Title: Worth the Wait
Authors: Serpent in the Shadows & AbeoUmbra
Rating: M/R
Pairing: Riddick/Harry/? (Threesome), Kyra/? (male)
Warnings: Slash, Het, Blood, Were/Vamp Hybrid!Harry, Vamp!Kyra
Disclaimer: We do not own Harry Potter, Chronicles of Riddick or Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay
Summary: Centuries old Harry Potter is has made some sort of life for himself in the Pit of Crematoria with his makeshift Pack. That is, until a man named Riddick looks him in the eyes.

Chapter 23

Riddick stumbled backwards as Harry-the-werewolf picked himself up off the ground, bracing his massive weight on four slightly unsteady legs. He could remember the small bit of information Harry had given him about the effects of a full moon - how it made them much more animalistic and feral, and how this was the only time their bite was infectious.

And while he didn't think it could infect Kyra - she was already dead basically - he knew that the real danger to her was that if this wolf didn't recognize her, she wouldn't be able to deal with an attack. As fond as he was of her, he had no delusions that she'd be able to stand up against an enraged animal that was one of the most perfect killing machines he had ever seen.

Despite its size - shoulders coming up to Riddick's hip - it moved with a fluid grace that rivaled anything he could compare it to. A pitch black coat made it easy for the predator to blend into the night, allowing it to easily slip around its prey and pounce before it ever even knew it was there. And on top of that was the centuries of experience that was packed in that mind.

Kyra was nothing but a weak babe compared to Harry.

He stepped in front of her just as Harry - or should that be Fang? - raised his head, bright golden eyes locking onto his own. Black furred ears were pricked forward and his tail was up and arched slightly over his back, indicating his status.

Riddick tensed as Fang stepped forward, sniffing the air, then lowered his head just a tiny bit along with his tail. It was such a small movement that if he hadn't been so focused on reading the body language of this potential threat, he might have missed it. There was a soft whine and golden eyes watched him as Riddick took a chance and raised his hand, holding it out in front of him.

The wolf stepped forward again, stretching out its neck, placing the wet nose into his palm and inhaling deeply. Everything in that moment stilled - no longer could he hear Kyra's shaky movements or the night birds' calls - as his whole body was set on fight or flight mode, ready to do either if this creature made any sudden moves.

Then suddenly, the wet nose was replaced with a wet tongue as it licked his fingers and buried its muzzle into his palm. He curled his hand allowing Fang to root those deadly jaws into the sensitive skin. Riddick's shoulders relaxed as he brought his other hand up to card through the thick, course fur of Fang's neck.

They stayed like this for several minutes, enjoying the sensations until twin yips jerked them into awareness. Fang growled, looking off to the side to where Riddick could see the two cubs sitting just a few yards away. Tail and ears rose again as Fang left his mate and stalked towards the two young ones. Luckily, they understood the meaning and immediately dropped to their bellies before rolling over to expose their vulnerable underside.

Fang lowered his head, still growling and inhaled their scents as they went completely still, but soon, he was satisfied with their show of submissiveness and forgot all about them as he turned back to the Furyan, who cursed when he noticed those golden eyes settle on the girl behind him.

"Riddick?" Kyra's voice was faint, breathless with almost-panic. Riddick's mind raced – he knew vampires and werewolves infected the same way – through a bite. While it might not be the best idea, showing Harry –no, Fang – the bite, and his own scent that still lingered and hadn't changed just because of becoming wholly a werewolf.

"Kyra, kneel." Riddick hissed back, and Fang raised head and tail, nostrils flared as he took in Krya's scent. Riddick had a frantic moment to wonder what the undead smelled like to a werewolf – to wonder if the vampire within could smooth over the wolf's ideals of what was and was not pack. This wasn't natural, he knew it then, the way Fang's eyes brightened with rage for a moment.

But then it was too late, Fang was just inches from her kneeling form, his lips curled showing impressive white canines. Kyra kept her eyes on the ground, knowing enough that she shouldn't make eye contact with an Alpha. Even now she trusted Riddick to get her out of this, and it was a trust that Riddick wondered if he was worthy of as Fang's growls became louder.

"Let him see your bite, Kyra." The vampire's mark was on the vulnerable flesh of her neck. He hoped he was right in his assessment of the situation - she could easily die - but something deep down told him that this was the right thing to do. He had always trusted his instincts and he couldn't afford to doubt them now.

Kyra's body was completely tensed up and Riddick was sure that if she had a heartbeat it would be pounding even loud enough for him to hear. He placed a hand on her shoulder - whether to keep her there or give her a bit of comfort he didn't know - but any ease if could have given was washed away by the low growl that haunted the clearing.

Riddick looked into those completely feral gold eyes. "Your neck, Kyra, show him your neck right now or by god I'll snap it!" He wasn't going to die defending her, that just wasn't his style.

Kyra obeyed him, though her tenseness showed she was still reluctant. Fang's teeth glistened with saliva as he came closer, his nostrils flaring as neared the exposed skin. He buried his muzzle into the side of her neck, inhaling and catching his own scent marking her as his.

A shiver ran down along the wolf's spine and then his whole posture relaxed - turning from snarling defender to a warm protector knowing that he was among his own pack. Hesitatingly, as if Fang senses and understood her distress, he licked Kyra's neck reassuringly, offering his own type of apology.

Kyra nearly sobbed with relief. Riddick's fingers, which had been gripping the juncture of her neck and shoulders, fell away now that he knew the danger had passed.

While they tried to collect themselves, Fang's mind seemed to turn to other things, his animal ways not allowing him to dwell on human emotions. Loping off, Fang began to circle the area, his nose taking in all the scents and every so often he lifted his leg, making this clearing as his.

Riddick watched this all impassively, while Kyra tried to pull herself together from her 'brush with death'. The cubs seemed to be the only ones that was taking this all in stride for they were quietly playing tug-o-war with a stick they had dug up somewhere.

All of a sudden, Fang tensed up, Riddick knew then that he had spotted something crossing "his" territory in the woods – for a moment Riddick wondered if it was the two old men he had spotted, or someone else stupid enough to go walking in the woods on the full moon. But, no, Fang's tail wagged once – which, Riddick knew, wouldn't have happened if Fang had spotted what he considered a threat. Riddick and Kyra felt they were very aware of Fang's reaction to an unexpected possible threat.

As if they sensed her edgy relation – Riddick thought it was good that Kyra was already on the ground, she might have fallen over if she had been standing – the cubs went to her side, one struggling to drag the stick along.

Riddick patted her on the shoulder, smirking with amusement, and glad he wasn't 'mother', and went to Fang's side, keeling beside the waist-high werewolf – he took a moment to realize that kneeling he and Fang were the same height - before searching the overgrown foliage and shrubs for what Fang saw.

Fang tensed, his body quivering just slightly in what Riddick guessed was anticipation before he took off, bounding through the trees. Riddick cursed and called out to Kyra to stay put as he followed, breaking out in a full run in order to catch up to the black wolf. The Furyan was suddenly glad once again for his eyes and the way they clearly showed everything around him, allowing him to avoid fallen logs and low brush.

He finally caught up with Fang when the werewolf stopped and lowered his head to sniff at the ground. It was then that Riddick spotted some tracks - noticing they looked the same as the ones that he had been following earlier in the day - and guessed that Fang was out for a hunt.

Smirking, he looked at his mate to find that the beast was studying him also. A long pink tongue was rolling out of his mouth as he panted and then the wolf was gone once again, following the animal's trail.

Riddick's blood pounded through his veins as the thrill of the hunt took over. Knowing that this was one time that he didn't have to worry about his life being on the line but another's - something that was entirely prey.

For a few more yards, they ran together but then some unknown signal passed between them and they split ways, knowing the best way to corner their target was to get it between them, lessening its chance for escape.

Riddick saw it in the clearing, grazing beside a slow moving river. It was a large creature with a rack of antlers as wide as Riddick's arms - if he were to hold them out. A quick flash of a moving shadow and the accompanying heat signature alerted him to Fang's position at the animal's right side, just out of sight in the dense foliage.

Checking his shivs and pulling one out of his boot, he held it at the ready. They waited for the right moment, neither knowing exactly when that would be, but they weren't worried, the animal was vulnerable since it was feeding. Luckily, it hadn't caught their scent yet.

The tip of Fang's black tail moving closer was the only thing one could see as it edged past the brush line. Then without warning, Fang pushed off, looking like a black blur as he rushed the animal, startling it. The great head of the stag jerked up, just in perfect time for Fang to sink his teeth into the thick neck. Fresh blood ran from the puncture marks and ran into his mouth. For a moment, Riddick saw Kyra's image superimposed over the struggling creature but it quickly pushed the sickening sight away and rushed forward to ensure the kill.

In a movement to fast for most to see, Riddick sliced along the thin skin of their prey's underbelly, disemboweling it.Quickly he moved out of the way as the mortally wounded creature collapsed to the ground, dragging Fang - who was still attached to its neck - with it.

The wolf held on til he was sure that their wasn't any life left in it, before removing its teeth and stood up. Licking his jaws, cleaning off some of the blood, Fang spared Riddick a small glance before walking around to the side of the sliced belly and began to take part in his share of the kill.

Riddick allowed the wolf his right before turning away to go fetch Kyra and the cubs. When he spotted Kyra, she was tensed and staring at his arm in a slightly feverish way, and he knew that she had smelt the spilt blood and was hungry. He motioned for them to follow him and led them back to the kill. The cubs ran ahead once they had caught the scent and came upon Fang laying beside the kill, guarding the remains.

"I'm not drinking that thing's blood," Kyra declared with her nose scrunched up a bit. Fang just stared and Riddick had to wonder just how much blood was left, but it would have to do for the moment so he just smirked at the girl. Kyra sighed and shuffled forward, kneeling down before leaning into its neck.

"If I get sick because of this, you won't hear the end of it, sire." Kyra snarled before instincts took over her reluctance and began to feed. The cubs were ravenous and they quickly took their fill, small fights breaking out between them over certain selections of meat or entrails.

Riddick decided to wait til the others had finished, eying the thigh meat that had been so far left alone. Fang had taken most of the organs and the cubs were happily munching on the rest but when they neared his choice of meat, he growled out a warning which sent the cubs whimpering back to the chest cavity.


"Why did you keep those things?"

Riddick glanced up from his hands and paused in his examination of the horns that he had taken from the skull of the slain animal that Fang and him had killed just few hours ago. The fire crackled, sending a few hot embers into the air, and the cubs followed their ascent with avid interest until they cooled and couldn't be seen anymore.

They had come back to the clearing after everyone else had eaten and Riddick had taken his portion. Being the only one even remotely human in their little pack meant that he didn't want to eat the meat raw - although he could and had, it just wasn't a preferred taste of his. So he had set about making a fire with Kyra played with the cubs, keeping them out of trouble and Fang had settled beside him, laying his head on his paws, ears always up and alert, listening for any trouble that could come their way.

For once in his life, Riddick felt calm and peaceful, allowing himself to be relaxed in an unknown place. Knowing that Fang was there and always vigilant, caused Riddick to concentrate on other things...like the antlers Kyra was currently asking about.

"Make good weapons with a bit of work, don't you think?" he answered, smirking as she rolled her eyes at him. Really, she should have known it was a stupid question. "Any stomach problems?" Riddick laughed as she scowled, she had been so worried that animal blood would have disagreed with her, but it seemed that wasn't the case.

The scowl turned into a yawn and the girl excused herself to go lean against a tree. The pups scrambled to follow, nuzzling their way under her hands, giving happy yips as her fingers idly scratched at their scales.

A paw on his leg brought his attention back to the wolf beside him, quirking his lips at the lazy beast that now lay on its side, a lone front paw draped over his thigh as if he was trying to hold him in place. Placing the antlers down on the ground, Riddick began to run his fingers through the fur, finding a weird comfort in the feel of fur covered hardened muscle.

Sleepy golden eyes watched him closely before a great sigh escaped through the wolf's jaws and those eyes closed. And even though the wolf looked like he was asleep, Riddick knew that at the first sign of trouble - and probably before anyone else even realized what was going on - the werewolf would be up and ready to defend at a moment's notice.

It was nice...not having to worry.