So here's chapter 2, and before you ask, yes, this is the last one. Let me know what you think!

Dating Kate

Chapter 2

The ride back to Kate's place seemed to take ages. They didn't talk much, but they stole glances at each other every few seconds. From time to time Tony let his hand wander over to Kate and stroked down her arm or rested it on her knee for some seconds. It seemed almost impossible for him not to touch her and he saw no reason why he should even try. He had waited so long to finally be able to do that and now he still had problems believing that it was all really happening. Memories of their kisses back in the bar were still flooding his mind and they, too, were like the memories you sometimes have in the morning after a very intense dream.

When he finally parked the car in front of Kate's house he turned to her and smiled, but didn't say a word. Kate smiled back at him, softly, never taking her eyes away from his. Then she reached out to him and Tony bent towards her, feeling her arms wrap around his neck before her lips found his, finally kissing him again. It started out light and playful, but it quickly changed to burning passion. One of Tony's hands that had rested on her hip slid down to her knee and under the hem of her skirt. Most of the second thoughts he had had back in the bar were now gone because they weren't in a public place anymore. No one could see them and it was all up to Kate what he was or wasn't allowed to do. She didn't seem to mind the position of his hand in the least though and she answered by placing her hand on his thigh, very close to the crotch of his pants – too close almost.

Tony gasped and broke out of the kiss, placing his hand on hers and carefully shoving it back down to his knee. "Are you really sure?" he whispered, fighting for control. He couldn't believe he was really doing that! "Because if you haven't decided yet if you want to ask me in tonight, then please don't do such things to me now."

"You think I haven't decided yet?" Kate asked amusedly, freeing her hand from his and lifting it up to his face. She trailed her index finger down his cheek and pressed a chaste kiss to his lips.

"Tony?" she asked in a very serious tone. "You wanna come in … for a coffee?" Her eyes were sparkling mischievously at him and Tony chuckled, cupping her face with both hands to pull her close for a kiss.

He opened the car door, climbed out and walked around the car to open the door on the passenger side. "Ma'am", he said, offering Kate his right hand to help her out of the car. Her body brushed his as she stepped next to him and he wound an arm around her shoulders to lead her up to the house. When they reached the door Kate dug through her purse to find her keys. It took her quite some time to find them and Tony made it even more difficult by pressing tender kisses to her neck and shoulders. By the time Kate had managed to unlock the door she was shivering all over and her breath came out shakily.

Tony followed her in, grinning wickedly because he was well aware of his effect on her. He wanted to continue with his teasing kisses, but never got a chance, because the moment Kate heard the door fall shut behind her she spun around, put both hands on Tony's chest and shoved him back against the door. Her lips connected to his as if they had a lifetime of practice in kissing each other.

Tony let her have the control – in the beginning. But the longer they kissed and the more passionate it became, the more pressing did the need to be in charge become. So he quickly slipped one arm around her waist, securing her against his body, and spun her around, bringing her with her back against the door. She gasped in surprise when her body hit the hard wood, and the kiss was interrupted. But Tony brought both hands up and dug his fingers into her hair, holding her head back, and kissed her, his tongue quickly claiming access to her mouth.

He had caught her between his body and the door, having brought their bodies so close together that they rubbed against each other with each tiny movement. With her arms wrapped tightly around Tony's neck Kate tried to get in even more contact with him by raising one knee, making the inside of her thigh stroke up his leg until she reached his hip and Tony slid one hand under her leg to hold her there. He pushed the silky fabric of her skirt up her thigh until it hung loosely around the juncture of her hip and thigh. In one skilful movement Tony pushed his hips against hers to hold her in place, bit back the moan that rose in his throat at the close contact and reached down with his free hand to cup the back of her other thigh and lift that up too so that suddenly her legs were wrapped around his hips and he had her pinned up against the door.

For some instants their movement stilled. Their faces were inches from each other, their breath, which came out shakily and hot, was stroking their lips. Kate bit her lower lip in order to hold back the moan and gain at least a tiny bit of control back over her body. Her limbs already felt like tingling, boneless jelly and there was roaring fire burning in her lower abdomen. She couldn't remember ever having reacted like this to the touch or kisses of a man and she was at the same time excited and a little bit scared at the prospect of what would happen to her when they continued.

She let her head roll back against the hard wood of the door, closed her eyes and concentrated on breathing in and out. She felt Tony shift his position slightly and gasped when the movement of his hips sent a warm tingling through her body. He pressed soft kisses to her jaw, slowly working his way back to her ear. Her right hand fisted in the short hair on the back of his neck when his breath caressed her ear and the side of her neck.

"What is it?" he whispered. "Are you all right?"

She nodded, turning her head slightly so that her cheek was resting against his. "Just give me a few seconds", she whispered, barely recognizing her own voice. It was higher than usual and it was shaking with emotion.

Tony lovingly kissed her neck and decided that Kate needed some of the control back, so he made sure he had a tight grip on her and slowly moved away from the door, carrying her over to the couch and sitting down on it with her straddling his lap. As soon as they were sitting, Kate placed her hands on his shoulders and lifted her head to look at him. But it was dark in the room, because they hadn't had time to switch the light on yet, so she leaned over to the side table and switched on the small lamp. Warm, yellow light filled the room immediately and Kate dimmed it a little before settling back on Tony's lap. He smiled up at her and she couldn't help but grin.

"What?" Tony wanted to know.

"Nothing", she said, shrugging, but still grinning. She rubbed the palm of her right hand over his cheek, then ran her fingertips over his bottom lip. "Kiss me again", she demanded, closing her eyes when Tony leaned forward to follow her instructions.

The kiss was light, tender and painful and it left them almost as breathless as the frenzied kisses they had shared before. Tony had never been kissed like that before and the new experience left him craving for more. 'That woman is going to be the death of me', he thought, but at the same time he knew that he would have gladly died in her arms.

"You better now?" Tony asked her, gently running his hands over her back. He let the fingers of one hand trail down her spine, starting at the nape of her neck and continuing down to the low back-line of her dress, then starting anew.

"Mhm", she hummed while her eyes fluttered closed.

"Do you want me to continue?" Please, say yes …

Kate didn't answer immediately, so Tony cupped her chin with one hand and waited until she was looking at him.

"If you're not sure about this", he said tenderly, "then tell me. Nothing has to happen tonight. We have all the time in the world and we can take this slow. But I need you to tell me now, because five more minutes and I won't be able to stop."

"Tony, I am sure about this", Kate said, bringing her face close to his. "And I really, really don't want this to stop. I just wasn't prepared for how it would feel …" She trailed off, not sure if she was making sense, but Tony reassured her:

"Me neither", he said, brushing his lips over hers and taking a moment to enjoy the sweetness of her.

After some seconds he pulled back and looked at her. "So …", he said, smirking. "You want me to go easy on you?"

"Why?" she asked. "You afraid I can't handle it – or are you worried about yourself?"

"I'll tell you something", Tony whispered into her ear. "Let's bring it on and see who has problems handling it."

And without saying anymore he placed his hands on her hips and pulled her closer, in the same movement bringing his lips back to hers. Kate responded instantly, sliding her hands under his suit jacket and starting to push it down his shoulders. Tony leaned forward and helped her get rid of it, then discarded it on the floor. Pleased because one barrier was now gone between them, Kate ran her hands over Tony's shoulders and his muscled chest. Damn it, when did he have time to do workouts with all the over-time they were doing?

She started unbuttoning his dress-shirt and took her time, not once breaking out of the kiss they were sharing. When she was done with the buttons she pulled his shirt tails loose and pushed the shirt off his shoulders. While Tony struggled to get his arms out of the sleeves, Kate relished the fact that even though he was still wearing a white tank top a lot of bare skin was now displayed in front of her. She started her exploration by running her hands up and down his upper arms, feeling the muscle under his skin, then over his shoulders and down his cotton-clad stomach until she reached his belt and pulled the tank top loose too. Tony reached down and whipped the piece of clothing over his head, forced to break the kiss in the process. He wanted to reestablish it quickly, but Kate pulled away and shifted her position so that she was able to bend down and press a kiss to the hollow of his throat, before trailing a line of kisses down his chest bone.

Tony let out a shaky breath and his head rolled back onto the backrest of the couch, but he was quickly getting restless, because he wasn't used to women who took over control so easily and he wanted to get it back.

"Would you hold still?" Kate chuckled when he squirmed under her and tried to pull her closer so that she would have to give up the exploration of his upper body.

"No", he replied coolly, grabbing her upper arms and bringing her back up to eye-level with him. "It's my turn now", he whispered and without further warning he flipped her over onto her back and maneuvered himself on top of her.

Kate giggled and still tried to avoid his kisses to tease him a little, but Tony quickly found a way to make her stop. He pressed his hips down against hers and her giggles turned into a throaty moan that definitely was the sexiest sound he had ever heard. One of her legs came up and wrapped around the back of his thigh. This time she didn't try to avoid his kiss but was actively seeking it, opening her mouth to him the moment their lips touched.

His hands came up to the nape of her neck where the straps of her dress were tied to hold it up. It took him only seconds to open the knot and he balanced his weight on one elbow to use the other hand to pull the dress down to her waist. She was wearing a strapless black bra underneath and he was not too far gone yet to smile at the thought that he hadn't expected her to own this kind of lingerie. He was really dying to know if her panties matched the bra.

"What's wrong?" Kate asked, when he didn't continue kissing her. He was still hovering over her, propped up on one elbow, only looking at her. Now he smiled reassuringly because he had registered the worried undertone in her voice.

"Nothing's wrong", he whispered, bending down to kiss her. "I just wanted to look at you." He slowly trailed his fingertips over her left breast, just above the cup of her bra. Then his hand wandered lower, down over her stomach and under the fabric of her dress to come to rest on her lower abdomen, right beneath her navel. Kate bit her lip when his thumb caressed her skin.

Tony pressed another kiss to her lips before getting up on his knees in order to finally get both hands free. He let them slide down the side of her body, caressing her skin until he reached her dress, which hung loosely around her waist. He started to push it further down and Kate assisted him by lifting her hips from the couch so that he finally could push the dress down her legs. Kate kicked off her high-heels and looked up at Tony, waiting for him to move. But he was frozen in place, staring at her lacy black panties that matched her bra, and a small smile was tugging at the corners of his mouth.

"What're you staring at, DiNozzo?" she asked in her usual sharp office-banter-voice.

Tony, obviously surprised at hearing her tone, looked up at her face, then started to grin like a school boy and crawled on top of her again. He tipped his right index finger to her nose, then placed a kiss on the same spot. "You allowed me to undress you, so I'd say I have a right to stare at whatever part of you I want", he said matter-of-factly.

Kate smiled sweetly at him and lifted her head up to be able to whisper into his ear: "But I hope you plan on doing more than just staring at me."

"Oh, Kate", he sighed, taking some of his weight away from his elbows in order to be able to put more pressure on her hips, making her bite back a moan. "You have no idea", he whispered over her lips, before kissing her passionately.

And then he did a move that left her really impressed, because she wasn't even entirely sure how he did it. All she knew was that one of his arms had slid around her back and most of his weight stopped pressing down on her body. And then, suddenly, he was standing on his own feet again and Kate, with her legs still wrapped around his hips, was in his arms.

"I'd suggest we take this somewhere we have more space to move", he whispered into her ear and started to walk towards the door Kate had vanished through earlier that evening to get her jacket.

He didn't switch the light on inside the bedroom, but left the door open to let the light from the living room illuminate his way to the bed. But before he reached it Kate released the hold her legs were having around his hips and he let her slide down until she was standing on her own feet.

"What?" he managed to ask before her lips were on his and her hands started to caress his bare stomach. When her fingernails lightly scratched his skin, his breath hitched. Then her fingers found his belt buckle and quickly undid it. She had pushed his pants down over his hips within seconds and he hurried to get out of his shoes, pants and socks at the same time.

"That's better", Kate concluded when he was standing in front of her in his boxer briefs.

"No", he said, lifting her up in his arms and putting her down on the bed. "Now it starts getting better."

Tony lay down next to her and pulled her into his arms. He slid one knee between her thighs, wrapped one arm securely around her waist and held her as close as he could. The feeling of her almost naked body against his made him almost lose control. But he fought to regain it because he really wanted to take his time with her. This was too good to rush things.

So he started by kissing her gently and only slowly allowed the kiss to deepen. He explored her mouth like for the first time, wanting to get to know every inch of her. His hands started to roam over her back and they quickly found the clasps of her bra and undid them. When he felt the piece of lingerie loosen he rolled Kate onto her back and slid the straps down her shoulders and arms.

Then he paused for a moment, holding Kate's gaze with his. Even though there wasn't much light inside the room he could see that her eyes were glazed over with passion and he could feel and hear that her breathing had quickened considerably. Now he slowly lifted one hand and drew a feathery light circle around her left breast with his fingertips, feeling his own excitement rise with every second because he was now able to touch her breasts without having a barrier left between his hands and her skin and it was just too good to be true. He cupped her breast with his hand and felt her back arch up against him. Slowly he moved down her body and kissed the top of her right breast before circling her nipple with his tongue. One of her hands fisted in his hair and he heard her gasp, so he closed his mouth around her nipple and sucked on it. The tiny moan that escaped her made him shiver and he knew he wouldn't be able to hold back much longer.

His hand left her breast and slid down the side of her body, caressing her hip and then her thigh. He explored the soft skin on the inside of her legs and enjoyed the silky feeling of it. Finally his mouth left her breast and Kate experienced a short second of disappointment, but then his lips found her mouth again and at the same time his hand that had been resting between her thighs moved higher up. The sound that escaped her was very close to a whimper and she felt Tony smile into the kiss. He broke out of it and touched his forehead to hers for a few seconds before slowly moving down her body, leaving a burning trail of kisses on her chest and stomach as he went. He stopped when he reached the hem of her panties and placed a kiss on it too.

'Oh god', was the only thought left in Kate's mind as his fingers dug into the fabric of her panties and slowly dragged them down her legs. She looked down her body at him and watched him take off his boxers. For a moment she desperately wished there was more light in the room, but then he crawled back over her and her eyes fluttered shut anyway. She felt him press a soft kiss to the side of her left knee, then he moved farther up her thigh.

Kate's fingers fisted in the sheets as she was trying to brace herself for what was going to come next, but when he finally reached the spot she had been waiting for she couldn't keep herself from crying out. And he definitely knew what he was doing down there, for it only took him about three minutes until he had reduced her to a whimpering, writhing heap.

"Please, Tony", she pleaded desperately, not for the first time, but this time he gave in, crawling on top of her and threading his fingers through her hair. She pressed up against him and her thigh brushed over his erection, causing him to grit his teeth, trying desperately to hold back just a little bit longer.

"Condom", he whispered into her ear, barely managing to control his voice enough to get the word out.

"Here." She reached out a hand, stretching to reach the nightstand and pulled open the top drawer. Quickly she found what she was looking for and put the condom into his hand. He made short work of it, not losing any more time and then finally settled between her legs. He didn't enter her instantly, taking some time to kiss her first.

His elbows were placed on both sides of her head, blocking her in. Kate, who normally didn't like this position very much because it always made her feel claustrophobic, found that she didn't mind it with Tony. Actually it made her feel save and protected.

Then she felt his hips move and he slid into her and suddenly she was in desperate need of his arms around her because she was sure that without them holding her she would just dissolve into emotions. He pulled out and slowly slid back in, giving her enough time to get used to the feeling of him inside of her. When Kate wrapped her legs around his hips it was her way of telling him that she was okay and that he wasn't hurting her.

Their kisses became more passionate as they found a rhythm together and Kate dug her fingertips into his back in desperate need of something to hold on to. Tony definitely wasn't only talented when it came to using his tongue. Her already overly sensitive lower body felt each of his thrusts with almost unbearable intensity. Each movement of his hips brought her closer to her climax and no matter how hard she was biting down on her bottom lip, she couldn't keep herself from crying out each time he hit a particularly sensitive set of nerves.

Then he pushed her over the edge and her release was so intense that she unconsciously dug her fingernails into his back. Two more thrusts and he followed her, whispering her name over her skin before collapsing on top of her.

They lay there panting for what seemed like an eternity. When most of her senses had returned to Kate she found herself still lying under Tony, her arms wrapped around him almost protectively. He was heavy, but she didn't really mind.

Slowly she started kissing his head and neck and after some seconds he moved, propping himself up on his elbows with some difficulty and lifting his head to look at her. The first thing he did was press his lips to hers in a kiss that was so gentle it made her heart ache. Then he rolled down from her, lying down next to her and pulling her against him. Whispering incoherent words of affection over her skin he buried his face in the crook of her neck and squeezed her gently.

Kate felt exhausted in a very pleasant way and was happy to just wrap her arms around Tony's neck and close her eyes, waiting for sleep to come while listening to his even breathing.


Tony woke up on Saturday morning from the sunlight that was tickling his nose. A content smile started on his lips when he felt the soft weight of a warm body curled up against his. He rolled on his side slowly, careful not to disturb her and looked down at her sleeping form. It was the first time since they had entered the bedroom the previous night that he could see her properly, with enough light filling the room to make out each and every detail of her face. She looked simply adorable when she was sleeping.

After some minutes of looking at her, Tony couldn't fight the urge to bend down and kiss her any longer. So he kissed her gently and soon got her to respond. When he pulled back, she was looking up at him from under eyelashes that were still heavy with sleep.

"Hey", she whispered.

Tony picked up her hand that was resting on the pillow between them and laced his fingers with hers, then brought it to his lips and kissed her knuckles. "Hey."

She smiled at him and shifted closer until she could bury her face in his chest.

"You still tired?" he asked, caressing her back with his other hand.

Kate pulled back slightly and gave him an incredulous look. "Aren't you?"

Tony smirked. Yes, he was tired. How could he not be? They had barely slept during the night because every two hours or so one of them was bound to wake up the other by kissing them or touching them in places where being touched was difficult to ignore – even when you were sleeping.

"I am a little bit tired", he admitted. "But as long as we stay in bed I have no problem with it."

"Sounds like a plan", Kate mumbled, already halfway back to sleep.

Tony smiled, burying his face in her hair and pulling her closer. He decided to let her sleep a little longer. He could wait and the rest of the day would definitely be more interesting if she was well rested.


On Monday morning they entered the office together. They were both slightly nervous because this morning over breakfast they had decided that they wouldn't try to keep their relationship secret from Gibbs. It would be useless anyway because he was Gibbs and he would know about them the moment he looked at them.

So they went straight to his desk – though Kate had to keep Tony from changing directions three times. When they were standing in front of their boss, he chose to ignore them until Tony cleared his throat dramatically.

Gibbs looked up at them, slowly raising his eyebrows, then his gaze went back to the file he was reading. "You're late", was all he had to say.

"Only two minutes!" Tony said defensively, but Kate quickly elbowed him in the ribs.

"Gibbs, we would like to talk to you", she said. "It will only take a minute."

Sighing, Gibbs pushed the file away from him and looked at them again. "What is it?" he asked in his you're-stealing-my-time tone.

"Kate and I …" Tony started. "We … well uh …"

"Well?" Gibbs asked impatiently.

"We're seeing each other", Kate helped Tony out.

"Yeah", Tony agreed. "We're dating. Which means …"

"We're a couple."

Gibbs stared at them for long moments without moving or making the tiniest sound. McGee, who had witnessed the exchange between his colleagues and his boss, was watching the scene with an expression that showed clearly that he was fearing for his friends' lives. Tony and Kate were feeling very uncomfortable under Gibbs stare, but they couldn't do anything about it.

Finally, Gibbs sighed, shook his head slightly and, picking up the file again, he muttered: "It's about time."