Harry Potter was sitting on his four-poster bed. He had been there awhile, allowing every thought to flow through his head. He had seen and talked to Albus just a few hours ago. Albus had asked for his forgiveness. He understood just then how much Albus really loved him. That, in itself, made the greatest difference of all.

He slowly rose from the bed and began to make his way downstairs to find Hermione, Ginny and Ron. They were not in the common room so he assumed they were still in the Great Hall. He exited the portrait entrance and made his way downstairs. He bumped into Professor McGonagall.

"Harry, I was just looking for you. There are some thing we need to discuss. Can we do that now or should I wait for another time?" She asked cautiously. She looked older than she had just a few hours ago. The battle had really worn her out.

"No, right now is as good as any. I don't have any where to go, really." He thought the longer he could avoid seeing the Weasleys the better it would be.

They made their way to the headmaster's office. Professor McGonagall kept looking back at him, as if he were going to explode into a thousands pieces at any moment. The gargoyle moved without asking for the password. It knew the war had ended and that the right side had won. She sat behind the desk and motioned for Harry to sit in the chair in front of her.

She cleared her throat. "Harry, there are some things we need to discuss. What do we do with the bodies of the Death Eaters? What about the body of Voldemort?"

"Bellatrix can be taken by Malfoy's mother. Find any relatives for the rest of them, even though they've caused evil , they deserve a proper burial. For any of those who don't have family, we should find a place to bury their bodies. Have you told Colin Creevy's parents that he…" He could not finish the sentence. McGonagall nodded and Harry continued. "We need to send all the families home. Did the rest of the school go home safely?" He asked, as all the questions kept popping into his head.

The reminder of the evening he spent in her office, for she was now the new headmistress. They discussed where to send owls and how to get everyone who had stayed for the battle home. They also agreed that every person who helped would be acknowledged in the trophy room where a plaque would have their names printed on it. Hogwarts would need rebuilding. Many of the corridors had suffered substantial amount of damage, not to mention the Great Hall. They had also agreed that in a few shorts hours the Hogwarts Express would arrive in Hogsmeade to take all of the families home.

Once the conversation had concluded, he finally made his way to the Great Hall. He spotted Hagrid right before he found himself in a hug so tight he could feel himself breathe. Hagrid was still crying, but he could be heard mumbling. "I was sure you were dead, Harry. I'm so glad ya made it."

After a few more minutes, where he reassured Hagrid that he was fine, he made his way to where Ginny was sitting with her mother still and Hermione was now rubbing Ron's back. They all seemed to have stopped crying, with the exception of Mrs. Weasley, who still could not seem to make the tears stop. He stopped a few feet away from the table, not sure whether he should join them. It was due to him that George had lost his ear and now he had lost his twin brother.

It was Mrs. Weasley who spoke first. "I'm so glad you're alive, Harry. I'm so glad." With that, she stood up and embraced Harry. For the first time since the battle had ended, since Voldemort had died, Harry let the tears flow. He cried for Remus and Tonks, for their son who would never meet them, for Fred and the Weasleys, he cried for all the innocent people who had stayed to fight and died, but mainly he cried because he had seen Sirius and his parents for the last time until he would die again. He also cried for all the struggles they had endured this past year.

It was much later and they were all aboard the Hogwarts Express. Harry had found a compartment for himself. Everyone had seemed to understand that he needed to be able for awhile with his thoughts.

There was a knock on the door, he said, "Come in." It was Ginny who peered in with her brown eyes. "Hi, want some company?" She closed the door behind her without waiting for his permission and sat down across from him. There was a silence that seemed it was forever, but only a few short minutes.

"I'm glad you didn't get hurt. I didn't want you to gee hurt. Do you understand that? I broke up with you to protect you." Harry broke the silence.

"I know you have a think where you need to put everyone else before yourself. I want you to realize I am no longer a child. I will turn seventeen in a few weeks. I hope you can see that. I want you to understand you don't always need to protect me." she remained rather calm through the statements. He knew she was right. He always did have a tendency to protect her. She stood up and sat down next to him, leaning into him. "When Hagrid walked into the castle with you in his arms, and they kept claiming you were dead, Harry that was the worst moment in my life. I felt like I had lost a part of myself. I'm so happy you're alive."

He kissed her. It was not a passionate kiss, it was more of a remainder of everything he had been missing. "Ginny Weasley, will you be my girlfriend again? This time I promise not to leave you for saving the world." She kissed him in response.

"Don't promise what you can't keep. How about you promise to take me with you next time? I'm really good at hexes, you know." She giggled.

"I promise." Harry said.

After a few hours, they could be found laying across one of the seats, Harry's arms wrapped around her. Ginny broke the long silence. "What about Teddy?"

It had not occurred to him that he had been appointed as Teddy's godfather. That meant with both Tons and Remus gone, he would take care of him. "I know. I'll figure it out. For now, I just want to get home to the Burrow to sleep."

Twenty minutes later, ministry cars met Harry, Hermione and the Weasley's at the train station. They were finally headed home.

Authors Notes:

The reason I started writing this was mainly because of one of my very dear friends, Angee who showed me that the Harry Potter spirit still lives strong.

I enjoy getting constructive comments. And reviews.

I know there will be some errors in this chapter. Im still looking for a beta, but I tried!