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Sonic & Mario:Chaos Control

A Climax Clash of Super Beings

Chapter One

Deep inside the ruins of Angel Island inside an egg shaped laboratory a plump, round shaped and crafty Dr. Eggman stood . " I've finally managed to collect all seven Chaos Emeralds" he said while laughing hysterically.

His laboratory was full of scientific equipment beakers and test tubes lined the walls. Eggman stared at the emeralds glow behind their glass containers his robot assistant Metal Sonic said. "What are the Chaos Emeralds for doctor?"

Eggman snarled. "If you must know they're for the Deathegg 2.0." He then turned staring at his blueprints covering a blackboard. He then turned toward Metal Sonic twirling his moustache." plans always get thwarted by a certain blue hedgehog."

Being an always obedient robot Metal Sonic said." Just leave that imposter Sonic the Hedgehog to me master I'll show him the strength of the original."

Eggman stared at him as if he was insane but knew it was a good idea. Unbeknownst to Eggman the robot swiped a Chaos Emerald from the glass container.

As Metal Sonic turned on his rocket boots and floated out the door Eggman chortled." Now that the insane robot is gone all I've got to do is trick Shadow, that shouldn't be so hard with him being so paranoid and all."

Eggman then turned on a monitor and watched Shadow walking around Pumpkin Hill.

Meanwhile Sonic was enjoying quality time on the beach with his friends Tails, Cream, Amy, and Knuckles.

As Sonic tossed another hotdog on the grill he smacked his lips."Dude, there's nothing better than tossing another chili dogs on the grill."

Being frightful as usual Tails stammered." S...Sonic do you think it was a good idea to have a beach party on Angel Island with it being haunted and stuff."

Sonic turned away from the grill to quickly calmed his friend down." C'mon Tails there's no such thing as haunted anyway shouldn't you be trying to get with Cream, I saw how you were staring at her" while pointing at her with his spatula.

Tails' face turned bright red as he stuttered."T...that's not true Sonic, we...we're just friends that's all."

Knuckles walked across the beach in front of Amy and Cream flexing his muscles." Eat it up ladies this is Grade A beef."

Amy and Cream were building sand castles and Amy looked up sighing." Get a life Knux I already have a boyfriend isn't that right Sonic?!"

But a Sonic clueless replied." Really?! Amy I can't wait to meet the guy."

Metal Sonic approached the area. " Enjoy your last moments of fun Sonic you swine, after you're gone I'll finally be the Ultimate Life-Form." As he watched our hero with his scanners.

He began charging his chest cannon preparing for a sneak attack. Metal Sonic flew into the air. "Eat my Egg Beam you imposter."

A giant red beam of light emanated from his Torso Cannon. His shot missed Sonic but blasted the area around him knocking sand everywhere.

Sonic's friends were caught in the blast.

Knuckles laid face down in the lake muttering."Ow...what hit me?"

Tails crashed into a palm tree." I knew coming here was a bad idea its haunted here." Tails muttered as he lost consciousness.

Amy and Cream were blasted clean off the island.

Sonic being his usual cheerful self said." C'mon metal head can't we just talk about this." But the time for talk was over as Metal Sonic fired more blasts leaving Sonic with no choice but to run away.

Sonic was running full speed with Metal Sonic hot on his trail. Sonic smirked." Get real metal head ,you can't catch me slowpoke." As he sped up leaving Metal Sonic in his dust.

A robot approached Shadow and just as he was about to vaporize it a monitor with Eggman's face on it appeared over the robot.

Eggman grinned." There you are Shadow I was looking for my grandfather's creation."

Shadow snarled." I'm no one's creation, I am perfection."

But Eggman rubbed his chin." Funny I though Mecha Sonic X my newest creation was perfection not the prototype yourself." Eggman really enjoyed pushing Shadow's buttons.

A furious Shadow snapped." How about I come there and kill you and your bastard experiment." Shadow began concentrating so he could use Chaos Control.

Meanwhile a fleeing Sonic ran full speed into an abandon warehouse on the outskirts of the island.

Metal Sonic landed." Come out and accept your fate." He then entered the old warehouse and started blasting crates lying around.

Just as it was looking bleak for our cowering hero, Shadow appeared out of nowhere."Dammit I still can't teleport far without a Chaos Emerald." Shadow muttered in anger.

"Thank goodness its you Shadow." said a relieved Sonic.

"I don't have time for you inferior beings such as yourselves right now. Now where is Eggman?" said a seemingly intimidating Shadow.

Sonic snapped his fingers."I should of known Eggman was behind this."

Metal Sonic snarled." I don't know what's going on but neither of you will escape here alive."

Shadow chuckled under his breath." I don't know who the hell you think you are, but everyone is inferior to me the Ultimate Life Form" while folding his arms.

Metal Sonic curled up into a ball as he slammed into Shadow at lightning speed.

As Shadow crashed into some crates Metal Shadow grinned." No creature can overcome my Black Dash."

Shadow incinerated the crates with his energy." You little bastard" he said as he began charging energy.

After Shadow finished charging he yelled from the top of his lungs." Chaos Spear." He threw many red lightning spears at Metal Sonic.

Metal Sonic then smirked." Black Shield."

A black force field appeared around Metal Sonic not only protecting him but also absorbing the attack.

Feeling humiliated Shadow ran full speed at Metal Sonic but no matter how many homing attack he attempted the black shield stopped him in his tracks.

Sonic leaned against a box fearing for his life." Dude I really need to get outta here."

Metal Sonic dropped the barrier." Let me show you how a true Ultimate Life-Form would perform a Chaos Spear" said the arrogant robot.

Shadow was beside his self with anger." an Ultimate Life-Form you're just a stupid robot."

Sonic gathered his courage." C'mon Shadow we can take him together like best buddies."

Shadow turned toward Sonic and glared at him. The intense hatred in Shadow's eyes made Sonic be quiet. Sonic dropped his eyes from Shadow's intense glare.

Shadow angrily snapped." I was just toying with this mechanical freak Sonic I'd never ask you for assistance you're beneath me."

Sonic lowered his head." I'm starting to think you don't like me Shadow" in a hurt voice.

Waves of energy emanated from Shadow as he prepared to launch massive attacks at the mechanical freak Metal Sonic.

Shadow snarled." See if your inferior programming can handle this Chaos Flare." He then fired thousands of red energy blasts all over the place destroying everything around him.

"Hey Shadow watch where you're aiming you almost hit me." Sonic said while dodging the blasts.

"My Black Shield will handle this." Metal Sonic said feeling proud of himself.

But his shield couldn't take all the blasts and shattered.

Shadow used this opportunity and he warped in front of Metal Sonic. Shadow began hammering Metal Sonic with fast paced punches and kicks.

The lightning fast blows were too much for Metal Sonic and he resorted to using his Chaos Emerald.

" Whoa he's got a Chaos Emerald Shadow be careful" said a concerned Sonic.

Shadow shrugged." Who cares?! Sonic he could have all seven Chaos Emeralds and he would still lose."

Metal Sonic smirked." Your underestimation of me will be your demise hedgehog."

Metal Sonic began harnessing the power of the Chaos Emerald and the ground shook beneath his feet from his strength increase.

Sonic screeched." This is getting dangerous." But his legs felt like jelly so he couldn't move.

Metal Sonic roared." Sonic Rumble."

Then Metal Sonic moved so fast it appeared as if he had vanished and he reappeared behind Shadow slashing him with his claws the shockwaves from attack were so strong that the ground split into two.

Sonic muttered." Damn, Shadow are you okay he's using a Super Sonic attack" in disbelief.

Shadow snarled." He caught me off guard but it won't happen again" as he stood up slowly.

Shadow floated slowly as he began glowing and he shouted." Chaos Blast."

An intense flash of red light appeared from Shadow's body obliterating the warehouse and everything inside it.

Sonic was the first to break out free from the rubble. Sonic coughed." Thanks a lot Shadow you nearly killed me to" with a hint of sarcasm.

Shadow snapped." If I wanted to kill you I would of."

Metal Sonic blasted the broken crates and beams away with his Torso Cannon." This can't be I'm the perfect Life Form it's no way this imitation hedgehog should be defeating me I've got no choice I must retrieve the other Chaos Emeralds."

He then lifted up his Chaos Emerald." Chaos Control." As he vanished.

Shadow grumbled."No, you don't I won't let you escape."

"What're you planning on doing now?" Sonic said feeling relieved that Metal Sonic was gone.

Shadow growled." Isn't obvious?! I'm gonna scrap that robot."

Sonic leapt onto an unsuspecting Shadow as he used Chaos Control to warp behind Metal Sonic.

Meanwhile in the Mushroom Kingdom Peach was in the kitchen cooking with Toaden." I hope Mario and Luigi love these snacks I made for them."

Toaden said." of course princess Mister Mario and Mister Luigi always have appetites." Princess Peach turned and carefully headed outside trying not to drop a single morsel.

Sonic and Shadow had Metal Sonic on the ropes so he ran away to Eggman's base to retrieve the other Chaos Emeralds. Can our heroes stop this mechnical freak Metal Sonic before he utilizes the power of all seven Chaos Emeralds.

Stay Tuned for Chapter Two Dial K for the Koopa Bros.