Chapter 7: Hogwarts Express

Ron, Hermione, Harry and Ginny were all seated in a compartment aboard the Hogwarts Express. Mrs. Weasley had kept waving as the train left the station. Harry was pretty sure she did not leave until the train was completely out of view for several minutes.

"Mum's having a hard time letting us go. I expect we will all get mail tomorrow morning." Ron said to no on in particular.

"Ron, if you noticed, most of the parents were the same way. I have never seen platform 9 ¾ that packed before. I assume most parents are having trouble letting their children go. You would too especially after the war took place at Hogwarts." Hermione told Ron. Ron just looked out of the window not knowing exactly how to respond to that.

Harry knew Hermione was right. Hogwarts was supposed to have been the safest place to keep your children, but last year had really shaken up parents. Many of the students had gone into hiding to avoid sending their students straight into the hands of death eaters.

"Do you know if Hogwarts was completely restored?" Hermione asked Harry.

"Kingsley mentioned that it had taken them about three weeks to get it back to normal. But then he also said it would never go back to the way it was before. So I don't know, Hermione." He answered her.

Just then, Neville popped in along with Luna. Neville seemed to have grown a bit muscular in the past year. He remembered when he had last taken a good look at him during the war. He had been so proud of what he had done to defy ??. Luna was her usual self. She had on this dazed look as she stared out the window.

"Hey how are you? How was your summer?" Neville asked as he took a seat next to Hermione. Luna proceeded to sit next to Harry. "My grandmother was extremely happy when Professor McGonagall came by to tell us that I could come back and finish my education. I don't think she'll be too pleased to hear that I want to become a teacher of Herbology."

"Yeah. It was a good summer. It was pretty boring." Ron told him.

Harry hadn't been looking around when they arrived on the platform. He had been listening to Mrs. Weasley talk to them as they began to board. "Who else came back?"

"Well most of everybody. Except those who died of course. Oh, half the slytherins didn't come back either. Malfoy didn't." Neville told them. He seemed more informed than Hermione.

"I heard they rarely leave their home anymore." Luna told them. "They only leave to go get food, and always just one of them."

Ron spoke next. "Well it's expected of them. I mean, why would slytherins want their kids to come back? They probably thought they were in better hands when the death eaters were running the school."

There was a knock at the compartment door and it slid open. Lavender Brown peered in at the group. Hermione squeezed Ron's hand. "Hello," she said. "I heard you were coming back as well. I thought I would stop and say hello." She looked at them, letting her gaze stay a bit longer on Ron and then his hand, the one Hermione was practically cutting circulation from. "Well, I'll see you at the feast later tonight."

Everyone waited for the door to slide to a close before they began speaking. Ginny moved over to sit in between Neville and Hermione. "Don't worry about her. You are better than her."

"'Mione, can you please loosen your grip on my hand?" Ron managed to get out. She did that and he hugged her. "She meant nothing to me. Remember? I would always pretend to be asleep to just get out of talking to her. I've never done that to you."

After some reassuring, Hermione seem to go back to her normal self. Harry wanted some alone time with Ginny, so he rose from his chair. "Ginny, I want to go find the trolley. I'm really thirsty, want to come with me?" Ginny agreed.

Just before they left the compartment, Ron called out. "Get me some chocolate frogs, mate!"

They walked towards the front of the train, looking into each compartment, hoping to find one empty. Finally, towards the front of the train, he found one. Harry opened the door and allowed Ginny to go in first. Making sure the door closed behind them, he stood there staring at her as she sat close to the window. She was so beautiful.

He walked closer to her and sat next to her. He had a reason for bringing her here, but he wanted to enjoy being alone for a few moments. He leaned over and softly kissed her lips. She leaned back against the wall surrounding the window and Harry leaned in closer to her. He had become used to kissing girls. Ginny had made sure of that. Not that he wanted to use it on another girl, but it was thanks to her his first kiss had disappeared from his mind. He brought one of his hands up to her cheek, his other traveled around her back, and found a resting place on the small of her back.

A little while later, he began to pull away. He needed to talk to her before Ron came looking for them. He cleared his throat as Ginny began to sit up straighter. A few minutes later, Harry still could not seem to start.

"Is there something on your mind, Harry?" Ginny asked.

"Yes, it has to do with what happened back there." Harry said about the Lavender incident. "I was just wondering if you felt as worried about other girls as Hermione did."

Ginny seemed to be pondering the question. Harry was sure whether she was going to laugh at him or not. "I do worry about you with other girls. But it is more of I worry what they will try to do to you, over what you will do willingly. Except with Cho, I do not want you in a room with her alone, ever." She finished it off by kissing his cheek. "What about you Harry? Do you worry I might go off with some boy?"
"No," he said, not willing to admit that he always did.

"Yeah, sure. I'm sure you do. You don't worry that I'll have a study session with a boy and that it will turn into something more. Maybe we would decide to go and study by the lake. Or perhaps it would be late at night, by the fire, he would slowly lean toward me and I'd lean toward h-" She didn't get to finish as Harry interrupted her.

"If you ever need to study, you can study with Hermione." He said. He had heard enough of her scenarios. "We should head back and try to find the trolley so we can get Ron those chocolate frogs."

They headed back to the compartment, stopping to buy the frogs for Ron and bottled pumpkin juice. Once inside the compartment, they saw that Neville and Luna had gone off to their own compartment to change. Hermione was already changing and Ron seemed to be falling asleep. Harry put down the frogs and began to pull out his robes in order to change. He turned around and saw the Ginny was doing the same. Before any of the four knew it, the Hogwarts Express was pulling into the station.


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