Picking Your Own Fate

By: Miss Dollface

Disclaimer: I only own Caria Hardy. Dameon Guerrero is property of DameonBatista

Pairings: CenaxDamexDave, JeffCaria, DaveCandi

Chapter One: Where's Your Mind Been?

Rain trickled down onto the windshield of the silver Chrysler I rode in. I stared out into spaced through the window as the car transported me to my destination.

Lately, I, Dameon Guerrero have just been spacing out completely. My mind with the thoughts lingering inside of it has just been in five different places.

As everyone knows, my brother died a couple years back. But then in May, my best guy friend Chris Benoit, a man that I considered my brother died too. I was devastated and thought I'd never get over their deaths. But then I did learn to accept they were gone.

But now, another issue is bothering me. I can't help thinking about my divorce with my ex-husband Dave Batista. I mean, I love my boyfriend John Cena. Though, I don't know what's been bothering me. It's not like I have left over feelings for Dave. Trust me, I don't. I guess it's just one big leap in my life that I've taken.

"Hey baby, are you hungry?" John asked me.

His voice zapped me back to reality. I blinked slightly and looked over at him. "Oh uh, yeah sure."

"What do you want?" he asked me again.

I thought to myself for a minute; what do I want to eat? "Uhh, how about a sub?"

"Okay." he said. "Well stop at the next gas station."

I replied to him with a nod. I noticed he was still looking at me. "Are you okay?"

I turned to him. "Oh yeah; I'm okay (I nodded again)"

I hate lying to him. I really needed someone to talk to.

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--- Miss Dollface