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Chapter 31: Beginning: Charlie

I'm standing outside catching my breath for what feels like the first time all night. Even once we got back I didn't get to rest, I had to get everyone organized, report to Coach, and get Jackie settled. And by the way, that's crazy, but she seems sincere in her turn, and Julie read her mind to double check it, it's legit. I'm exhausted, and I can't stop thinking about it. About her, about that kiss. It meant everything in that one minute, she was mine again, and it felt right. I can't do this anymore, I can't

"Charlie?" I turn around she's standing there.

"Julie," I say softly, "You should be asleep. You've had a tough day."

"I can't sleep," She says softly. "I wanted to talk to you."

"Sure," I nod, "What's up?"

"I want you to know that I'm here. That I love you." She says looking at me. She's so calm, so collected. One of the many reasons that I love her, now that I'm looking at her all I can think about are the reasons I love her, although the back of my mind still has doubt.

"Then how do you explain what happened in that room." I say. She looks at me. "Riley," She's still confused. "He had it monitored Julie, I saw you with him."

"I can't explain it," She shakes her head, "Don't ask me to."

"Then how can I trust you?" I ask her calmly. I'm past being angry with her. We were angry at each other for so long, I can't keep it up, I just want to either start getting over her or have her back.

"Because I'm asking you to," She says simply, "Shouldn't that be enough?"

"It's not Julie," I sigh, "You know it's not."

"I'm looking at you," She says, strong, firm, not wavering, "I am telling you that I choose you, I choose this, us. I am telling you that I love you."

"But what about," I start, she cuts me off and kisses me. I pull her close to kiss her back. "What about him?"

"I won't apologize again," She says, "Tonight is it. I'm sorry, for what happened. I'm sorry for how I handled everything. I love you, and I want to be with you." She looks at me, "Either you can deal with it, and we can be together again, or you can't and I'll move on."

"I might need more time," I say gently pushing a strand of hair out of her face. She nods.

"That's too bad," She swallows, "Because I'm done. I'm done fighting with you. I'm done waiting for you to be ready. I want stand by you. I want to help you fight and succeed and become the man that we need you to be."

"But if I can't trust you," I start, she sighs and walks away. "Julie, wait."

"No," She said, "I won't wait. I told you I'm done waiting."

The next morning I'm the first, wait strike that, second person at breakfast. Portman is sitting. I sit down. We both try not to make eye contact, finally he talks.

"Look," He says, "She loves you. She told me."

"I blew it," I shake my head. "She said it was a one night only deal. She's moving on. Probably to you."

"Nah," He laughs, but not a this is funny laugh, more a what else can you do but laugh, kind "She came in last night, nothing happened, but it was the kind of nothing that really let's you know that that's it."

"Yeah," I say, "I know." I felt that once, with Linda. Suddenly we hear someone coming up the stairs. We look over. It's Julie.

"Oh," She says, "Hi." Wow, this is awful.

Not so awful I think back, she smiles easily and sits down, she flicks her hand and pulls a bowl, a box of cereal and then opens the fridge, she gets everything into the bowl and then picks up a spoon. "Stop showing off." She sticks her tongue out at me. Mature.

"So," Portman says standing up, "I'm outta here," He leans down and kisses her on the cheek, "See ya babe."

"Bye," She whispers.

"Julie, I um," I start.

"If you can't say it," She said, "It's not worth anything."

"I'm sorry," I say, she looks up. "I wasn't ready last night. I'm ready now."

"Really?" She looks at me. "You forgive me?"

"Absolutely," I nod. "You, me?" She nods. "So we're OK?"

"You can't freak out again," She sighs, "Like you said you need to trust me, I need to be able to count on you not to leave me." I kiss her.

"Does that answer your question?" I ask. She smiles.

So, like I said at the beginning, I know, we seem normal. And hey, in a lot of ways we are. I mean, it's been an extraordinary year, but some normal things have happened too. I mean, look, we played a winning hockey season, we faced down our enemies, yet again, I started going out with my dream girl. And then we had problems, and then we broke up. And now we're back together. So that was normal. Granted yeah, we can read each other's minds but other than that we're really normal. And our friends, also normal. Well, as normal as a flying girl, her shapeshifting boyfriend, two guys with superstrength, a firestarter, an iceman, a kid who can create tornadoes out of nowhere, a superspeedy playboy and his indestrubcable cheerleader girlfriend, and a gay invisible hockey player can be. OK, so maybe normal is taking it a step too far. But we're getting there. I mean, we'll make this normal. We'll work it out. Yeah, once we were The Mighty Ducks, but I'd have to say we've passed mighty, we're super. We're the Super Ducks, and this year, it was just the beginning.

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