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Chapter One

He had to get out, get out now or forever lose himself in this loveless marriage. He had tried to stick it out, but what more could he do? He still loved Seto, but it had been several months since Seto had even showed him any kind emotion and so it was time to leave.

As Joey place the letter on his pillow along side the one Seto slept beside he picked up the duffle bag with his things he had when he first came here to live, and he walked out the front door and never looked back.

Seto woke at five o'clock the next morning and when he stretched his arm didn't brush the body of Joey like it usually did and he opened his eyes and all he found was an envelope addressed to him, he picked up the envelope and read the letter,

Dear Seto:

I know that you don't and haven't ever loved me even though I prayed that you would, so I'm leaving with just what I had when we married and nothing else. Now you and your lover will be free to love each other without having me around. I'm filing for Divorce and want nothing from you except your signature on the papers and then we'll be free.


When he was through he closed his eyes and thought "now he didn't have to tell Joey that it was over and he had to get out." Seto had grown tired of Joey and had been seeing someone knew who knew how to send his emotions into over drive and now they could be together forever without him wondering if Joey would find out.

Joey walked down the road in the middle of the night when a horn honked at him and he moved over to the shoulder of the road more and then he heard the vehicle stopped behind him and he heard someone call his name.

When he turned around and there stood Tristan Taylor and old friend that Joey hadn't seen in years ever since Tristan left all of a sudden when he announced that he and Seto were going to be a couple.

"What are you doing walking at this time of the morning?" Tristan asked him.

Joey had tears in his eyes as he answered Tristan "It's over between Seto and me and I got out before he threw me out, now I'm going home to see if my dad will let me come back, or I will just keep walking till I can't walk anymore."

"Get in the truck, you can come with me and we'll get something to eat and then we can figure out what you can do if you can't go home." Tristan said to him.

Joey got into the truck and they drove to a little café and went inside and sat down and the waitress brought them some coffee and as they drank it they talked about old times and for the first time in a very long time Joey actually started to laugh till tears flowed down his face and he started crying for all the emotionless months lying in that bed alone.

They sat there across from each other and when Joey started crying, Tristan reached across the table and took Joey's hand in his and he softly said "Hey, it'll be alright why don't you come with me I have to deliver a load later on today to Tokyo and we can spend the time talking and just having a good time like we use to, what do you say?"

Joey smiled at his old friend and he said "you've got yourself a deal; it will be fun just to forget everything and have fun again."

They finished their coffee and after Tristan paid the bill, they left and got back inside Tristan's truck and he drove them back to his Apartment and they went inside and he told Joey "make yourself at home, I have to call in and tell my boss that I'll take the shipment to Tokyo." Tristan told Joey as he walked over to the phone and dialed the number and talked to his boss.

Tristan talked to his boss and told him "Carl, I'll take the load to Tokyo and I'm having an old friend come with me."

Carl listened to what Tristan said then he told him "fine, but just be careful not to get yourself into something that you can't get out of."

Tristan smiled as he listened to what his Uncle Carl was saying and he told him "I'll be careful so stop worrying, and I'm going to need a little advance on this load."

Carl laughed as he said "you'll have find a little in your envelope when you get here, see you when you get back."

Tristan hung up the phone and found Joey sitting on the couch watching the news and he walked over and sat down on the bid chair opposite the couch and he said "do you have anything to wear for three days that we'll be gone?"

Joey smiled at him and he held up his duffle bag and told him "just what I have in here, and I have a few hundred dollars that I have saved from the money that Seto gave me. Sometimes I felt like he was giving me the money to pacify me like someone would give a dog a bone to keep him happy."

God, if Tristan could he'd like to strangle Kaiba for treating his friend the way he had been. Joey meant so much to him and he was a little afraid of getting hurt, but he couldn't let him feel like he was less then human because of the way that Kaiba was treating him, so he decided to take a chance and on this trip he was going to tell Joey exactly how he felt about him and he hoped that his heart wouldn't be broken again.

Tristan stood up and stretched and he said "well it's about time to leave, so if you want to take a shower before we leave you can."

As Tristan stood and stretched, Joey looked at him and his body started getting aroused and it scared the hell out of him. Could he just be horney or was what he was feeling real and that he was having feelings for Tristan? Joey just didn't know, but maybe this trip might help him find out.

Joey stood and walked towards the direction that Tristan said the bathroom was and he took a shower and changed clothes and then they walked out the Apartment and got into the truck and Tristan drove to where he worked and they got into the Semi and as Tristan started the engine and they were off heading towards Tokyo and hopefully where Joey could find answers to the questions he needed answers for.

As Tristan drove the rig, they talked about old times and they laughed till they could hardly breathe. They kept the conversation on pleasant things and off Joey's relationship with Kaiba that was still a very raw wound to Tristan because he was going to tell Joey how he felt, but that was never to be.

Kaiba told Joey that he loved him and then they got married and well Tristan's world went spiraling out of control and he left Domino and went to stay with his Aunt and Uncle in Tokyo till he could get his life under control and then he went home to see his friends and that's when he found Joey alone and well that's where they are right now.

Back in Domino:

Seto picked up the phone and dialed the number of his lover and said "he's gone and I didn't even have to tell him to get out, yes you heard me right and now you can come here and we can be together so pack your things and come over here."

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