Author: Furyan Goddess
Revenge and Absolution
Rating: NC17.Language, sexual content and violence
Fandom: Post Pitch Black. Jack never killed anyone like in DF and she was still a kind of 'scared, pissed off little girl' she was in PB AU/ No TCoR.Everything is the same up until this point. Riddick left shortly after dumping Jack and Imam on Helion Prime.
Do NOT own Riddick, Jack, Imam, Johns, Toombs or anyone or anything that is from the Pitch Black/Riddick Universe.
Summary: A woman seeking revenge on a man that ruined her life.
Pairing: Riddick/OC
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Author's Notes: This is a combined story. Part of this was from "Somewhere in the Night". I was uncomfortable with the content of that story and decided to rework it into this one. It was originally posted at so if you happen to recognize pieces of that, then… it isn't stolen… it's mine

There's a story here that needs to be told before Riddick enters in the picture. Bear with me, please. Happy reading and I hope you enjoy.

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Revenge- consists primarily of retaliation against a person or group in response to a perceived wrongdoing. Although many aspects of revenge resemble or echo the concept of justice, revenge usually has a more injurious than harmonious goal. The vengeful wish consists of forcing the perceived wrongdoer to suffer the same pain that they inflicted in the first place.Synonyms: Vengeance, Retribution, Payback, Settling the score, Reprisal.

Revenge is a dirty word, a dirty thing and a dirty need. The act that makes you seek it. The need for retribution that makes you want it. Revenge. The getting back at someone for something. An eye for an eye. Vengeance. Settling the score, anyway you say it, it's nasty business.

It was revenge that had her seeking him out. Revenge that had her willing, itching to pull the trigger and blow the fucker away for good. Revenge. Some say it's sweet, others say a dish best served cold.

Revenge is the only thing that has kept her going for the last two years. Always searching, seeking the animal that tore her world apart. She'd been a step behind him all the way, just one small step. But in this case it might as well have been a chasm.

She had asked around and rumor said he had died on a deserted planet two years ago. She doesn't believe that lie. Maybe she didn't want to believe it because it would keep her from killing him herself. No, the fucker she sought would never go out that way. No glory in dying quick and clean in a crash, no way to take anyone else out with him. She won't believe he's dead, not until she pulls the trigger herself and watches the fucker die slow.

Word was, that a small skiff was picked up shortly after the crash on the deserted planet, carrying three people. A boy and two men, one of which was a black, holy man. Not the man she has been looking for. No, this man is evil incarnate. As for the other man? Well, he just might be the devil she was looking for. But, in his true devil spawn form, he just fell out of existence with no more than a wisp of smoke to prove he'd ever lived.

She knew he had lived and she knew his true from. She'd find him and he would die. It's that simple. There was no other way. To save others, she would sacrifice herself before he managed to hurt anyone else.

She was on Helion Prime now, seeking out the holy man for answers. He wasn't a hard man to find, being a Councilman. She knocked on his front door and when it was opened, she found herself looking at a young teenage girl. While slightly shocked, she thought nothing of the girl and asked to see the holy man. The girl let her in after a moment of hesitation… and changed the course of their lives forever.

She looked around the house while she waited for the Holy Man. It's nice and soothing with a gentle cross breeze and deep masculine colors. He came into the room and extended his hand to her, "Hello. Welcome to my home. I am Imam. How can I help you?" He asked, truly puzzled. What would this woman want that was so important that she sought him out at home?

She shook his hand and said, "I'm Tracy." She looked pointedly at the thin girl behind him but Imam made no move to introduce them. Tracy sighed and decided to get on with why she was there. "I'm here to talk about a man you know."

The girl stiffened her spine and a very defiant and protective look came in to her eyes. Tracy looked at her and wondered why she would want to protect such an animal. Maybe she was too young to know the true monster he was?

"Jack, go to your room." Imam ordered the girl but she refused.

"I have as much right to be here as you do," she said to him but never taking her eyes off Tracy. He must have agreed because he let her stay, or he was use to her insolence and knew a losing battle when he saw one. The small woman-child had steel in her spine and way too much knowledge and pain in her young eyes.

"I don't know if we can be of any help, Tracy." Imam said with a sigh. He really didn't want to talk about Riddick. Sure, the man had saved their lives but Imam remembered how devastated Jack was when he had left. It took Imam months to get her back to her 'normal' Jack self, however bitter and jaded that was, it had been worse since he had left.

"Three of you got off that planet," Tracy stated and then looked at the girl. "One was supposed to be a boy?"

"I ain't a boy!" Jack yelled. She looked to be about fifteen and had more than her fair share of early teen angst built up.

Tracy looked at her. Her hair was short, still above her shoulders and grew in a wild mass of curls and her eyes were green and flashed hard and cold. It was shocking that someone so young could hate and distrust so much as she did. She would be beautiful in a few years, once she grew out of the lanky early puberty stage. She'd fill out, but would always remain lean and muscular. Even now, Tracy could see an underlying, almost feline grace. You can't be taught that. It was born into you or forged in the fires of hell. Tracy would guess, by the look in the girl's eyes, it was the latter.

"I can see that. I wonder what else wasn't as it seemed." Tracy replied mildly and looked at Imam. "The other man, who was he, really, and where can I find him?"

"We ain't tellin' you nothing." Jack barked at her, her small body coiled tightly with a mix of fear and anger.

"Jack," Imam scolded. Jack shut up but she stood there and vibrated with anger. Tracy looked at her and wondered what her story was. Why was she so quick to protect a murderer?

"That man you're trying so hard to protect, sweetheart, is a cold blooded murder," Tracy told her simply. She was tired of chasing him, tired of the games. She just wanted him dead so she could go on with her pathetic life or finally end it.

Jack slipped around Imam and stepped in front of Tracy, "I'd die before I told you were Riddick is." She growled at Tracy and tried to shrug off Imam's restraining hand.

"Riddick?" Tracy gasped in question, "Is that the man that escaped with you?" she asked Jack.

"This is what happens when you speak too rashly, Young Jack." Imam let out a deep, calming breath and continued, "Yes," Imam answered truthfully when he saw the look on Tracy's face. All the color had drained out if it and he could tell that wasn't the person she was looking for or expecting.

"His name was Riddick? Are you sure? Not Johns? William J. Johns? He was a bounty hunter," Tracy asked as started shake. It couldn't be true, could it? Could Johns really have died on that planet? She knew for a fact that he had been on the Hunter-Granzer when it went down. Tracy had tried to book passage on it, but was too late. All they cryo lockers were full.

"Johns is dead, the piece of shit. Riddick killed him," Jack told Tracy, defending her idol, "Before he killed me. I ain't telling you where Riddick is, wouldn't even if I knew. Neither would Imam so just get your shit and go, merc."Tracy gasped as if Jack had slapped her. Merc. Never! Why would they think she was a merc? Because she was looking for Johns? Tracy had heard of Riddick, everyone had apart from 'polite' society that chose not to deal with the dregs of humanity and pretended they didn't exist.

"JACK!" Imam barked. "That is enough of that language. She isn't here for Riddick. And she isn't a merc." Imam said as he looked at Tracy.

She knew what he would see. A woman that had average length brown curly hair and brown eyes. A woman who was slightly above average looking, height and weight. Tracy was average everything but for the fire in her eyes that burned for retribution.

"Are you?" Imam asked.

Tracy shook her head weakly, "No." She blinked and tried to straighten the suddenly tilting world, "Johns is dead? Are you sure?" she asked looking up into Imam's face. He nodded at her and she felt her world collapse once again. She would never get her revenge. Payback for what he had done to her, to her family. "I… ok, I'll go now. Thank you for your time, Imam. Jack." Tracy muttered, defeated.

Tracy turned and stared at the door as if she didn't know how to open it. "Wait," Imam said, "Stay for dinner and perhaps you can tell us why you are looking for the merc named Johns."

Tracy was so beside herself that she agreed before she thought better of it. "Ok," she replied weakly, not knowing what else to do. She had been fully prepared to die at Johns hand as long as she took him out first or at the same time. Now he was gone and she had nothing. She was left feeling empty and unfulfilled. All her hate and rage was left with no outlet. It would simmer and eventually destroy her if she didn't find another outlet for it.

Two years of her life, spent looking for a man that had been dead the whole time. Wasted years. Wasted life.

She would never get her revenge on Johns.


Absolution - n: 1. The act of absolving or the state of being absolved.

2. The formal remission of sin imparted by a priest, as in the sacrament of penance.Synonyms: Forgiveness, Pardon, Release, Freedom, Liberty.

Tracy had dinner with Imam and Jack and told them her story. "Johns killed my niece and nephew to try and lure some killer out. The only murderer I ever saw was him. They were so young, so full of life and he took that away for his own gain. For money. For the fucking bounty on someone's head!" Tracy winced, "Sorry Imam," she said because of her choice of words. She didn't want to offend the holy man. "That's why Riddick turned himself in," Jack whispered to no one in particular. "Cause Johns started to kill kids. He said he would do two more if he didn't surrender."

Tracy's eyes cut to Jacks. "This Riddick was the payday that he was after?" She felt her hands clench in rage. Perhaps she would get some form of justice after all. If she couldn't have her niece and nephews killer, then perhaps she could go after the one that caused it all. Riddick.

Jack looked at Imam and then nodded. Riddick had told them about why he turned himself in when they were stuck on the skiff, floating around in space with no idea if they would ever be picked up or if the skiff would crumble around them.

Imam watched a new look come into Tracy's eyes. "Don't think about it, Tracy. Riddick is not someone you want to tangle with. He is a dangerous man. He was framed and circumstances turned him into a killer but he's a killer just the same. Don't forget that. You go after him; he'll kill you without a moment's hesitation."

Did she really care? Her life was over as she knew it anyway. Nowhere to go and nothing to do. She was left floundering around, helpless and hopeless. The one man that was responsible for the slaughter of her family was already dead and burning in the fires of hell.

If Riddick had killed Johns, then perhaps Tracy should be grateful to him. On the same note, if it weren't for him, then Johns wouldn't have killed her family. A real catch 22, if she'd ever seen one.

Tracy sighed and rubbed her eyes. "What am I going to do now? For the last few years, life was all about finding Johns and killing him and now even that small pleasure had been taken away from me because of this Riddick. That's twice he's changed the course of my life and I've never even met him."

"You are better off not knowing him," Imam told her. Something in Jack's eyes flashed that made Tracy unsure of the truth of that statement. "You can stay here with us," Imam suggested. He could never turn away a lost soul. It was one of his blessings and one of his biggest downfalls.

"Imam," Jack hissed. She didn't want Tracy around. She didn't trust her and she was worried, if giving the chance, she would try to kill Riddick.

Or find him?

If Tracy went after Riddick, Jack would follow her and maybe she would finally see him again.

Jack missed him so much. He told her that he didn't want to see her again. That he didn't need some brat kid hanging on his leg, but Jack knew better. Riddick liked her; he just didn't know how to show it. One day, Jack planned on finding him again and then, he'd see. Riddick would want her like she wanted him. They'd be together, she'd be his woman.

"I don't think that's a good idea, Imam," Tracy said after she noted Jack's reaction, "but I thank you for the offer.""Stay for a few days, then. Just to rest and figure out what's next." He pleaded. He didn't like the idea of her out there alone, besides, Jack would benefit from a woman being in the house, no matter how much she protested it. There were some thing's a man couldn't do for his daughter. Some thing's she just wouldn't talk to him about. Maybe with Tracy there, Jack would start acting like the young woman she was and not some wannabe Riddick.

Tracy sighed with weariness, "Ok, just for a few days," she had nowhere else to go anyway.