Prologue Chapter

by Imperial Strife

She still remembers the first time she set eyes on him. Blue eyes, the color of the sky, and golden hair that was as bright as the sun.

Another thing she remembers about him was that he was always late. Sometimes, an hour late, and other times, just five minutes. Still, always late. She hated that part of him. But that only made her love the rest of him more.

She remembers, because now he's gone.

That cocky smirk she remembers so well, and the broad shoulders. Gone.

He's left her at last, but she'd known since forever that he always would, one day.

A single, crystalline tear slides down her porcelain cheek as she looks upon the note fluttering away in the night breeze, but she smiles.

She knows that he'll come back to her in the end.

She'll wait.

Because she loves him.

And he loves her.

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