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To Trust Your Enemy

Chapter 1

Opening another compartment, Draco started coursing under his breath:" Stupid muggles!" Why couldn't they use a longer train for so many people? He already walked through the whole train and every compartment he opened, was already full. Was he supposed to stand the whole trip? That one at least wasn't completely full, but some one who obviously didn't care that other's were standing around was sleeping draped over three seats on the left side of the compartment on the other side was an old lady sitting. She was occupied with knitting a scarf. With a huff Draco went in there not bothering to ask if he was welcome or the seat taken, and just sat down across the sleeping person.

After about an hour of watching the scenery fly by, he was getting bored. Despite the fact, that he loved to read, he didn't have a book with himself so he started looking the person across from him up and down. The first thing he noticed was, in fact the tall and slender body, telling him he had a male lying across from him. He couldn't see the man's face, because he had his head turned to the other side. He wore black jeans that fit him very well, black boots with a silver charm dangling from one and an also black, tight shirt. Very nice he thought, as he finished checking the man out.

He had learned early to appreciate the nicer things in life, especially because his life was not quiet as good as most people thought. Yes he was the sole heir to the Malfoy family fortune, but that didn't make him happy. For everybody it seemed like he was spoiled and in a way it was true, he got everything he ever wanted, but he wasn't loved. His family never cared about him and in his opinion that was worse than not having parents at all.

A small mewling sound alerted him to another occupant of the compartment. The blond boy quickly looked over to the two other travelers. They didn't seem like they had heard it. After a moments hesitation he thought, screw it, nobody knows me here, they don't expect a wizard to travel by train and here are only muggles. So he grabbed his back bag to open it carefully, not wanting to scare the little living thing inside.

"Sorry! Cutie! I almost forgot about you or I would have let you out a while ago." Out of the bag a small black kitten jumped. It threw, what you could describe as a death glare at him, if sweet little kittens were able to do that, and tried to hit him with its little paw.

Draco just picked it up with a chuckle. "Hey Ebony don't be mad. I told you I'm sorry" and than in a whisper only the cat could hear he added "You know that you can't be seen by the wrong people. They would maybe be able to identify you. It is way too dangerous." With that said he sat the kitten down is his lap and began to stroke it, to calm her down and to apologize in a way.

As the Slytherin opened his eyes, he realized that he had fallen asleep. Judging from the setting sun he concluded, that he had slept the rest of the afternoon. When he was finally awake enough to look around his heart gave a jolt. Ebony was no longer curled up on his lap and the old lady was no longer sitting next to him.

Did she take her? His thoughts jumbled together. Was she one of them? Did they find them? His mind went crazy with the possibilities. Frantically he started searching for the cat. He called for her and made little crooning noises. But his little cat with its beautiful black fur and the tail with its white tip didn't answer or came jumping around a corner where it had hidden from view.

When he couldn't find her immediately, he started worrying. He just couldn't loose her, he loved her to much. He had done too much to save her and now loose her.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the man across from him sitting up. Sleepily he looked around rubbed his eyes and combed his hand through his unruly black hair. Draco turned his head around to the guy, to make sure he wouldn't be attacked from behind. He wasn't sure any more if it had been a good idea to take a muggle train far away from everything wizarding.

When the other person finally looked in his direction, startling green eyes, which looked like emeralds, locked with his own silver ones.

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