o Epilogue o

Two Years Later

Casey and Derek had the most beautiful wedding imaginable. Everything was white. From the white roses and babies breath to the white carpet Casey glided down. It was magical. They asked everyone to wear only white. The only colour in the wedding was Derek's suit and Casey dress. Derek wore a traditional black suit with a white rose pinned to the front. He looked great. Everyone gasped when Casey walked through an archway of white roses in a Beautiful White Wedding Gown with Black Embroidery.

They danced their way through When you look me in the eyes by the Jonas Brothers, followed by the father daughter dance. Casey and her dad, Derek and Emma.

Eventually everyone was dancing. Derek and Casey, George and Nora, Sam and Emily, even Lizzie and Edwin were dancing together. Everything was going perfect.

Even their honeymoon was perfect. Nora and George took care of Emma while Casey and Derek were away. They spent two beautiful weeks in England. They spent every second together.

Sam and Emily ended up getting married two months after Casey and Derek's wedding, Just as beautiful, but smaller, soon followed by a beautiful baby boy. They named him Matthew Starr.

Five years later

As time went on and they got older, Casey and Derek grew closer. They shared more love then any couple they knew. Sure, they had their occasional fight, but it was over the little things. Who was going to make dinner, what they were making for dinner, and who was going to clean the house.

Casey and Derek spoiled Emma non stop. Giving her everything she wanted.

But that was Casey's Life With Derek.


I know this chapter was short but I didn't have a lot to write..

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