Yuuko's Wish


"Is there anything you wish to ask of me?" Yuuko asked.

"I do. There are many things I wish to ask," Watanuki confessed. "But I won't."


"Because I think that you will give me answers when the time comes, Yuuko-san," Watanuki said. Adding, "For a price." These words were not bitter, though. Just bemused. After all, at this point, this is what he expected of Yuuko-san.

"So I'd like you to tell me one thing," continued the boy who had recently realized he could remember almost nothing of the details of his past. "If there is any wish you want granted, if it is within my power to do, I will try my hardest to grant it. With all my heart. So please, tell me."

She hugged him to her. He had become stronger, not physically, but emotionally. The things he had experienced, his ties to people, these had made him stronger. But what has brought this about? Why does he want to grant my wish? "I have a wish that you might be able to grant. But what is the price?"

"Nothing," Watanuki said.

"There is always a price, Watanuki-kun," Yuuko said.

"Not for gifts of the heart, given to someone you care about," Watanuki said. "See? I have been paying attention, after all."

Yuuko smiled. "That's not completely true, but it's close enough for all intensive purposes. After all, there has to be some karmic leeway, or else free will would mean nothing."

"What is thine desire? What is your wish?" Watanuki asked. "What will you have me do?"

"I'll tell you, but not with words," Yuuko said.

"I don't understand," Watanuki said.

Yuuko held his face with her right hand. Watanuki was used to these odd quasi-affectionate caresses by now. Their faces were close enough that they could kiss, and the air he was breathing was heavily scented of her breath. This, again, was nothing unusual. "You will," Yuuko said. "Words are just distractions. Its not that they mean nothing, but rather, that they mean so many different things. 'Cerulean' and 'navy' are both 'blue,' but they are not the same. The love of family, the love of friends, and the love of a lover, these are all love, but again, they are not the same. And then you get into even more amorphous concepts like honor, good and evil, righteousness…and words only serve as proximate descriptions, signals to be interpreted by whomever they are relayed to."

"What are you saying, Yuuko-san?"

"Nothing at all," Yuuko wispered. "I'm just wasting time for dramatic effect, to watch the tension increase. As for the wish I want you to grant…it is so very simple, and you needn't even leave the shop to fulfill it." She still held his face. They were still close enough that they were breathing the same air. Close enough to kiss. And then, for the first time, the potential of the situation was realized: she kissed him. And indeed, from there, words were unnecessary.