"Oh, I am so exhausted," Tracy said as she sank into the passenger seat of Link's car. She relished the feel of sitting down after such a tough couple of hours, and waited expectantly as he shut her door and walked around to the driver's side.

"Practice was brutal today," Link agreed, as he slid in and shut the driver's side door,"but you looked really swell during that kick turn combo."

"Really?" Tracy asked shyly.

"There's no one I'd rather dance with but you," he told her, as he started the car.

'This is it,' she told herself, as he backed out of the parking lot and into the streets.

"So..? he said stopping at a red light.

"Yes?" she smiled slyly. He had to ask her today, it was getting too close for him not to.

"I was wondering if you'd like to study with me tomorrow. You know we have that big final coming up," he reminded her as the light turned green

"Oh, um, okay, sure," she agreed, trying not to sound too disappointed. What was the matter with him? Had he not been paying attention in school?

Link pulled up in front of her house, "I'll see you tomorrow honey," he said as drew her in for a goodbye kiss. She let herself fall under the spell of his magic for just a moment. There was still time - wasn't there?

"See you tomorrow," she said kissing him again before going inside.

"Men," she muttered under her breath as she walked into her house.

"What was that dear?" her mother asked from the kitchen.

"Oh, um, nothing mom," she said, sinking into the couch, with a sigh. As if on cue, the phone on the table next to her rang.

"Hello?" Tracy answered.

"You will never guess what happened. It's all becuase of the show- becuase of you- and the show- and now- ahh- I'm so excited."


"Tracy, I have some great news. The prom -"

"What about the prom?"

"They're intergrating it. Becuase they intergrated the Corny Collins show, the prom committe is integrating the prom," Penny related excitedly. Penny was on the prom committe.

"That's terrific. Are you going with Seaweed?" she asked.

"Yep. He asked me today after school."

"That's great. Can you belive it's only three weeks away?" Tracy replied, trying to sound happy.

"I know. I'm so excited. You should be too. You and Link are going to be the center of attention," Penny gushed.

"Link - hasn't asked me yet."

"What? You're kidding."

"He hasn't even mentioned the word."

"Well, it's still three weeks..." Penny assured her.

"Yea, maybe he'll ask me tomorrow." 'Although he's running out of those,' Tracy thought silently, fiddling with the cord.

"Don't worry. There's no way he won't ask you. You two have been together for how long now?"

"Two months."

In the background, Tracy could hear Penny's mother calling for her.

"Well, I better go, my mother thinks I need saving again."



She closed her eyes as she leaned back into the couch, feeling slightly miffed at Link. Everyone she knew had a prom date now - except her.

"Tracy Edna Turnblad, what have I told you about leaving your school stuff in the front room?" her mother scolded her.

"I'll take it into my room now," she sighed, as she slowly got off the couch and trudged into her room.

Dropping her bag on the floor, she flopped on her bed, and looked around. The pictures she had of Link were slowly giving way to pictures of Link - with HER! For the past two months, she had been deliriously happy. The chemistry between her and Link had made them the star couple of the show. She was still the spokesgirl for the dress shop, and she was on billboards all over town. She was on her way - but in the meantime, she really wanted to go to the prom, and she really wanted to go with Link.

Her gaze went to the prom magazine she got, laying open on the vanity table, still open to the dress she had been eyeing yesterday. Very carefully, she ripped the dress from the magazine and placed it next to the picture of link in the corner of her mirror. It was a poofy yellow dress that she knew would look perfect on her. Now all she had to do was be asked.

The next day, she and Link went to a park to study. Warm spring breezes were promising a very hot summer.
They sat down on the grass by a tree, and tried to focus on history.

"It's too hard to focus on anything but you," Link said looking at her with those dreamy eyes of his. .

"I'd rather focus on you anyday," she told him shyly.

Link drew her in for a kiss. This was obviously not going to be a productive study session, but he really didn't care. They tried to get in what studying they could do between Tracy's obvious hatred of history, and Link's lack of concentration.

Once they had had enough studying with their books, they stopped at the malt shop for a treat.

"Do you want to share a soda?" he asked as they slid into a booth.

"Double chocolate?" she asked.

"Nothing but the best," he agreed.