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To Trust your enemy

Chapter 15

When Severus entered the room, both boys had red cheeks, were looking in different directions and Draco stood as far away from the bed as possible. Rolling his eyes, Severus was long enough a teacher, to know when he had caught a kissing couple and those two were just too obvious, he sat down on the chair beside the bed and ignored it. Smiling at Harry, he gave him a quick hug.

"I'm glad you're finally awake Harry. How are you? Are you tired, sore, does something hurt?"

"I'm a little bit tired, but I have a few questions." Harry answered with a smile of his own. It was really rare, that the cold hearted and evil potions professor as whom everybody knew him, smiled at all, or showed affection for someone else.

With a curt nod, Severus agreed. "Draco, come over here. I told you that your questions would be answered when Harry wakes, so sit down and pay attention." Snape commanded, but with his tone still friendly and pleasantly. Not many people had heard that tone on Snape before, it was only reserved for family and those he considered as close as family.

"Ok Harry, what do you want to know?"

"First of all, how are you? I know you were injured pretty badly and don't lie to me."

Severus chuckled "Yes I was injured, and yes, it was bad, but I already started to heal myself when you were still dueling and Poppy and Albus put me back together later. And now I'm fine, so stop worrying."

"Alright, I believe you. The next question, we didn't have time for it before, but where is Selena and is she alright? And are you alright Draco?" at that he looked at Draco, who sat beside him on the bed.

"Selena is ok. She was scared and had a cold because of the dungeons, but that was all. They didn't do anything to us, because they wanted us to be alive so you would come to our rescue, what you did by the way, you idiot. They planned to torture and kill us afterwards or when they had captured you. Anyways, Selena should be in her room playing." Draco smiled. "She asks about you every few minutes, so I told her to play to get her mind to think of something else."

Harry returned the smile. "That's good. I want to see her soon. So, Severus, do you know, how I did it, how I killed Voldemort? How did I start the connection of our wands? You were the one who developed the potion to override that phenomena. But I did it nonetheless. I wanted it to happen, but I didn't know it was possible. I wanted this stupid fight to end right there and then. I didn't want to see any body else suffering because of that maniac." Harry's voice was filled with passion as he spoke, meaning every word.

"So you have your answer." Severus calmly replied.

"What? What do you mean?"

"I developed a potion to override the fact that you and the Dark Lord had brother wands. We covered your wand in it, and it worked for the whole duel, but when you decided, that it had to end, your wand, of course, was stronger than a potion. Harry, you're an exceptional talented and one of the strongest wizards alive no potion would have stood against your willpower. And your wand somehow recognized the fact that you had a chance to win, if the two wands connected. Don't make the mistake to think your wand is only a piece of wood, it isn't. It is way more. The longer you use your wand, the more it becomes a part of you and your magic especially if you're a strong wizard."

"So, when I did it, why did I end up being unconscious for a few weeks?" Harry asked confused.

Snape chuckled "Only you could ask something like this. You might be exceptional strong, but you not only did elementary magic, Harry. You killed a Dark Lord after you already dueled with him for almost an hour with mostly the strength of your heart. Because that's exactly what you did. The magic of the brother wands let you fight with everything that's in you, your heart, mind, soul and magic. For the most part you used your magic, but to finally kill him, you used all the strength you had. I'm talking about the feelings of love, in your heart.

It was only natural that you blackened out afterwards. Your magic was exhausted, the same with your body, and to not put even more tress on your system, your mind shut down. That's why you have been out for about five weeks. The only thing we could do was let you rest and give you strengthening potions. Madam Pomfrey almost killed us when we took you out of the hospital wing to your own house."

Harry laughed. "I know. The first time I woke up I heard you two arguing, but I was too weak to say or do anything. But I'm glad I'm here with you. It's way more comfy than the hospital wing. What's going to happen next?"

Draco started laughing, even Severus let out a loud laugh. "You are probably going to hide in here for the next year or so. Everybody went crazy and wants to see you. You are now officially the conqueror of all evil." Snape chuckled and Draco continued. "Hogwarts is under a siege of reporters and Snape Manor, where you are supposedly recovering, is also being under attack from enormous amounts of reporters and thankful wizards and witches from all over Great Britain and Europe.

The savior gaped at them, a look on his face that clearly stated you're crazy. "Are you serious?"

Draco doubled over laughing and almost fell off the bed, if it hadn't been for Snape who caught him just in time. The normally stone faced professor was also laughing.

"That's absolutely not funny. I want to know what's going on." Harry pouted.

"Of course the Aurors who investigated everything, had to report what happened. You know they questioned us about everything. It's the best news the ministry had in a few years so they gave the whole story to the Daily Prophet. So now they're just waiting for you to get better and recover, to start the celebrations. There are going to be balls and gatherings and you will be invited to every single one of them. You're famous, I mean really famous. You're no longer the boy-who-lived-because-he-was-lucky, no, you really defeated a Dark Lord and that counts even more." Severus sarcastically explained, because Draco was still laughing too hard.

"Oh! This is bad. I hated my fame before and now it's going to be horrible." the Gryffindor looked wary.

"It won't be so bad, at least not after a few weeks. I mean, come on, you have the Snape death glare, two cold Malfoy sneers and your friends on your side." Draco spoke up having exactly the sneer he was talking about plastered on his face.

"My godson is right. We will always stand by your side. Not many people will understand it because we were enemies for so long, but they don't matter. I had to trust you to defeat Voldemort, and in return you trusted me to teach you everything I knew. It's the same with Draco. You antagonized each other for so long, and still you helped him. He had no choice, because he needed the help, but you did, and you still chose to trust him and even took him to the house where you hid yourself. We all overcame so much till we got to the point on which we stand today. And today we are family. I'd be very proud to call you two my sons." Severus finished, looking a bit unsure for once, but serious.

"You really mean that?" Harry looked at him incredulously. "Ahm, well…." Severus looked even more insecure than before, till he found himself with an armful of teenager. Harry was clinging to him.

"I've never had a real family before. I'm so glad I have you and Draco and Selena. What do you think Draco? Care to live with us?" Draco only nodded. He was still shocked. After he had lost everything he now had a new father, a home, the threat of his life the Dark Lord was dead and Harry was there with him.

Severus disentangled himself and stood up. On the way to the door he murmured to himself. "I always wanted to have a daughter and now I get two almost grown up teenage boys and a daughter all at once."

Harry and Draco looked at each other and broke down laughing as soon as the door had closed behind the black haired man.

"We're really going to be a family?" Draco still looked a bit shell shocked at the whole concept of having a family again.

"Draco, Selena already told you that you can't cook and wash, it was her reasoning for you two to stay with me. At that time I said it was up to you. And I gladly tell you again, I would love if you stayed. Severus will also be more than happy. Draco, I'm serious, I don't want you to go I love you."

Harry leaned towards the blond and with a soft sigh from Draco their lips met. The Slytherin didn't say 'I love you too' aloud, but he didn't have to. His lips and hands, which were running up and down Harry's sides, said the same.

Just then the door to Harry's room flew open and a small girl came running in. "Harry, Harry! Severus told me you're awake, and we're staying with him and you!" with a loud whoop of joy, Selena landed on the bed, and the next second she was hugging the two boys at the same time and giving them big wet kisses on their cheeks. Only about a minute after she came running into Harry's room, she was on her way out again. They heard her running down the stairs while singing 'I'm going to have a father again, and we're going to stay here, yeah.' to an imaginary melody.

Looking at Draco, Harry muttered "This is going to be interesting." With a smile and an agreeing nod, the blond Slytherin resumed their activity from before. Yes it would be interesting, but they would have a family and each other, to master everything. Life waited for them, and they wouldn't waste one day of it.

The End