Chapter Three: Settling Scores

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RAW started off as it usually did. Fireworks exploding, fans going wild, excitement pumping through everyone's veins. It was great.

Except for me, who was pretty much monumentally screwed. Why, oh WHY did Caria have to tell her idea to Vince? Now that it was out in the open, Vince told Coach and it was made official. Dave and John were in an 'I Quit' match. That should be good right? I mean, the fight was fixed to make Dave go back onto Smackdown! But this was far from good. Because now I was still going to have to deal with Dave being on my case hounding me about our divorce and what not. Grr.

I was in my locker room lacing up my shoes when I heard a voice come in.

"Well, well well. If it isn't my ex-girlfriend. How's it going in the love triangle with the two idiots?"

It was deep, and very unfortunate to be around. I rotated my body and met face-to-face with my other ex Randy Orton …and a cameraman by his side.

I got up and now was eye-to-eye with him. "I have a taser, and you have a wife (I pushed him away from me in the chest with my pointer finger) so back it up. NOW."

That smug, little smirk was still on his face. Randy gave me a half shrug. "Hey, what Sam and Cena doesn't know, won't hurt them eh?"

I got closer to him and squinted my eyes. That was probably a bad thing to do considering he might steal a kiss from me. "You're insane. And I love John. I would never ever go back with you even if you weren't married. So VAMOOSE!"

Randy looked confused. I rolled my eyes. "It means leave dumbass! Now do so!"

I pushed him out of the room and to the door.

"Okay. I'll go. But Dame…" He pulled out an article of clothing out from his pocket. In all my dreading and regret, I noticed it's familiarity. It was a black bra with neon red mesh that covered the cups. It was MINE. He had it ever since we broke up. And it was my favorite one! He snickered as he jingled it. "…I'll be waiting."

He exited through the door. I really hate him.

John's music pumped up and all the fans roared with cheers.

"From West Newbury, Massachusettes weighing in at an average of 235lbs --- John Cena!"

Coming down to the ring, Lilian handed him her microphone. The music died and the audience lowered their volume allowing him to talk.

"Well aren't well all in a great mood tonight!!" John exclaimed with high energy and excitement. The auicence cheered. "Yeah, but everything's not all fine and dandy with me tonight. I mean sure, we're all going to put on a great show for you all. But there's one matter I need to bring up. It's about my girlfriend... Dameon Guerrero. Latley, Dave Batista's been followin' her around and I for one, am not cool with that."

John soon got interrupted when Dave's music came on. He was frustrated, I knew, but he wouldn't show it as much. Dave stepped out into the open, he was seen in his regular suit, not combat attire. He also had in a microphone in his hand ready to respond.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa there Cena. Back it up. IMMEDIATLY." Dave ordered. "We need to talk about her."

"Excuse me? Uh-uh, don't tell me what to --- "

John was cut short and Dave continued on with his rant. "---Uh hold it kid, I'm not done talking. Now ever since I was married to Dame, YOU were always followin' her around with your junior-high crush. So I'd shut my mouth if I were you instead of runnin' it saying things that you can't back up!"

The West Newbury native held the mic up to his mouth. "You wanna settle this now?"

"Lets dance." Dave accepted.

Sister, I'm not much a poet, but a criminal and you never had a chance...!

The auidence roared with excitement as I came out.

I finally stepped into the scene with my own microphone in hand. "Whoa! Guys! ENOUGH! For weeks--no months you two have been at each other's throats! I'm sick of it!!"

"Honey just go back--"

I cut John off. "No don't John. I'm finally ending this! I can't take it anymore. Dave, leave me alone. I love John, okay? What we had was something special. But you knew it was going to end sooner or later. So please just stop okay?"

"Listen Dame, I'm going to win you back. I want to have you back as my wife. And it won't end (he pointed to John) until he's swimming in a blood bath!" Dave told her.

"You know what? This gives me a good idea." John spoke up again. "How about you and I settle this at No Mercy. You and me. In a I QUIT MATCH!"

Everyone liked that. But it got even better...or worse if you wanna put it.

"And Dameon will be the special guest refree!" John added.

"You're on!" Dave exclaimed.

So pretty much after that, it was official and became legal at No Mercy. This should be fun. Not.