The Trailmon stopped at the Forest Terminal, and even though nobody was supposed to know about the former Legendary Warriors' reunion tour of the Digital World, they were still accosted all the same by loving fans. Kouichi was happy to see that the legends had been kind to him (how could they not? Bokomon wrote them, and was certain to treat him with the same adoring respect he had for the others, all the while keeping his secrets), and several Digimon came up to him, asking all sorts of questions—could he really use Darkness for good? What was it like being evil? Was he scared facing down Lucemon and Cherubimon? Why did he look like the Warrior of Light, and what did it mean when they mean when they said they were twins? What was a twin? Oh, then why didn't you know each other before you came to the Digital World?

Hearing the uncomfortable questions, the others quickly diverted their attention with some stories, giving Kouichi the chance to quietly slip away. While it was nice to be treated like that and he didn't feel as much pain about the past, some old wounds never quite healed. In particular, the feeling that he'd never contributed enough to the team was still a pretty strong one after all this time.

An argument among four Digimon caught his attention, and he was about to break it up when he listened carefully. Something about the way they treated each other sounded very familiar. He watched the haughty way the Otamamon held herself and how PawnChessmon seemed to be the leader of the gang, leaving Goblimon and Mushmon as the unsuspecting lackeys.

Is it them? he wondered.

He walked closer, and the Digimon finally took note of his presence. Already, it looked like PawnChessmon had made up his mind not to like him, which actually amused Kouichi a bit. Last time, it had taken a full day to get that kind of reaction. He felt guilty looking at Mushmon, who didn't seem to recognize him at all—he wasn't sure whether or not that was comforting.

"What do you want?" Otamamon finally asked.

Leaning in close to her, he whispered, "Do you still have that crush on PawnChessmon?" The mortified look on her face said it all. "Don't worry; I never told."

They stared at him in confusion—and in Otamamon's case, horror—as he walked back to his friends.

"Something wrong?" Kouji asked.

"No," he answered with a smile. "Just saying hello to some old friends."

The others gave him the same confused looks, unaware that he'd had any friends in the Digital World, but he just kept smiling and went back to answering questions from the gathered Digimon. True, it was a bit of a fib—he'd never once been close to the other evil Legendary Warriors—but maybe it could change. After all, they weren't the only ones who'd been given a second chance.