Oneshot. Before Teddy tries out for the army and gets rejected. I wrote this for an assignment at school. (Just in case my teacher sees this, Alicia P did not plagerize because it's me lol)and songfic

Disclaimer: Teddy isn't mine and neither is the song (the song is the song that they kept singing in the movie)

Have gun will travel
Reads the card of a man
A knight without armor
In a savage land

People ask me why I still look up to my dad. "He almost burnt your ear right off your head!" they say. What do they know anyway? What do they know about heroes? Honestly, people…he stormed the beach at Normandy! He risked his life so people like them can be here living theirs!

His fast gun hired
Heeds the calling wind
A soldier of fortune
Is a man called Paladin.

He ain't loony neither, he's just … troubled. Go-lly, after everything he probably saw during his time in the army, who wouldn't?

Paladin, Paladin
Where do you roam
Paladin, Paladin
Far, far from home

I'm applying for the army tomorrow. I'm gonna be a hero, just like my dad! I'm gonna make him so proud! Maybe he'll get to come back home from the asylum when he hears that I became a soldier just like him. Everything will be peachy keen again. He'll be so proud, that he'll get up from his bed and just walk outta there, good as new!

He travels on
To wherever he must
A chess knight of silver
Is his badge of trust.

My Dad'll finally get the respect he deserves! No more of this "Loony" crap. Oh yeah, and I'll be the most famous and recognized war hero of my time! They'll make up songs about me, even learn about me in their history books. My dad will be so proud.

There are campfire legends
That the plainsmen sing of
A man with the gun
Of the man called Paladin