" Are you sure about this?" Captain Ull asked cautiously to his one and only daughter, adjusting his mechanical arm to rest more comfortably in his other hand.

" Of course. Why would I change my mind about something I've already made my mind up about?" She answered in her usual cold, mono tonal voice, adjusting her blades so that she had a tight grip for if she ever had to hit someone with them, making sure she didn't lose them in the process.

The captain sighed exasperatedly and turned to look at Talila, who's worried look was evident beneath her mask.

Approaching one of Fallaners abandoned cities carefully, it seemed like only yesterday that she had last been there.

Looking around in terror, and finally looking up she noticed that there were now scary looking things with blood red eyes shooting down from the sky, which reminded her of the monsters that her grandma had told her about in many stories.

Her mind was screaming at her to run away, back to the ship and back into her father's arms, but her body wouldn't move, couldn't move.

She gasped in horror as she saw people running around in terror, mothers holding their children tightly and husbands fighting to protect their families from the menacing creatures, but to no avail, and only ended up soulless corpses.

She finally came back to her senses after what seemed like hours of agonizing cries and screamed loudly as she felt a hand grab her shoulder, and she closed her eyes tightly when they pushed her into a nearby alleyway and span her around, covering her mouth with their other hand...

She would've physically shuddered at the memory, but she found out almost 12 years ago now that showing your emotion could get you killed.

Or worse.

Looking around in her usual expressionless manner she relived that night exactly, seeing the place that the ship had been parked, the place where she screamed, the place where she lost her...

No, she wouldn't think about that. It was in the past, what's done is done, and can never be erased or changed.

But god how she wished she could.

She often and constantly thought that if only once, just once, she could be able to go back and change what happened. To warn her seven year old self of what lay ahead, to get the both of them to safety and back to the ship in time, to try and save...

She was thinking about it again.

She sighed quietly and closed her eyes, trying to block out her negative thoughts, before opening them to hear something unusual.

Her, the captain and Talila stopped almost immediately and looked around carefully, pulling their weapons up higher and getting into their attack stances.

" wharf is it cap'n?" one of the more... challenged, crew members asked, and Talila promptly shut him up by elbowing him in the ribs quicker than you can say

'the cat's got a gun!', and pushing her arm weapon up near his throat, threatening to push the activate button in a silent glare.

" shut the fuck up, do you WANT us to be found??" she whispered violently, but before she could do anything else, the captain held his mechanical arm up high, a motion for them to all stand still and be quiet.

Suddenly a loud bang was heard, and before anyone could do anything, the captain was stood in front of his daughter, gripping her arms tightly, managing to completely shield her from the sun, before he stumbled and cried out slightly, the sound of something hitting flesh resonating in all their ears...

" Dad... Dad just, just hang in there, OK?" Nefret pleaded, her hands glowing a faint blue as she waved it about an inch above his wound, but when he cried out at the normally feather like touch of the aura, she stopped immediately and looked back up to him in fear.

" Leave us..." He croaked out to the others, his voice low and obviously pained.

As they all silently left the infirmary quarters, he looked up to his beautiful daughter, who looked just like her mother in the blinding white light.

Holding his hand up and gently caressing her cheek, he smiled at how it was still as soft as it was when she was little and he used to hold her in his arms, her mother sitting beside him and smiling that ever present smile.

How times had changed.

" Luta... Luta I'm dying..." he said, using her pet name that he used to call her when she was small.

She shook her head vigorously and held his hand in both of hers, tears slowly building up in the corner of her eyes, and he chuckled at seeing that one piece of hair back in her eyes.

" No... no you can't go... I need you daddy..." she whispered, closing her eyes and pressing her cheek deeper into his hand, basking in that smell that only he possessed, and she finally figured out what it was.

Pine wood and mint.

" I knew that...this day...would come soon..." he started, closing his eyes and wincing inconspicuously as he felt another wave of pain wash through his being, but tried to keep her oblivious as she could be to his pain.

" Luta... I want you... to be captain..." he said in a voice too quiet for her liking, and she opened her eyes quickly in shock and fear.

" No! No daddy, d-don't say that! I can't be captain for another 20 years... re-remember?" she asked, slightly choking on her tears as she managed a slight smile, reaching her hand up to gently stroke some of his brown hair out f his eyes, and gasping inwardly at how cold he was compared to her.

" Listen to me girl!" he said sternly, using a bit of his last reserve of strength, and managing to promptly shut her up.

Sighing he took a deep breath, probably one of his last he thought, and looked back into her green and golden eyes, ones that reminded him so much of her mother.

" You'll be captain... and you'll be... the best captain there's... ever been!... better than me perhaps..." he managed a weak chuckle, before closing his eyes and just taking in some of the last smells that he would ever smell probably.

And there it was again.

Apples and lavender.

Smiling lazily he opened his eyes only slightly for the last time to see his little girl, and stroking her cheek with his thumb he managed to wipe away some of her tears.

" Promise me...you'll find someone...and keep being ... captain 'till the day...you die..." he whispered gently and in a sort of playful manner, although she knew that he meant every word.

" be happy..." he said, before closing his eyes for the last time, a smile adorning his face as he passed from their world.

" I'll try daddy..."

And finally, as if on cue, her body suddenly racked with sobs, tears pouring like small streams down her cheeks as she cried out in agony and anguish, her heart seeming to constrict and twist painfully within her chest.

She didn't know how long she'd been there, pouring her soul out to her father, but when somebody put their hand on her shoulder, she snapped out of her trance and turned around quickly, raising her hands up in her attack stance, eyes wide.

Seeing that it was only Talila, who looked immensely worried and saddened, she let herself relax slightly before she looked over to her now deceased father, and a new set of tears started to form.

Before any of them spoke however, she was pulled into Talila's comforting embrace, her hand rubbing her back soothingly as the younger girl gripped onto her t-shirt with with such force that she worried that she might rip it.

" SSH... It's OK... he wouldn't of wanted to see you like this...

... Captain Nefret Aneko"

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