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Chapter Fifteen

As Joey walked into Seto's hospital room, he felt a foreboding feeling of terror mixed with an overwhelming feeling of Seto wanting to wake up and come back to his body.

Joey sat down next to the bed and took Seto's hand in his and he closed his eyes and recited a prayer that his Grandmother taught him:

The Lord's Prayer

Our Father who art in Heaven,
Hallowed be Thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done,
On earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
And forgive us our trespasses (debts) as we forgive those who trespass against us (our debtors).
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory forever. Amen.

When he finished he then asked "please God give me the strength to reach into this troubled mind and bring back this lost soul to his brother and the ones that love him." Then Joey closed his eyes and with the power that was shown to him years ago, he let his spirit leave his body and travel into Seto's in search for his spirit and hopefully he would be able to heal what damage has been done to him.

In Joey's quest to find Seto, he heard and seen what Seto had and it sickened him that Allister could of done and said what he did in order to try to destroy him and he nearly did. The sights and sounds of Seto moaning and trying to get away from the shadows that plagued his poor mind was almost to much for Joey to take, but he kept on the path and then in the distance he saw Seto's spirit sitting in a corner crying and begging for someone to come help him.

Joey approached him quietly and then in a very soft and gentle voice he called out to him "Seto" then Seto's spirit looked at him and raised his arms and beckoned him to come and take him away from all the tortured scenes and voices that were playing over and over inside his mine.

Joey then touched Seto's hand and said "stand up and walk with me and I will take you back to where you belong, you have to trust that I will be able to do this or you'll be left here in this place forever." Seto grasped onto Joey's hand and they started walking and Seto closed his eyes but Joey said "keep them open and let the demons know that they can't harm you anymore that you're stronger and you will win this battle here and now."

Then all of a sudden Joey opened his eyes and he was sitting beside the bed again and then like a miracle Seto's grasp on his hand got stronger and a tear rolled down the side of Seto's face and Joey smiled and softly said "welcome back, you're home again." Joey pressed the button and when the Nurse came in he said "go get the doctor, Seto's waking up."

She ran out of the room and then the door opened and the doctor came in and checked Seto's vital and found out that he indeed was coming out of his comatose state and he said "you've just made a miracle happen." Joey sat there and then Seto opened his eyes and said "where am I?"

The doctor told him "you're in the hospital and welcome back. For awhile I thought that we had lost you, but your friend here showed you the way home."

Seto turned his head and there sat Joey and then Seto asked "why, why did you help me?"

Joey then told him "I did it mostly for Mokuba because he needs you and I did it because I still consider you my friend and to me friends are worth fighting for." Seto had tears in his eyes as he whispered "you still consider me your friend?"

Joey smiled at him and said "sure I do and so does Tristan."

Seto closed his eyes and said "I'm tired think I'll get some rest, and Joey thanks for what you did for Mokie and me."

Joey stood up and as he opened the door to leave he said "you're welcome." Then he left to go and he went to the Chapel to thank God for helping him bring a friend home. As he sat on the bench he closed his eyes and said "Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to show that troubled soul the way home and for that I will be forever grateful for your love. Amen.

He then got up and walked back to Mokie's hospital room, he the weight of all that had happened just wash off his shoulders and a tear rolled down his face as he remembered all the friends he had lost and then a faint smile came to his face as he realized that they were all in heaven in the arms of the Lord and they were sending him their love. He opened the door and went in and walked over to where Tristan sat asleep and gently touched his arm and when he opened his eyes Joey said "it's all over and Seto's coming home."

Tristan stood up and took Joey into his arms and held him as they thought back on what had happened and gave thanks for the love that God had given them and their friends and they were truly blessed for knowing each and everyone of them. Joey whispered "in another day Roland will be here and then we can go home and begin our lives together and that is one thing that I'm so happy for, your love and understanding." Then he kissed Tristan and they sat down to wait for Mokie to wake up so that they could tell him that his brother was getting better and that Roland was coming home and they would soon be a family again.

When Roland came back, and he brought Mokie home, he thanked both Joey and Tristan for what they did and he and Mokie visited Seto everyday till he was ready to come home. As Tristan and Joey were getting ready to leave Domino and go home to Tokyo, Joey told Tristan that he had something to give him and he handed Tristan a card and inside was a poem that Joey wrote just for him. As Tristan read the words tears filled his eyes and he gently took Joey into his arms and said "thank you."

This is what the card said:

Finding They Road Not Traveled

Once I found myself walking down a deserted road that was dark and I was alone and scared

The road was endless and I thought that I would never find my way off that road

Then like a beacon that shown in the dark there you were

Telling me to go with you and you'd help me find my way home

Someone up in heaven must have thought that I was worth caring about

Because they sent me someone to love and someone who would love me in return

Now I'm no long on that road not traveled, I'm in the arms of the one who loves me

I'm standing next to Tristan Taylor, my beacon in the storm, my guide, my love.

Then Tristan started the truck and they were on their way home….


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