The Bonds That Tie Us Together


Chapter 1

Why do we have day and night? How long is a day? Why do we see stars at night? Day and night follow a pattern. Every morning, it gets light and the day begins. Every evening, it gets dark and we have night. Then, the day starts all over again. Hours, minutes and seconds fly by and when it's too late to change anything, we stop to realize how much of our lives we have actually wasted.

Hovering in a cloudless sky, a beautiful full moon cast it's beams over a now peaceful city, it's inhabitants safe in the protection they called home. The walls of the buildings soaked up the pale light and reflected it in all directions. The light reached the Hokage faces, dipping into the scarring cracks, revealing the mountain in all it's glory and reflecting the lives of heroes that would never be forgotten. No lights were visible in the sleeping city, apart from one that stood out from all the rest. Standing proudly above all the other buildings, the Hokage tower shone an orange light from the highest floor windows.

The blond Hokage sighed as she finished scribbling on the last report that came from a meter tall stack of paper. She dropped the pen she had been using and let it roll off the table. Cracking her knuckles, she leant back into her chair and tried to relax a little. Snickering, the blond opened her second desk draw and took out a jug and a small china cup. 'Nothing like a little sake to keep you going through the night' She smirked, pulling out the cork from the bottle.

As if she had a 6th sense, which told her whenever Tsuande was attempting to skip work by getting drunk, Shizune burst through the main doors, carrying a pile of papers bigger than the ones on Tsunade's desk. Following her was Tonton, trotting along happily next to her carer. Tsunade gasped at the pile approaching her before pouring some sake into the cup and drinking it quickly.

"Oh no you don't!" Shizune yelled, placing the stack of papers on the grand desk. She frowned at the blond, putting her hands on her hips "The last time you got drunk on duty, you sent team 7 to carve Naruto's face in the mountain and you sent all of the ANBU to buy you more sake from the Wind country!"

"Yeah.. but Naruto's face after he was told it was a phoney mission was priceless!" She laughed.

Shizune sighed "Maybe so, but just think what could happen if you got drunk again. You might end up sending all the shinobi to attack another village!"

"Mm.. but i can't stop now"


"Already had one cup full and you know, this stuff is pretty addictive. I think i deserve a break anyway, seeing as you've already made me mark over two hundred reports in four hours" The hokage gave a sly grin as she poured some more sake and downed it quickly.

"Ayee! No you don't, give that here now!" Shizune shrieked, glaring at the Hokage.

"One more?"


Tsunade sighed, placing the jug and cup on the desk. They were quickly snatched away by Shizune who performed a jutsu, making them disappear. She smiled at Tsunade "Better get started then, there's around 300 mission reports that need to be marked urgently and they wont be done any faster if you keep glaring at me"

"Ok ok, i get it!" The hokage sighed, taking a new pen from her stationary holder

Shizune nodded and picked up Tonton, leaving the room.

The Hokage looked up at the mountain of papers in front of her and grunted.

"I regret becoming hokage" She mumbled while standing up to reach the first paper. Taking it, she sat back down at her desk and read through it, finding it hard to concentrate 'All I've ever do is sign documents and hand out new ones and life certainly doesn't get any easier when lazy jounins decided to hand them in a week late' She finished the report, approving it with her signature 'One down.. 299 to go' Tsunade got to her feet quickly "I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO YOU KNOW!" She yelled, slamming her fist on the table. With a voice that loud, she could wake half of Konoha. 'I need a distraction and an excuse to leave all these reports' she sighed, taking another report and sitting down.


The middle of the hokage tower's roof caved in, rubble falling into the middle of the floor.

The doors burst wide open. Four ANBU and Shizune ran in "Hokage sama! Are you ok!?" shouted the cat masked ANBU.

Tsunade was not ok, out of shock she had tipped back on her chair and fell off landing on her back, hitting her head. She sat up rubbing it. A small smile appeared on her face as she noticed the reports had been knocked all over the floor. 'Perfect, it's a if my prayers were answered' She stood up slowly, quivering slightly from shock. "Yes I'm fine, but just what the hell is going on?! This disturbance woke up half of konoha!" She yelled, pointing out the window where nearly all of konoha's lights were on and people had began to gather in the street.

"We're not sure Hokage sama, we have ANBU on all areas of the village in case this is a supries attack, but by the looks of it nothing has happened" Said one of the ANBU

"Oh so the roof of the building just caved in on it's own did it?" She glared "Are you sure none of you are responsible?"

"I'm afraid i can't answer that.."

"AHHH!" Shizune shrieked

"For kamis sake! What on earth is the matter Shizune?!" The blond yelled

Shizune had a look of horror on her face, she was pointing at the pile of rubble.

"Th-th-there's a"

"A body in the rubble" An ANBU finished for her

Tsunade gasped and walked round the rubble to see a lifeless hand hanging out and a few strands of purple hair.

"Well don't just stand there gawking! Shizune, call any medical nurses who are on their shift!" Tsunade shouted, making the poor girl jump out of her skin.

"H-hai" Shizune ran out the door

"But Hokage sama, what if this person's an enemy of Konoha provoking an attack!?" Spoke up the cat ANBU

"And what if it's a Konoha citizen or a member of an allied village?" Tsunade snapped, frowning darkly.

"This might be an attack, this person might be the distraction so we draw all our attention to the incident!"

"Look, there are over thirty ANBU on patrol now, correct?"

"Y-yes but-"

"That's enough! They're are still plenty of ninja protecting the village in case we're going to be attacked, so why don't you go and help them?"

The cat ANBU paused before speaking "Hai sama.." 'Bloody hokage, i swear she has PMS or something..' He thought, before performing some seals and disappearing in a poof of smoke with the other three ANBU.

Straight after the smoke cleared, Shizune and three nurses ran in, two carrying a stretcher. Without hesitating they began to remove the rubble slowly, to make sure whatever was under it didn't sustain anymore damage. Slowly.. a body began to emerge. First thing that was visible was the hand of course. It was nearly fulling bandaged, only half of the fingers and the thumb showed, the fingernails painted a dark purple. Then shortly after, the full arm was revealed, the occupant under the rubble seemed to be wearing a black short sleeve shirt that had a rim of green on the end the the sleeve. The bandaging went all the way up to the elbow then stopped. A nurse working through a separate section of the rubble uncovered a leg, they now guessed that there was in fact a person under the rubble. The person was wearing black shorts that came half way down the thigh, then fishnet leggings covered the rest of the leg until it reached the ankle, the person wearing black sandals similar to the ones the konoha ANBU wore. Back to the other nurses, they had uncovered the torso and the head and yes, it was a nice rounded chest. So it was a girl. Her shirt hung on her shoulders and it revealed a fishnet shirt underneath. She had a kunai embedded deeply into her right shoulder, the shirt wet with blood and it had several lacerations in it. Her skin was pale and her hair was in fact purple as seen earlier. It was long and slightly coming down to we waist and was slightly bloodstained. She had a cloth tied over her right eye and on it were the kanji symbols for the word curse. She had an abnormal expression on her face. She was unconscious for sure, her visible eye black, but faded as if she were blind and her mouth open slightly as if she had been screaming then fell unconscious straight after. A couple of minutes later, the nurses had uncovered the whole of her body and lifted her slowly onto the stretcher. On her right arm was a long green sleeve that was roughly the size of an Akatsuki cloak sleeve and on her left leg the shorts had a small green kunai shape near the side of them. They could now see that she had an injury to the back of the head and several deep gashes down her right leg, along with the other injuries they had seen. Shizune checked for her for a pulse and after a few minutes of desperate searching, she found one, but it was very faint. Signaling she was done two nurses picked up the stretcher and with the third leading, they quickly exited the room and headed towards surgery along with Shizune and Tsunade.

The first nurse opened the large surgery doors, allowing easy access for the others. The two nurses set the stretcher on the edge of the bed and slowly with the help of Shizune, they slid the girl's body onto the operation table. Meanwhile, Tsunade was cleansing her hands in the nearby sink, applying plenty of disinfectant soap. She dried up quickly and put on a green plastic apron and some clear gloves, then approached the table where the other nurses began to set up. One pulled over a large, round theater light while the other dragged an oxygen concentrator and placed it near the top of the table. She then pulled out a mask and turned the machine on, adjusting some of the settings. Then put it on the girls mouth and had to hold it there gently because of the injury to the back of her head. Shizune took out a surgical needle from a canister and pushed it slowly through the skin of the girls right arm and injected a dose of anesthetic.

'Uhh.. what the hell? Why can't i see, did they get me?

Shizune took a pair of surgical scissors and cut through the fabric surrounding the shoulder wound, removing it to reveal a deep, bloody wound.

'Are they draining it? .. Is this what it feels like to be dead?'

Tsunade walked over to the table, picking up a clean scalpel from an equipment tray.

'Well i sure don't like it'

"I'll only be needing Shizune for this operation, so can i ask you three to return to whatever duties we interrupted?"

'What is this.. this darkness, this nothingness..'

The three nurses nodded and left the room. Shizune came over and took one of the nurses places, holding the oxygen mask.

'Oh, shit.. No! I can't die!'

Tsunade leant over the girl, knife in hand

'Fucking hell, LET ME WAKE UP!'


The knife clattered on the floor. Tsunade gasped and looked down to see the girl wide awake, a wild glare in her dark eye, her teeth gritted and a general angry look on her face. Shizune gasped, backing away from the scene. A firm grip was restraining her hand from moving, crushing the wrist paintfully. The girl used the other hand to remove the mask and throw it on the floor.

"Get. The fuck. Away. From me" The girl hissed, before releasing her grip on the blond's wrist.

Tsunade stepped back, holding her wrist which felt like it had been crushed by a boulder. She looked over to Shizune. "I thought you applied anesthetic?!"

"I did! I'm 100 percent sure i did!" Shizune replied, a hint of shock in her voice.

"Then how the hell.." Tsunade gasped, the girl was slowly sitting up. "No no, you can't sit up, you're injured!" She stepped nearer to her to help but the girl glared daggers, telling her to keep away. Once fully sat up she took hold of the kunai in her shoulder and yanked it out completely, yelling in pain. Tsunade couldn't stand back and watch anymore. As the girl threw the weapon on the floor, Tsunade signaled Shizune and the nurse pulled down the patient onto her back, dodging a punch to the face. Tsuande focused her chakra into her hands and placed them directly over the wound. The girl stopped struggling and lay her arms down.

"You're not with them are you?" She spoke, an angry tone in her voice.

"Who?" Tsunade gave her a questioning look.

"Never mind.. I've just noticed your symbol" The girl lifted her hand and pointed towards the hidden leaf village symbol on the wall. Tsunade didn't look at the wall but simply nodded, focusing on healing the shoulder wound. The girl chuckled, a creepy smile appearing on her face.

"What's funny?" Tsuande frowned.

"Hello Tsunade, Fifth Hokage of Konohgakure" She smiled.

Tsunade froze. 'Who the hell is this person?' "Am i supposed to know you?" She looked into the girls eye, frowning again.

"Probably not, but everybody knows you anyway"

Tsunade blinked, just who was this girl and what did she want?

After a few minutes of silence, Tsunade retracted from healing and sighed "I can't seem to heal anything, why is that?"

"Ah, i should of said earlier, medical jutsu's don't work on me. I've never bothered to find out why. Terribly sorry for wasting your precious time Hokage" the girl sneered.

Tsunade was getting pissed off with the girls attitude. The girl sat up and flinched slightly at the pain in her shoulder. She looked down at her left arm and noticed some cuts and bruises. She suddenly started chewing, but on what? Tsunade's eyes widened at the girls actions and Shizune frowned. Just what was she thinking. The girl lifted her arm up, then slowly licked the wounds, coating them in a thin trail of siliva and slowly, the wounds started to heal up, the bruises fading. Tsunade gasped, then immediately looked over to the shoulder wound. It was healing, all by itself and the wound had nearly closed up. Unable to believe what she saw, she looked back at the arm that had been treated and saw that all the wounds had gone, then walked round the back of the girl to see the head wound, that had healed too. The girl coated the tip of her thumb in siliva then wiped it down the leg with the lacerations and after a few seconds they were fully healed. She smiled, admiring her handy work and swung her legs over the edge of the table, attempting to stand. As soon as her body weight balanced out and she stood properly, she collapsed to her knees, grabbing the table. Tsunade felt herself smile as she walked over to the girl.

Tsunade bent down and put an arm around the girls waist and her arm over her shoulder and they steadily got her back on her feet "I don't think you're quite ready to leave yet. Come on, a couple of days rest to restore your chakra and to heal internally will do you some good"

The girl nodded "Yeah, thanks"

With Shizune's help, they lead her to the nearest empty room and sat her down on the bed. Shizune brought in fresh night clothes for her to wear.

"Would you mind wearing these? I can clean up your clothes for you if you like"

"Yeah sure.." The girl replied without even looking at her.

Shizune smiled "I'll be back in a few minutes" she said, then left the room.

She came back in 5 minutes later to find the purple haired girl fiddling with a syringe that had an orange liquid in it.

"Ahh! Please don't play with the equipment" Shizune sighed, taking the syringe and putting it in a cabinet.

The girl glared at her before pulling back the bed covers and crawling slowly into bed.

"Don't worry" Shizune smiled "A couple more days and you'll be out of here" She walked over to the door

"Yeh yeh.." the girl sighed, fidgeting on the bed.

"Goodnight" called

A muffled 'Whatever' came from the purple haired girl and Shizune turned out the light and walked away. The girl sighed 'How do i get myself into these things?' She thought, before her eyes couldn't stay open any longer and she fell into a deep sleep.


This was so much fun writing, and the girl, who's name i wont reveal, is a Naruto character i made up a long time ago.

Thanks for reading!