Lifefinallysettled down. Iruka no longer had crazy, hormone-driven women to make his life miserable. His class had a whole new level of respect for him. Gai left him alone after a small little 'incident' that involved mimes, rosemary, the morgue, cooking oil, and gerbils. The gossip mill had moved on to Aoba's love life and no longer focused on Iruka's (though, it liked to occasionally make fun of how 'whipped' Kakashi seemingly was). He was getting laid (and it was utterly incredible, thank you very much) on an incredibly regular basis. And now, he could kick Kakashi in the shins whenever the lazy bastard didn't do his reports right.

It was a very gratifying experience.

Kakashi also no longer kissed him in front of his students—it was amazing how loudly a full-grown ninja could scream when he found those giant hungry leeches (Iruka had warned him about the plumbing; really he had).

Kakashi, apparently, was a fast learner.

He also came when he was called.

All and all, life was pretty good.

Though, he could do without the new fan club in town that liked to follow him around, but he figured one couldn't have everything. Especially after the Hokage yelled at him for putting over half of the fan club in the mental ward of the hospital—something about inappropriate uses of garlic and electricity and clowns and how it was unfitting behaviours for a man of his rank and status and position.

Since Iruka had recently got one elder to leave Tsunade's alcohol alone, she was far more lenient then she normally would have been.

He could also do without the new Icha Icha movie, as well. Women had sighed and given him dreamy eyes for weeks after the damn thing had been released and men had treated him with a lot more—

Iruka blinked. A handful of flowers were suddenly in front of him.

He looked up. Kakashi grinned at him a one-eyed grin and waved the flowers at him. "Yo."

"What's this?" Iruka put down his pen.

"I got you flowers!"

Iruka twitched slightly. "Why did you get me flowers?"

Kakashi looked at the bouquet. "Because I like you and I'm highly attracted to you and that's the thing to do?" As Iruka started to swell up in to punch him, he waved them in the chunin's face. "And because I thought you'd like it better if I didn't write you a letter where children could get at it and this seemed a little bit more subtle!"

Brown eyes narrowed in suspicion. "What do you mean?"

"I researched their meanings!" Kakashi looked proud of himself. "So I could give you a message without little brats reading it."

"Right…" Iruka gave the flowers a wary look, but took them slowly. "So what does this mean?"

Kakashi made a disapproving noise. "You have to read it in order." He pointed to the first flower. "Sweet alyssum means worth that goes beyond beauty and clematis"—he touched a purple flower—"means mental beauty. Peach is for your qualities and charm are unequalled."

"How many times do I have to tell you that flattery will get you nowhere?"

"Probably at least one more time," Kakashi pointed to the next flower. "Cape jasmine means that I'm too happy and fleur-de-lis is for I burn."

Iruka rolled his eyes. "Oh for the love of—"

"Christmas rose means 'tranquilise my anxiety'," Kakashi said in a much lower voice than before and he suddenly was much closer. "Mezereon tells you that there is a desire to please and the everlasting pea says lasting pleasure." Iruka shudder slightly, not looking away from the intense blue eye. "Jonquil says that I desire a return of affection and the four-leafed clover asks if you'll be mine."

"You're a pervert." Iruka muttered, slowly looping his arm over Kakashi's neck. It wasn't a bad idea, per se. It had been over seven hours…

The silver-haired man leered and tugged Iruka to his feet. "What can I say? You bring out the best in me." His kissed the brown throat through his mask.

"Kakashi?" Iruka managed to get out a few moments later.


"Where did you find all those meanings from the flowers?"

"Oh, Ino-kun told me."

Iruka went deathly still. "You asked Ino-kun. You asked a teenagedgirl who loves to gossipto help you make a bouquet with a dirtymessage in it."

"Mm, she was giggly, but overall very helpful."


"Hmm?" The jounin squeezed his butt eagerly.

"You have precisely five seconds to start running before I kill you."

x Fin x

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