Summary: At the age of 15, the Mighty Ducks noticed a change in themselves. They found that they had superhuman abilities. The sudden change prompted them to become more, they transformed from an oridinary hockey team, to the greatest team of super heroes to ever exist: The SuperDucks!

Author's Note: So here's the deal, I initially had this idea for a Heroes crossover, where Julie and Luis (being the two with the most identifiable physical abilities) found themselves to be some of the "special" people from that universe. And then I thought, ehhh, maybe not, maybe I'll make Eden Hall kind of Xavier School-ish, anyway, to make a long developemental story short, I came up with this. They all have various powers. They will be listed and explained in the this chapter. I'm not going to lie, some of them, I just ripped off from X-Men, some from Heroes...just know that. Other thing, Bombay has an intuitive understanding of their powers, just accept this and move on, I don't feel lik coming up with a reason for it, maybe I will later on, but for now, just accept. For format of the story, each chapter will be a different Duck's point of view moving the story along. The bad guy will come in in the third chapter (The first 4 are already written) and each chapter will reveal more about not only what's happening in the time that the story takes place in, but in the year prior, as they discovered their powers. I have asserted many many times what a GIANT dork I am, this is just going to be incredible proof. As always I am totally open to suggestions. One of the things I really want people's input on is the team's super hero names. Some I already have picked, but like I said, I'm totally open. Hope people like this!

Disclaimer: I don't own the Ducks, be they simply Mighty or here in their Super state.

OK, so I know I look like a normal teenager. I have friends, I go to school. I play hockey. I live in an apartment with my Mom and Step dad. I work at the local Skate Shop, or at least most people think it's a Skate Shop.

But see I have a secret. A big one, it's a really good one too.

I'm Charlie Conway, age sixteen, and I'm a super hero.

Yeah, it sounds lame, but it's totally not. And I'm not the only one. All of my friends are too. One day, a year ago we all woke up and we had super powers, it just sort of happened. And it wasn't like they were out of nowhere. Well Connie's was, because who would have guessed that she could fly, but the rest made a lot of sense.

Like Julie for example? So we always thought she had really great reflexes, turns out, she's psychic. Totally serious, those great reflexes were really just her getting a flash of what a person was going to do an instant before they did it. It used to be just that, a little flash a second before, in heightened emotional situations, but now that's she's learned to control it, she can read minds, and move things telekinetically and focus in and see things that are happening in other places. It's really cool.

The Bash Brothers, bet you can guess. That's right super strength. Seriously, Portman can lift a car above his head. Together, they could probably move a building, if they wanted too. Unfortunately super strength did not stop them from being super lazy, so they rarely do much with it, because believe it or not it takes a lot of energy and focus to use your powers.

Adam can turn himself invisible. Which comes in handy more than you would think, Connie and Julie always say it's a good thing Luis didn't get this one, because he would use it to watch them getting changed.

Which brings me to Luis. He runs fast, like really fast. Which again sounds lame, but when you can do a mile in 10 seconds flat, its pretty cool. We know, we clocked him once.

When Ken spins, he creates a tornado. Which is really cool, except he doesn't exactly have control over it yet, so often times those tornados just cause random destruction. He's working on it.

Averman is pyrokinetic, he can shoot fire out of his hands. As a nice balance to this, Goldberg has ice powers, just like Ice Man, from the X-Men. They work well together, and we all joke that they cover the role of the smarmy sidekick, they do that very well too.

Guy can shape shift. He can make himself look like anything or anyone. He doesn't use it a whole lot, although once when he and Connie had a fight because he thought she was looking at Rick Riley, he made himself look like Riley and hit on her. When she punched him he never doubted her fidelity again.

Russ can phase through objects. Just anything, he walks right through it. It's really awesome, back before we realized we should fight crime he just used it to up his prank cred, get into places he couldn't before.

Like I said before, Connie can fly. It's probably the most practical of any of our powers, save Julie's telekinesis. Sometimes if we're walking someplace she'll just head up to beat us there. When she does this Luis usually goes ahead and races her there and totally beats her every time. She gets really pissed. It's pretty funny.

Dwayne can teleport. Totally serious. He and Julie usually work together, because she senses what's going on wherever he wants to go and tells him that's its safe.

Which brings us to me. Here's the thing. I'm not really sure what I can do. It's weird, but when I'm with the others, I can do all of it. I can fly when I'm with Connie, and I've got the ice thing going with Goldberg, and turn invisible with Adam and everything. But when its just me, no matter how hard I try, no matter how much I focus, I can't do any of it. Coach Bombay (who by the way organizes us and is helping us learn how to use the powers…we now call him Coach X, just to make fun of the X-Men factor) says that we'll figure it out. Except that its been a year, and we still can't figure out what it is that I'm supposed to do.

"What if I rip your pretty little head off then?" Fulton scoffs at Julie that morning while we're playing a game.

"Please I'd like to see you try!" She rolls her eyes, and focuses her energy and starts levitating. It's another psychic thing. She seriously has the coolest powers

"You're not allowed to use telekinesis to stop the puck Julie you know that!" I sigh, we have rules, we're not allowed to use our powers while we're playing. Because it gives some people an unfair advantage.

"He was using super strength on that shot!" She retorts calmly, her eyes still closed.

"I was not! I don't have that kind of energy right now!" Fulton argues. "Read my mind, I'm telling you the truth!"

"He's thinking about me naked again!" Julie snaps and stares at Portman, returning to the ground gracefully.

"Portman stop picturing Julie naked!" I sigh, this has become a consistent issue since Julie started being able to read minds.

"If she'd get out of my head it wouldn't be a problem!" He snaps. He hates the idea that he can't have a single private thought without Julie knowing about it, the rest of us are just careful.

"I can't just switch it off yet! Coach and I are still working on that!" She says. "God you're such a perv! I heard that." She snaps at him. He called her a bitch, I heard it too.

"OK," I sigh, and skate over to her. "Julie, please, use the mind reading, to see if Fulton is using super strength on a shot, don't just assume and send the puck flying."

Fine, she thinks to me, Do you want to meet up tonight?

You're on, I think back, Now get in the game. Oh, did I forget to mention that Julie and I are together? Except no one knows, because well, the team would probably freak out. It helps that we can literally read each other's minds, and Julie can sense when someone's coming, so we can't get caught. Our eyes are locked, so everyone can tell we're talking.

"Hey!" Averman shouts, "You two want to include the rest of us in on this little chat?"

"Sorry," I say, "Look, is every one OK with Julie being able to read their mind while we're playing so that she can see if someone's about to cheat and use their power?"

"Fine," everyone mumbles.

"Problem solved." I shrug,

"Can it be noted," Portman says, "That I don't think it's fair that Julie reads minds ever?"

"STOP THINKING ABOUT MY BOOBS!" She shouts and sends a shower of snow balls flying at him. We all start laughing.

He was right they're looking pretty nice lately. I think smarmily to her.

Don't make me hurt you Charlie! I hear the laugh in her mind. Averman yawns and shoots a flame, melting the snowballs, so Portman can feel safe again.

"Thanks man," Portman pants.

"No problem," He shrugs, "Cat, you really have to get that mind reading under control."

"I know," she says. "I am aware that it's creepy Kenny, thank you!" She stares at him.

"Oh crap!" Connie says, looking at her watch. "I'm late, I'll see you all later." She skates off to the side, undoes her skates, flings them over her shoulder and takes off.

"And so end the game," I sigh loudly. "Aves, help me melt the pond?" He nods and we both send jets of hot flame across the ice as everyone steps back, melting it. Playing actual ice hockey in the middle of spring is one of the major perks of having one of your team mates have ice powers.

That night I'm sitting waiting for Julie, and when she comes up smiling as always she kisses me happily. I love being with her.

"What's wrong?" She asks, touching my face. I smile.

"Nothings wrong Cat," I shrug, "I'm fine."

"Something's wrong," She sighs, "You're trying to block me out." She sits down on the bench that's next to us. "What is it?" You can tell me, Charlie.

"Coach and I worked for two hours today," I sigh and sit down.

"Still nothing," she nods and kisses me. "It'll come Charlie, you have to give it time."

"Easy for you to say," I shake my head, "It took you what? Two months to figure it out."

"Yeah, but I'm exceptional," she smiles, I nod, she's kidding. "But not all of it came right away, just the kinesis. Like the mind reading? That's still new. And remember when I couldn't control the levitation?" I smile and laugh. She would find herself floating on the slightest emotional change, if she got angry, or happy, or anything. We start kissing and find ourselves a few inches above the bench. I smile at her.

"Do you want to try it again?" I ask her gently. One time, in our quest to figure out what was going on with my powers, Julie mentally merged herself with me. It ended up putting her into a two week coma. But it was sixth months ago, and she's much stronger now.

"Coach says it's dangerous," she shudders, "I don't think it's a good idea. You don't realize how scary it was for me."

"My mind can't be that scary," I laugh. Julie, please. I need to know.

"You weren't in that coma!" She starts crying, "I could see and hear everything Charlie! Everyone saying I might die, or never wake up!" She's shivering. "And it was so dark, and I had no control."

"Shh," I hold her, "I'm sorry. I won't ask you again. I just thought, you're so much stronger now then you were then."

"If I thought I could help you know I would." She whispers, and kisses me. I love you Charlie. I smile.

"I love you too." I say softly.

"I believe in you," She says touching her forehead to mine. "I know you'll figure it out."

I wish I had her faith in it.

Someone's here. She thinks, totally panicked.

You didn't see them coming? I freeze. I focus, I can sense them too now.

I was upset, so I wasn't focusing. She says. "Adam!" She says, "Show yourself!"

"I knew something was going on," He says, appearing right in front of us. "Why the secret you guys?"

"You know how the team would react!" I say, he nods. "How'd you even get here?"

"I followed you after you left the shop," he shrugged. "Julie, is this why you did the mind merge?"

"No," she shakes her head, "We didn't get together until after I woke up. While I was in Charlie's mind I saw that he liked me too." She looks down. "When you almost die, you tend to go for things you wouldn't have otherwise."

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