I was late to lunch so I luckily avoided the lunch room traffic jam. The lines were short enough for me to quickly buy a pizza and bottled water.

I happened to be a huge Edward Cullen fan, so were all my friends. Everyday at lunch we would have our daily "Edward Cullen and Jacob Black" rant. I smiled in anticipation. Lena would always give us something to laugh about with her crazy "I must kill Jacob Black" rant while Kate would shock us into silence when she tried to convince us that Jacob was better. Star would talk about crazy stalker plans if we ever saw a potential Edward Cullen while Ginger and Kim would contribute. I arrived just in time at my regular lunch table for the scheduled "Edward Cullen" part of the "Edward Cullen and Jacob Black" rant.

"Edward Cullen!" Lena just blurted out.

"I know!" Star chimed in. "Edward Cullen is so awesome!"

"Much better than the evil Jacob Black…" Kim grumbled.

"Must trampled Jacob Black with pitchforks and stab him!!! MUA HA HA!" Lena ranted.

I sat between Star and Kate. I waited patiently for a chance to talk while Lena kept ranting about her severe hatred about Jacob Black. I didn't blame her when her rant lasted five minutes; Jacob Black was evil.

"Come on guys! Why do you hate Jacob so much?" Kate jumped in as soon as Lena stopped ranting.

We all stopped to stare at her.

"How can you possibly like Jacob more than Edward?" Ginger said in mock anger.

Kate sighed dramatically.

"Well, at least I don't fawn over Edward Cullen like so crazy obsessed fan girls! I bet I Edward Cullen came to this school you'll be all over him like 'Oh look at me! I'm your biggest fan!'"

We all laughed. Kate was funny, but we still didn't get how she could possibly like Jacob Black.

I took the moment to jump into the conversation.

"Guys, I have big news." I began in a whisper for added suspense.

Kim snorted. "What? You got Aaron Brumer off your back?" Everyone laughed again.

I laughed. Kim always teased me about my little "stalker".

"No, did you see the new transfers?"

"You mean the Cuylers?" Star pointed to the table behind us. I turned 180 degrees before I caught a glimpse of that beautiful untidy bronze hair. My heart started to beat erratically. Then I turned back.

"Yeah, well no. Not exactly. They're not really the Cuylers. They are actually the Cullens!" I couldn't contain my excitement.

"That's Edward Cullen over there!" I finished.

I expected them to suddenly gasp aloud and point excitedly in his direction, but instead I was greeted by silence.

I waited with the smile frozen pleasantly on my face. The silence was awkward and long, then at last Ginger broke the ice.

"Well, that person does look like Edward Cullen…" She said hesitantly.

Lena just gaped at me.

Star interrupted. "Yeah! He's so hot! Almost like the real thing!"

Kim squinted at his face. "Nah… Edward Cullen would be a lot hotter."

Kate just burst out laughing. "Yeah right Ella! If the Cullens were real and Edward Cullen was right there then I would give up the internet for a whole month!"

They all said different things, but no one seemed to agree with me. No one believed me when I said that those were really the Cullens, and Edward Cullen was only a few feet away!

"I'm serious!" They stared at me with incredulous expressions on their faces.

I breathed a frustrated sigh and turned around while pointing to each of the Cullens.

"See, the bronze haired one is Edward. The one with the spiky black hair is Alice. The blond with the pink shirt is Rosalie. The huge one is Emmett, and the blond male is Jasper!"

I turned around reading their expressions carefully. They all stared at me questionably.

"Um… I hate to break it to you Ella, but they don't have golden eyes." Lena finally pointed out. The others nodded in agreement.

"They're probably just Cullen wannabes, Ella. Those do exist." Ginger piped up.

"Yeah, I mean there's no way the Cullens are actually real." Kim snickered.

I turned back to the Cullens.

She was right… Edward had green eyes, Rosalie had blue eyes, and the rest had brown eyes. I studied their faces closely. That was strange…

Then I thought of my first meeting with Edward. He had golden eyes for a second, and when I blinked he had green. Maybe they got colored contacts?

Then I noticed that all of them were staring at our table with interest. Alice happened to be looking at me with an amused smile on her face. My face grew hot as I turned away.

I still think that they were the Cullens, but I had to admit, that was very odd. They looked exactly like how the Cullens would look, yet they had different colored eyes.

"You're right." I said, trying to make my voice sound convincing. "Sorry about that. I just got carried away."

Lena smiled. "It's okay; we all get carried away when it comes to Edward Cullen."

Star got a mischievous look on her face.

"You know, this Edward Cullen look-a-like just might be the closest Edward Cullen we'll ever find."

"So what are you saying?" I asked. I had a feeling this had to do with her stalker plans.

Star grinned wider. My suspicions were confirmed.

"I say we get to know him a bit…"

Kate interrupted. "So basically you're going to stalk him because he looks like Edward Cullen on his first day here?"

Star nodded.

Kate shrugged. "Sounds fine to me. I'm going to stalk this person that Karina told me about, so whatever." She resumed eating her French fries.

Lena laughed. "Oh yeah, wait, you didn't start yet? I thought you started last Saturday in Chinese school."

Kate shook her head. "I couldn't find her. But I'll start today!"

I laughed. Kate always surprised me. Just then she surprised me with another idea.

"Hey, want to go meet this supposed stalked-to-be?" She said to us.

My mind thought No, no, no, no WAY! Not after what happened! But my disobeyed. It got up and moved with Kate while Lena, Star, Ginger, and Kim followed us.

It must've looked strange to the Cullens; a whole table is getting up and moving toward them. I saw Edward smile an amused smile when he looked at Star. I knew that he knew that Star was going to stalk him, if he was Edward Cullen, which I pretty sure he was.

"Hello new transfers!" Kate smiled. It really amazed me how easily Kate could talk to complete strangers.

They just stared blankly at us. I saw annoyed scowls on Jasper and Rosalie's faces while the rest had amused looks.

Lena stepped up. "I'm Lena." She introduced herself like a showgirl and posed. I snickered.

"This is Star, Ginger, Kate, Kim, and Ella!" We all posed when she announced one of our names. When she got to me I stumbled with my pose and tripped.

My face was completely red when I slowly returned to a standing position. I saw Edward shake with silent laughter as he exchanged a brief glance with Alice. No doubt they were having a silent conversation about how clumsy I was.

"Hello, Lena, Star, Ginger, Kate, Kim, and Ella." Edward replied. His voice was so perfect. I think I saw her sway slightly to it.

"I'm Edgar, and this is Claire, Aurora, Ethan, and Jack. We are the Cuyler family" He gestured to each one as they smiled in response. It wasn't as flashy as our introduction, but it held the same effect for me.

So, they changed all of their names instead of just Edward. I gazed into his startling green eyes.

I know who you are, Edward Cullen. I thought out to him as loud as I could. I thought I saw a flicker of bemusement behind his eyes, but then it was gone.

Ginger broke the silence.

"So, are you guys adopted or something?"

Alice piped up. "Yeah. We were adopted when we were all very young." Ginger nodded in interest.

Looks like Cullens, act like Cullens, even adopted like the Cullens. Didn't my friends see a pattern here?

Kate continued after Alice finished.

"You know, you look an awful like a bunch of characters in a book." She surveyed each of their pale faces. I thought I saw all of them momentarily freeze.

"Ella here was convinced of it, but of course we're not as crazy as her." She winked at me. I gaped at her in astonishment as I felt my cheeks flush into a red glow. I thought I saw Jasper squirm.

Kim tilted her head to the side slightly as she asked, "So, how's your first day at Heritage High School? Is it driving you mad yet?"

Emmett laughed a booming laugh.

"It's okay."

Star and Kim tittered a little nervously when they saw his bulk. I didn't blame them.

Rosalie smirked at us and said in an insolent tone, "Did you need anything else?"

I saw Star and Lena frown at the tone of her voice.

Ginger answered back with the same level of venom. "No, we just wanted to get to know you. Well, bye!"

We walked away. I was pretty sure I felt Edward's eyes on my back.

As soon as we sat down Lena said sarcastically, "Well, Aurora sure is nice."

Kate snickered. "Did you see her face when Ginger replied back to her? It looked so surprised and angry that I almost burst out laughing!"

Star laughed. "That Edgar guy sure is nice… and hot. Yep, definitely stalkee material. Looks like Edward Cullen, and acts like him too. He's perfect!"

She scanned us. "Anyone else in?"

Kate sighed. "Leave me out of this. I don't think I want to scare him away that fast."

Ginger and Kim piped up. "Sure, I'm in."

Lena shifted uncomfortably. "Uh… No thanks. I mean, he's a lot like Edward Cullen and all, but even if he was Edward Cullen I wouldn't want to stalk him. It's kinda creepy."

Star teased. "Aw… I was sure that you of all people would want to find out any guy who is even remotely like Edward Cullen."

Lena laughed. "True, but not in that way. I mean, if a guy started to stalk me I would probably go berserk!"

"What about you, Ella? Are you in?"

I froze. I was afraid of this moment.

"Uh…um…uh…" I stammered, unable to make a decision.

Well, I really did want to find out everything I could about Edgar, so I could prove to everything that he was actually Edward Cullen, but…

On the other hand, if he was a vampire then he would totally catch me and I would be humiliated for the rest of my life.

Just then the bell rang.

Star was getting impatient. "Just say yes or no, Ella."

"Yes." I blurted out. I immediately regretted it.

"Come on everyone! We're going to be late!" Kim said as we all hurried out of the cafeteria.

I sighed. Oh well, I could always tell Star that I back out.

That is, if I back out.