heading towards him. "I wish I could continue but it seems that Jiraiya is coming so I will immobilize you and flee with you."

He started doing hand signs. "Dog, Rat, Rooster, Boar, Monkey, Ox, Dragon, Rat, Rabbit, Dog, Snake, Goat." he finished "Immobilizing Jutsu!" he yelled, a bright yellow light shot towards Naruto, the boy yelled in pain and then suddenly Itachi realized something "Damn that is not good, I mistook the last three hand signs…no matter he should still become immobilized." he thought and then his eyes widened when Naruto disappeared in a yellow flash and the ground where he stood was now burned and black shadows where rising.

"Leader will be furious." said Itachi as he disappeared to study what happened.

A few seconds later Jiraiya appeared at the scene. "Naruto!" he yelled "This is not funny where are you?" he asked.

Then he saw the black markings and the shadows that where rising from the ground near a tree, he walked up to them and studied them carefully.

"What happened here?" he asked. He put his finger on the marking and felt a great surge of power, he immediately too his finger back. "Who did this?" he asked again looking around for answers.

--In another place--

Naruto felt cold, he felt something wet on his back, he slowly got up and looked around, his eyes widened, the entire area was filled with snow, he studied everything closely and he didn't see anything but large trees, larger than the ones in Konoha and snow as far as the eyes could see. He then remembered the encounter with Itachi and shot up and looked around, he didn't see Itachi, he couldn't feel Itachi. Something was wrong.

Then he heard a roar behind him, when he turned around his eyes widened, there stood a large white bear, the bear raised its paw to swipe Naruto, the blonde boy jumped avoiding the attack, the bear charged again his eyes filled with bloodlust. Naruto took a kunai out and was about to stab the bear when a paw cut his back, he turned around and saw another bear. He jumped up to avoid the first bear who hit the second. They turned towards him and started attacking him, Naruto not paying attention tripped on a rock and fell, he started rolling down the hill, when he stopped rolling the world went black, the last thing he saw was that the bears retreated.

A few moments later he felt someone touching his neck, he slowly opened his eyes and saw a strange man, he looked young, and his head was covered with a green cowl, only his eyes where visible, even the face was covered with what seemed a green mask made out of the same material like the cowl. The man had pure golden eyes that seemed to radiate, on his shoulders there was a strange armor, it was white with a brown design that looked like roots and in the middle of them was a strange light blue orb, on each shoulder pad. He had a long dark blue robe with black lines, on his chest there was a shirt of some sort with the design of a skull, he had gloves and a belt the same color like what he wore on the shoulder, tied to his waist was what looked like a mace and he had a big bag on his back..

"So you're awake?" said the man taking his hand away from Naruto's neck.

Naruto nodded not trusting his voice, he saw the man offering him a hand, he gladly took it and got up, when they where both standing he noticed that the man was taller than him, heck he was taller than Jiraiya, but what caught his attention was the ear that where long and pointy but not like a fox or wolf. He looked at them in amazement.

"What's the matter?" asked the man "Never seen an elf before?"

Naruto looked at him questionable. "Elf? What is an elf?" asked Naruto curiously.

The man looked at him curious. "Your not from here right?" he asked and Naruto nodded. The man nodded. "The elves are ancient species, we live much longer than humans and we can communicate with nature, we are easily recognized by our tall figure and long ears. We are nature's guardians and we fight for its safety."

Naruto nodded. "I understand."

"Good, then tell me little one, what are you doing here? Winterspring is a dangerous zone." the elf said slowly.

"I…I don't know…I was fighting someone near my home town and then I appeared here where bears attacked me and I fell down." he said pointing to the trail in the snow made by his fall.

The elf studied Naruto and then nodded. "Well the bears here don't like when someone crosses their territory." he said "So where are you from?"

"I'm from the village of Konoha." said Naruto proudly.

The elf looked at him and shook his head. "Sorry, I never heard of it."

Naruto looked in disbelief at him and his mouth opened, he closed his mouth, he didn't know what to say anymore, if he didn't know about Konoha then… "Do you know about the Fire Country, or Wind Country?" he asked.

The elf shook his head. "I am sorry I never heard of those and I traveled everywhere." he confessed.

Naruto looked down sad. The elf saw this and smiled at him. "Don't worry we will find out where these places are and we will make sure you go back." he said.

Naruto smiled. Then he remembered he didn't get the name of the elf. "Um… could you tell me your name?" he asked scratching the back of his head.

"Sure, my name is Zagark." he said "What is your name?"

"Uzumaki Naruto, future Hokage of Konoha." he said pumping his fist in the air.

"Hokage?" asked Zagark "What is that?" the elf asked again raising an eyebrow.

Naruto looked at him in disbelief, but then he shook it knowing that if he didn't know about Konoha there was no way he could know that. "Well a Hokage is the best ninja of the village."

"I see, like a leader?" asked Zagark.

"Yes." said Naruto smiling.

"I understand, but what is a ninja?" he asked and Naruto face faulted "I never heard of that."

"Ninjas' are highly trained assassins that work in groups of four and accomplish missions for their country, they use Ninjutsu for offensive and defensive attacks, Genjutsu which are illusionary techniques and taijutsu which is hand to hand combat." explained Naruto.

"So you are something like rogues." said Zagark.

"Rogues?" asked Naruto not understanding.

"Yes, you see like what you said rogues are assassins, but they don't use that Ninjutsu what you said or genjutsu, they do sometimes fight hand to hand but most of the times they fight with swords or daggers."

Naruto scratched the back of his head. "Oh…"

Zagark looked at the sky then back at Naruto "We should get going, it is getting dark and Elune forbid us if darkness catches us here."

"Who is Elune?" asked Naruto tilting his head to the side in confusion.

Zagark looked at him shock written all over his face, every human knew who Elune is, or at least was. He shook his head. "I will explain later, now want to come with me? There is a town not too far from here."

Naruto nodded and started following the elf. As they where walking Naruto saw a lot of strange creatures, there where some type of birds that had two head and where completely white with some black marking and large wings, they where bigger than a bird, even bigger than him, they could be half of one of Gamabuntas' legs and they where longer reaching to about 5 to 6 meters long.

The other creatures that fascinated Naruto where some sort of human and bears or something. They had a strange face that resembled a mixture of bear with human, they had two horns on top of their heads and, they had hoofs instead of legs, thought they where walking like normal humans, but instead of hands they had claws. Zagark told him that they are dangerous and it would be bad to come face to face with one of them and not be prepared.

It didn't take long for them to reach a road, once they reached the road Naruto looked left and right and he saw to his right in the horizon a large tree, larger that then Hokage Monument and when he asked what it was Zagark stayed silent so he dropped the question, to his left he saw just trees, hills, snow and the road. Zagark continued walking down the road towards the left with Naruto behind him, a few hours later they arrived at a small crossroad, they could turn to the right or go straight forward, the elf turned to the right and Naruto did as well. A few more minutes of walking up a hill they arrived in front of some strange looking houses. It was nothing like Naruto had seen before, they where taller, had only one level though. The roof was like a ships hull, or at least only the model, on the street and the edges of the buildings there where some lanterns that shined a beautiful light blue color. In the air there where blue lights flying everywhere.

"What are these?" asked Naruto pointing to a blue light.

"Those are lesser spirits Naruto." the elf replied casually.

"Oh…" Naruto replied, he still was a little confused though.

Zagark started moving again and Naruto followed, he didn't want to get lost. After walking a little more they arrived at the entrance to a large building that had two levels, Naruto saw there where two guards at the entrance, he blushed when he studied them, they where elves like Zagark but they where female, they wore metal armor on the entire body, only that the armor showed their cleavage and their bodies really good, they where quite thin and gorgeous, they where quite thin and they had what seemed Fuuma Shuriken in their hands. Zagark approached them and saluted them, the two women smiled at him and bowed graciously.

"It's good to see your are back Zagark." said one of the guards.

"Thank you, I found the herb I was looking for and came back."

"Who is the cute boy?" asked the second guard making Naruto blush.

"I found him while I was returning; he was attacked by bears and fell down a cliff."

"You should have been careful." said the first guard.

"Now, we don't want to make him feel bad, I came here to stay for the night them I will leave to Darnassus." said Zagark.

"Ok, come in." the second guard said. Zagark motioned to Naruto to follow him and he did, once inside he found out that they were in an inn. There where doors to rooms on the left and right side and a staircase that led to the second level of the building where there wore more rooms. The elf approached the man at the desk, and smiled at him, the man smiled back.

"It is good to see you are unharmed druid." said the man.

Naruto raised an eyebrow "What is a druid?" he thought.

"Yes, I would like two rooms for the night, for me and the boy." he said pointing to Naruto.

"Certainly, the two doors to your right are free." he said giving him the keys. Zagark paid the innkeeper and walked to Naruto; he gave him a key and showed him his room. Naruto entered his room and saw a large bed, so large that three people would fit, there was a lantern like outside inside the room near the window and the light was present but weaker than the ones outside. There where strange flowers in a vase on a table near the bed, there was a mirror on the wall near the table. Naruto walked in the room and sat on the bed; he turned around and saw Zagark close the door. The elf looked at him before talking.

"I want to ask you what you will do tomorrow, I will leave this place."

Naruto looked down. "I don't know, I don't even know where I am."

The druid looked at him. "You are in Azeroth my boy." Naruto looked at his questionable and then the druid understood but he wanted to make sure something. "Do you know what Outland is?" Naruto shook his head. The elf frowned "Just as I thought, you aren't from this world."

Naruto fell of the bed. "Where am I then?" he almost shouted.

"Like I said you are in Azeroth." explained Zagark "How you got here I do not know, maybe you do."

Naruto thought for a second. "Last I remember is that the one I was fighting was trying to immobilize me with a technique and then I remember waking in the snow."

The druid pondered for a second, he then nodded. "Maybe that person did something wrong and sent you here by mistake."

Naruto looked out the window. "I see…is there a way back?" he asked.

"Not that I know of, but if you come with me you might find your answer." he said.

Naruto looked at the elf, he closed his eyes. "Well, I would come but could you tell me something?"


"What is a druid?" he asked.

"A druid is someone that communicates with animals and plants, the druid can transform into a animal as well, he can call upon the force of nature by creating lighting, or making roots come out of the ground and so on. The druid can sometimes pacify animals."

Naruto nodded. "Ok I think I understand."

"Good, you should sleep, tomorrow we have a long way to go." said Zagark as he walked out the room.

Naruto leaned on the bed and turned his head to the lamp, he wasn't sure if it's alright to let his guard down, sure enough the druid proved to not lie and not wish him any harm but what about the others that where in this small town. He didn't want to relieve the beatings from his past again; he managed to get away from them.

He closed his eyes and his mind drifted to Konoha and his friends that where still there, he cursed Itachi for what he did to him; he cursed his luck for letting Itachi take him down so easy.

Then his mind drifted to Sasuke, the boy who he considered to be his best friend, the boy who betrayed him for power and went to Orochimaru just so he can destroy his elderly brother. His mind then went to the pink haired girl called Sakura, sure enough she never treated him like a human, ever, but still she was his friend and she accepted the fact that he failed the first time to bring Sasuke back and accepted him. He smiled when he remembered what she said; she would help him in bringing back the traitor.

Then he remembered about Tsunade, she would be worried sick now if Jiraiya arrived in Konoha without him, he wondered how hard Tsunade would beat the old pervert for loosing her adopted son. Naruto sighed and opened his eyes again, looking at the lamp he felt a wave of comfort heading towards him, he smiled and closed his eyes drifting to sleep, something told him that he will be safe here.

--Next morning--

The morning found Naruto sitting on the bed looking out the window, he could see elves walking down the street smiling at each other and greeting one another, sometimes he would see small people with long beards walking around, they where also greeted and they greeted back, he wondered who they where, and what they where.

The door slowly opened to reveal the innkeeper with bread and a large cup filled with milk on a tray. The innkeeper placed the tray on the table and smiled at Naruto.

"Zagark told me to bring you food, he also wants you to go outside once you are done eating." he said.

"Thank you." responded Naruto bowing his head. The innkeeper smiled and left.

Naruto walked towards the table and looked at the food, he started eating and drinking, he found the food to be quite good, after he was done he realized that the food he had eaten was enough and it completely filled him. He grinned and took the tray to the innkeeper; he handed it to him thanking him once again and gave him the key to his room.

Naruto walked outside and saw his new companion talking with the two guards from yesterday.

"I'm telling you it's too dangerous." said one of the guards.

"I know but it is the only way, I can't take the hippogriff because they might shoot us down, and I can't use my spell to teleport to Moonglade because the boy won't appear on the other side with me and the possibility for a warlock to be present there is very low." explained the druid.

The guard sighed. "What about your cat?"

"I'm afraid I left Nightwalker at the stables in Astrannar."

"Why would you leave him there?" asked the second guard.

"I couldn't afford to risk his life to come here."

The guard sighed again. "I guess your right." She turned and saw Naruto at the door and smiled "Good morning young one." she said.

"Umm…morning." replied Naruto uncertain.

Zagark turned around and saw Naruto, he smiled under his mask, his eyes turned to a 'U' like Kakashi's visible eye when he smiled.

"It's good to see you are up, enjoy the meal?" he asked.

"Yeah, I feel full." replied Naruto happy.

"That is good, well we should get going we have a long way to Ashenvale." said Zagark putting his bag on his back.

"Take care and don't overdo it." said the first guard.

"Yes we do not want to lose another druid." replied the second.

"You do not need to worry, we will be safe, come Naruto." said the elf. Naruto nodded and waved at the guards. The two women smiled and him and one of them kissed him on the forehead and wished him luck. Naruto blushed and nodded. The druid looked at the boy and snickered at his reaction.

After walking a little they where out of the town and on the main road again. Zagark was in the lead and Naruto was close behind him studying the area, as they where walking they arrived at another crossroad, Naruto saw that one of the roads lead to another town but the elf turned and walked towards the opposite direction.

When Naruto turned he saw in the distance a bright blur, Zagark stopped as well and looked, after a while the blur became visible and a man with golden helmet and golden armor on a horse who had yellow armor stopped in front of the druid. The druid sighed in relief.

"For a second I thought you where a Blood Elf." he told the man.

The man looked angry. "We are nothing compared to those traitors." he spat.

"My apology" the druid said with a small bow.

The man turned his head and ordered his horse to continue moving, he disappeared fast. Zagark just shook his head and started walking again, Naruto ran up to him.

"Who was that?" asked Naruto.

"That young one was a paladin, a human."

"What's a paladin?" asked Naruto.

"A paladin is someone who worships the light and fights the darkness, it is said they have received blessings from the gods and they can also bless someone else if they wish. They are holy nights that mostly fight the undead and the Scourge." replied the druid.

"Oh…and what is a Blood Elf?"

"Well he I have to say that there are two types of elves, the Night elves such as me and the Blood elves. Now the blood elves are a sometimes evil or good, they suffered many losses in the past and unfortunately that led them to a wrong path, they had become addicted to magic, they would do almost anything to devour the magic from creatures."

"What is magic?" asked Naruto.

Zagark frowned but answered nonetheless. "Magic is a form of fighting and defense for some of us. It can be used to create fireballs, ice bolts, or call upon the elements to aid us. Also Magic can be used to heal other when they are wounded."

"Just like jutsu's." thought Naruto "And how do you use this magic?" he asked.

"To use magic you need to have mana, which is the spiritual energy, also to use magic you need to know the right incantation."

"So in a way it's like chakra." thought Naruto again and nodded.

The rest of the way they walked in silence, but it seemed that Zagark didn't like that silence, Naruto understood that he was expecting to be attacked at any point and he didn't blame him, he didn't like all this peace and quiet not one bit.

After a while they arrived at a large entrance to a cave, it was guarded by four or six things that looked like bears. They had the face of a bear, around the neck they had a necklace of some sort with leafs and small teeth. They had either a light brown color fur or a completely brown fur. They carried weapons such as small swords and staves.

One of the creatures saw them approaching and sniffed them, he started talking in a language Naruto didn't understand but it seemed that the druid did.

"What do you want?" asked one of the guards.

"We wish to pass and reach Felwood." responded Zagark.

"And who are you? And who is the boy? We do not let anyone pass that easy."

"My name is Zagark, and I am in good terms with your leaders." he said and took a ring out of the pocket and showed it to the guard.

"The ring of acceptance, very well, you may pass but not the boy." said the guard.

"But you have to let him pass, he doesn't know this place and it is too dangerous to fly over Felwood."

"I do not care, he cannot pass."

"Let me talk to your leaders, they will understand." said Zagark looking furious. The guard studied him and nodded, he started walking towards the cave and Zagark followed him, he motioned to Naruto to do the same and the boy complied.

"What's happening?" asked Naruto seeing the druid angry.

"They won't let you pass…" said Zagark.

"Why is that?"

"Because a few decades ago they where driven out of Felwood by the Scourge and where betrayed by some of their brethren and soon they lost respect for many and found shelter only in this cave which is the only passage towards Felwood. Usually to pass this place you need to complete several tasks but we do not have time for that."

As they continued walking Naruto felt the cold stares directed to him, he could feel like he was back in Konoha when he was young, the only difference was that these things didn't attack him like the villagers used to when they saw him. He heard the creatures' growl and him and trying to intimidate him, he also saw some that where preparing their weapons in case he tried something funny.

After a little walk they entered a large room, in front of them where three of the creatures he saw all around only that these ones where bigger than the other, he heard Zagark starting to talk to them, they would roar and him and growl at Naruto from time to time, after some yelling from the druid the creatures started glaring at both of them.

Naruto saw the druid point at the three creatures and yell at them, and then he saw one of them reaching for a spear while the other two had their spears in their hands. They started yelling at the druid and the druid listened to them, when they where done he told them something, Naruto didn't know what he told them because their eyes went wide and started nodding. After that Zagark just placed his hand on Naruto's back and smiled at him under his mask.

"You can pass." he said.

"What did you tell them?" asked Naruto.

Zagark looked at the three creatures and shook his head. "It is best you don't know."

Naruto nodded thinking it would be good to listen to him; he turned around and left following the elf. They continued their walk trough the cavern, the creatures glares seemed to disappear slowly and once they where out of the cavern Naruto's eyes went wide in fear at the sight.

On the other side, in the place called Felwood, the grass was a poison green, the animals looked sick and some where missing parts of their skin and where dying a slow and painful death, when Naruto looked at the trees he saw some where in a bright green flame, the ground was scorched and nothing seemed to grow there.

"Ugly, I know." said his companion..

"What happened to this place?"

"When the Scourge attacked this place was severely hit, the dead defiladed this place and used it as summoning grounds for more demons, the creatures that started walking this ground burned everything they stepped on, the poison spread by other demons infected the nature and killed almost everything, this place has been dying ever since, sooner or later not even the trees will be left standing." said the druid with a sad voice.

"Didn't anyone try to stop this Scourge? And what is this Scourge you keep talking about?"

"The Scourge was created and controlled by Ner'zhul, a magical being of tremendous power. Ner'zhul sought warlock powers and delved deeply into demonic magic, until he was confronted by Kil'jaeden, the dark lord of the Burning Legion. Ner'zhul bargained with the. After his defeat by the Alliance his body was ripped to pieces and his spirit tortured, until Kil'jaeden decided to use him as the leader of a new attack on Azeroth. The demon lord encased Ner'zhul's spirit in a cast of ice gathered from the Twisting Nether which was called "The Frozen Throne." To keep his minion and his tremendous new powers in check, Ner'zhul, now the "Lich King" was embedded in a great glacier in Northrend and watched over by the vampiric Dreadlord agents of the Legion." explained the druid while walking on the burned road.

"You told me who controls the Scourge but not what they are." said Naruto.

"Ner'zhul, now the Lich King, used his vast and powerful consciousness to reach out to the native inhabitants of Northrend. The Lich King then used the plague of undeath, which originated from deep within the Frozen Throne, to infect and destroy a human settlement on the fringes of the Dragonblight. As more creatures swayed to his influence, the Lich King became more powerful, as their souls brought him nourishment. Soon, every human encampment in Northrend had been infected, and the Lich King began erecting a stronghold on Icecrown Glacier. His Undead army continued to grow daily."

"So that means that the Scourge is made out of undead? Walking dead?" asked Naruto scared.

"Yes, ghosts, skeletons, zombies, everything you can think about being dead and its not."

Naruto shuddered. "Are there ghosts here in the forest?"

"No…not anymore, their souls where put to rest after years of battles, and for the other question, yes many people tried to get rid of the scourge but after many battles the result was the same, defeat. The numbers of fighters dropped considerable and well…they stopped fighting and started defending their homes."

"One more question…" said Naruto.

"Ok go ahead."

"What is the Burning Legion?"

"The Burning Legion is the huge demonic army created by the titan. When Sargeras the Dark Titan decided to set the universe aflame after becoming deeply sorrow stricken by evils that manifested from the twisting nether, he created a demonic army to serve that purpose. The Burning Legion was led by Archimonde the Defiler and Kil'jaeden the Deceiver, two Eredar warlocks who possessed immense power." explained the druid "Anything else you want to know?"

"Umm…what are warlocks?" asked Naruto unsure.

"Warlocks are those who have delved deep into demonic magic. Their strengths lie in the resourcefulness of their summoned minions and their ability to inflict pain over time and destruction with spells. One unique ability of warlocks is their power to summon demons to their aid. A warlock can summon four types of demons binding them indefinitely until death or dismissal. These four types of demons are the Imp, Voidwalker, Succubus, and Felhunter."

Naruto nodded. "So Warlocks are the cause of all this?"

"Not entirely, you see the Alliance which consists of Humans, Night Elf's, Dwarfs and Gnomes have warlocks in their ranks, these warlocks assist us in battle and send the darkness back from where it was summoned."

"What are Dwarfs and Gnomes?" asked Naruto.

"That you will see later on young one, it is too hard to explain at the moment."

Naruto frowned but accepted the fact nonetheless, he continued to look at his surroundings amazed of the destruction, he would sometimes see deer's that would drop on the ground and die, and he felt sorry for the animals. When he looked around he also saw dead bodies or skeletons on the ground, the druid explained that they are remains from the last battle that took place there.

When they where going down the path Naruto gazed to his left and saw three strange statues on a lake that resembled something, he didn't know what they where, and he didn't ask. Gazing down at the bottom and on top of the water he saw something strange, there was water on the ground moving left and right like it would be walking, they had arms and yellow eyes and some strange bracelets on the wrist.

Naruto looked at the druid and then back at the strange creatures. The druid nodded. "Those, my friend, are water elementals, the spirits of the water created them."

Naruto nodded. He looked around again and saw strange rocks that formed a huge body walking around, these rocks where flaming, the flames had a dark green color.

"And those are Infernals, they where summoned here from Hell, their fire can burn the skin easily." explained the druid. "They won't attack us if we don't get too close."

Naruto nodded and moved closer to his companion, the druid placed a hand on his head and smiled at him. "There is no need to worry."

They continued walking down the road, Zagark said that it is safer to stay on the road since most monsters appear in the middle of the forest, and it was also safer because there where no bandits that could attack them since they would be foolish to come in such a place as merchants never come on this road.

A few hours later they arrived at some ruins, from what it seemed the place used to be a village, the druid became more and more alert, something was amiss and Naruto felt it also. The druid suddenly took two bottles out of his bag, he gave one to Naruto and told him to drink it while holding his left arm, and he also drank one of the bottles. Once that was done Naruto looked to see where the druid is, he couldn't see him and started looking around worried, he felt something dragging him away, he was being dragged near a tree.

"Keep quiet." said a voice.

"W-who a-are you?" stuttered Naruto with fear in his voice.

"It's me, Zagark, I drank an invisibility potion and so did you, the effects are temporarily but enough to hide us, now stay quiet someone is coming."

With that silence filled the air, suddenly Naruto heard something, it sounded like a horse galloping, or more than one, he looked around trying to figure out where the sound was coming from. When he looked in the direction where they where going his eyes widened in fear, on the bridge stood three horses, but not any kind of horses, you could see their bones, their hoofs where burning a blue or red flame and instead of the hair on the back of their heads they had either red of blue flames. On top of them where three strange people, their hands where bones, their legs the same, the one in the middle had a strange black mask covering his entire head, he had black armor and on his shoulder the armor seemed to form blades, his pants where also black and he had black shoes that where ripped and Naruto could see the bones and some flesh. The one to the left had a helmet that seemed to be made out of plate, like the first one it covered his entire head and the top of the helmet had the model of an axe, the helmet was a gray color. The body armor was also gray and on the shoulder the armor ended in blades that looked like an edge of an axe. His pants looked like it was made of metal or something, the color was again gray, his shoes where like the armor and his gloves had the model of an axe on them. The last of the riders had a cowl over his head covering it, if you would look close you would see two red dots that seemed to be the eyes, he wore a bloody red robe, some gloves and no shoes. Naruto could see his bones and part of his flesh. The one with black armor jumped off his steed and started walking around.

"What are you looking for?" asked the one with the robes, for Naruto it seemed like he crackled something.

"I thought I sensed something here." said the black armored one.

"Your bloodlust is talking for you, this place is dead, nothing comes here, lets just go and hunt something down, I want to eat some flesh." commented the one with gray armor.

The robed one nodded and the guy with black armor got back up on his steed, they started galloping away, but before they where out of sight the one with black armor looked back once again, his eyes resting on Naruto, the blonde boy felt a chill running down his spine, that strange person was strange. When the rider turned his head he disappeared in the woods with the rest of his companions.

Naruto started shivering for a unknown reason, he looked to his left and saw the druid there, the potion must have worn off.

"That is not good." Zagark said.

"Who where those?" asked Naruto scared, not even the villagers could have scared him like that, those riders just gave away a aura of complete death, their eyes showed no mercy at all.

"Those are undead Naruto." the boys heart jumped.

"Y-you m-mean d-dead p-people?"

"Yes, dead people, if they would have caught us we would have died a painful death, we must run fast, if they catch us here we are dead." he said getting up.

Naruto nodded and started walking with the druid across the bridge, but he couldn't shake the feeling that they where being followed, he glanced at the druid who was drawing something on a piece of paper.

After walking a little more they arrived at the edge of Felwood from what it seemed, the grass started to become more livid, the animals weren't sick anymore and the trees weren't on fire. Also the sky was a cleaning, the smoke disappearing slowly, but from what it seemed they walked the entire day because the moon was present on the sky and stars visible.

Then Naruto felt a chill, he turned around but didn't see anything. He looked at the druid who was also looking behind them; he turned to Naruto and gave him the paper he was drawing on a few hours ago.

"I wish I didn't have to do this but you are going alone to Astrannar." he told the blonde boy

"Why?" he asked.

"We are followed, remember the three riders?" he asked and Naruto nodded "They are here, somewhere."

Naruto started to tremble, but then he remembered he was a ninja and he could fight. "But I can fight them." he said.

"I know you can, I can feel your power but one of them was a warlock."

"So? I can take him." said Naruto.

"Maybe, but there was a warrior and a rogue amongst them, and also, they never travel in packs of three and if they followed us they might intent to attack Astrannar, you need to go there and alert everyone to be ready just in case."

"But what about you?" asked Naruto with concern.

He felt the ground tremble; he turned around and saw a giant walking tree. His eyes widened and got ready to fight only to be stopped by the druid.

"I called him here, he will help me, now you must go and don't worry they won't take me down too easy."


"Go Naruto." ordered Zagark.

The boy nodded and started running, as he started he heard a crackling sound, something like a yell, he turned around and saw Zagark with his mace in his hand blocking a large axe, he saw the tree holding the black armored man but he didn't see the one with robes, the warlock. He turned around and saw the warlock on his horse in front of him. Naruto stopped a few meters away from him. The warlock dismounted and a strange black swirl appeared in his hands, then he extended one of his arms towards Naruto and a shadowy bolt shot towards him, Naruto used a Kawarimi as fast as he could replacing himself with a log, when he looked at the log saw that the bolt made a hold in the middle of the log and that it started to burn from the inside. He felt the warlocks gaze on him once again, this time fire started to form in his hands, when Naruto thought that whatever he was doing was ready a strange cat with long ears and the design of a paw on its chest appeared out of nowhere and hit the warlock making him lose concentration and the fire to disappear.

"I told you to run!" yelled the cat to Naruto.

Naruto was dumbstruck for a second but when he saw the cat growl at him he started running following the map, taking one last glance behind him he saw the cat becoming taller, the tail disappearing and armor appearing, the cat transformed into Zagark and Naruto now remembered when he told him that druids can shape into animals, he saw Zagark stretching both arms with his palms open towards the warlock and a strange light shot from the sky and hit the warlock. Naruto turned around and started running faster.

Naruto has been running for hours, it seemed an eternity, he couldn't help but be worried for the druid who stayed behind to fight alone, and well not alone he has a big tree helping him but still. Naruto was leaping from branch to branch trying to reach his destination, he looked on the map again and saw he should be close to a lake, he jumped down from the tree and landed in a graveyard, he looked around and saw the lake and a small town in the middle of the lake. He started running towards the road and then towards the village, when he arrived at the bridge he was greeted by two guards, female again.

"Hello young traveler, how can we help you?" asked one of the guards.

Naruto was holding his knees panting. "He said (pant) to warn you in case (pant) they want to attack."

The guards looked at each other and then back at Naruto. "Who said? Who is attacking?" they demanded.

"Zagark and I where traveling through Felwood when we came across three undead, when we entered this place they attacked." said Naruto.

"Oh no…" said a guard.

"Boy tell us what where they."

"Well one was a warlock, the other a warrior and finally a rogue." he heard the guards gasp.

"It is not normal for them to work in groups of three." said a guard to her friend who nodded.

"Go and tell the others." she said.

The first guard nodded and started running across the bridge, she stopped in the middle and turned to Naruto. "Come with me boy." she said.

Naruto nodded and started following the woman, once they crossed the bridge Naruto saw the same model of buildings like in the last town he was, but unlike there, here where more guards than there. They patrolled the street in group of two, they where either female or male, but only night elves.

Naruto followed the woman till they reached a large building with two levels. There he saw two guards, male guarding the door.

"What brings you here Vana?" asked one of them.

"I'm here to see the captain, we have a druid out in the forest attacked by three undead." she said in a hurry, the guards eyes went wide and nodded.

Naruto followed the woman inside, there he saw a woman with long silver hair and green eyes looking on some papers, there where two other guards but female, on their head there where helmets, it covered their head and their noses. The woman with silver hair looked at the guard known as Vanna.

"What brings you here?" she asked.

"Forgive my intrusion Captain Silveneah. This boy has something to tell you." she said pointing to Naruto.

"Well go on boy, tell me." she said with a kind and warm voice.

"My friend Zagark is under attack by undead at the edge of Felwood." he said, he saw the guards stiffen and the woman looking at him with anger.

"I hope you aren't lying." she said enraged.

Naruto shook his head. "It is true, he is under attack by three undead." this made them stiffen even more.

"Three?" asked a guard.

"They never attacked in three for years." said the second.

"Do you think they are planning something?" asked the first.


"Quiet." said the captain who was trying to think.

"What do we do?" asked Vanna.

"Nothing…" she said.

"What?" yelled Naruto "You can't leave him there to fight alone."

"Boy, do you know who Zagark is?" asked the captain calmly.

"He is a druid, why?"

"He is more than that, he can take care of three undead."

"Captain you should know that one of them is a warlock." said Vanna and the captains eyes widened.

"You two." she said pointing to the guards near her. "Follow me we are going after him."

"Yes ma'am." they said.

"I'm coming too." said Naruto with determination.

"I am sorry boy but we cannot risk it, if what you say is true you do not know how to fight a warlock." said the captain.

"And what am I suppose to do them?" asked Naruto enraged.

"Vanna take him to the inn and let him there for the night, I will look for him when I get back." said the captain and the guard named Vanna nodded.

Once the captain was out Vanna led Naruto to the inn, the blonde boy was angry, he wanted to help, he could help and here he was not being able to do anything. As they entered the inn they where greeted by the innkeeper, an elderly looking elf. Vanna explained the innkeeper everything and she nodded. She led Naruto to his room and let him there.

The boy threw himself on the bed and looked outside the window and frowned, he couldn't help but be worried for the outcome of this, he doesn't know this world and it seems like the druid is the only one at the moment that could help him.

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