" So which one shall it be?" A figure in a brown cloak said to another cloaked figure in the farthest corner of the bar they were in.

" I'm not particularly sure. How about that one over there?" the one in the black cloak asked, motioning to a well built man sitting over the bar.

Well, draped over it maybe.

He looked amazingly strong looking, tattoo's marking wherever there was flesh, no hair visible on his head and around 20 or more piercings on his face alone.

The brown cloaked one simply looked at him for a few seconds, before turning away and reaching for their mug of Margu.

" Too mutinous"

" OK... well, how about that one?"

" ... too menacing"

" that one?"

" too sissy"

" OK, that one then?"

" Too straight. Remember, we need someone for M-"

" Yeah Yeah I remember. God damn Narweigans..."

Suddenly, a rather large crash was heard from the opposite side of the bar, and as everybody else jumped slightly and looked over, the two cloaked figures remained calm and seemingly oblivious as they continued their discussion.

" ! gniog er'uoy erehw hctaW! DaehtihS!" A female voice shouted out in a different language angrily, before out stepped a girl around fifteen or sixteen, wearing a longish black torn dress with some form of small pink corset around her stomach.

She had green long hair tied into two bunches at either side of her head with ribbons, stripy green and black socks on one leg ans stripy pink and black on the other, and she was also carrying a heavy looking bag on her shoulder.

" That one" the one in the brown cloak said casually, taking another sip of their drink as the other looked at them in surprise.

" You're joking, right?" The black cloaked one said, and the other just took another sip and put their drink down on the glass table.

" If you haven't noticed in the time that you've been with me, i tend not to 'joke' when it comes to things like these. She's the one" They said, before swallowing the rest of the purple liquid down in one gulp and sighing happily afterwards, an after affect that it had on the people who drank it.

" Fine, fine, I'll get her, just don't get all superior on me again..." The black cloaked one sighed, getting up lazily and strolling over to the green haired girl, making a few death threats at people who stared at them for too long.

" !? tnaw uoy od tahW" the green haired girl asked viciously as she sensed someone staring at her, before taking a sip of her drink.

" I need you to come with me, just over there" they pointed cautiously to the area that they had just come from " , to meet someone who wants to employ you".

" ... yawyna uoy dnatsrednu t'nod I, tniop on s'erehT" the girl replied uninterestedly, running her finger over the rim of her glass in boredom.

Getting slightly annoyed at the whole ' I don't speak your language ' scenario, the figure dug deep into their baggy pocket, before pulling out something that resembled a hoop ear ring.

The figure motioned to their ear, before passing it to the girl, who took it cautiously and replaced her normal ear ring with it.

" Better?" the mysterious person asked.

She nearly fell off her chair in shock and horror.

" Y-you speak m-my language?!" she asked in a shocked whisper as if somebody was going to jump out and shoot her with a subtronic laser any minute.

" No, technically you're speaking ours, It's a translating device. Now come with me..." they said, beckoning her for the last time before walking back off through the crowded bar to their original seat next to the brown cloaked figure.

" I thought you said you were going to get her?" they asked, passing the black cloaked one another drink before they just laughed and grabbed it.

" Believe me, she'll come"

About 15 seconds later, the green haired girl sat down angrily in a spare chair opposite them, chucking her bag gracelessly next to her.

" OK, be quick. Who are you and what do you want?" She asked sternly, wanting nothing more than to just get down to the point and get the hell out of there, the ship that was supposed to leave to Moyra arriving in less than a quarter of an hour.

" I have a proposition for you, that I think you might find interesting" The slightly more dark and sinister one said, and her eyes suddenly flicked between the two of them quickly, wondering what the hell was going on, but her curiosity got the best of her.

" What kind of proposition?" she asked wearily, drumming her fingers on the table.

" How would you like to be a Space Pirate upon 'the Angel Shark'?" The brown cloaked person asked, and after thinking it over a minute the girl almost burst out laughing, except for the next words of the stranger.

" You do understand that if you say no and I find out that you've told someone of this, we would have to track you down and kill you" they said casually, leaning back in their seat and taking a sip of their drink.

" Look, before I get into anything, let me know who you are." The girl stated, taking a sip of her own drink that she'd brought with her.

The black cloaked person looked at the brown cloaked person, and they both nodded before slowly putting their hands on their hoods and pulling it back, to show one girl with light brown hair and strange, snake like skin with scales to match, and a pink haired girl with one green and one orangey eye, wearing a same sort of mask only it started at the bottom of her nose down to her neck.

" We've shown you our faces, now would you like to join? And please, hurry up for we have quite a few more people in this room that we'd like to ask if you decline our potentially awesome proposition" The pink haired girl stated, leaning back down into her usual position whilst taking a sip of her drink, her eyes never leaving the girl.

The girl leant back as well and bit her lip in thought, her eyes going to a strangely murky part of the floor as she thought the entire thing through.

Well, she didn't really have that much to lose, and she did need some place to stay... but no, she couldn't. If she became a space pirate then she'd be even MORE wanted by the police, and word might leak out of her and they might come after her again and...

Wait, she was getting ahead of herself again. Whoever they were, she figured she might as well be able to trust them. She'd heard of people declining pirates propositions before and that nobody ever saw them again... alive.

Looking back up with determination in her eyes, she nodded and breathed in slightly to calm herself.

" Fine, I'll join. My name's Angie by the way. Angie Elliot"

" Nice to meet you Angie, I'm Keesa Kaylin" the dark haired girl said, holding her hand out and shaking Angie's.

" I'm Captain Nefret Aneko, and I guess i should be saying,

Welcome aboard you scurvy nave"

OK OK, for Angie's language, alls yous gotta do is spell it backwards. It's basically backwards English

well, hoped you enjoyed chapter 2!