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Chapter Fourteen

"I never wanted your phone." The Doctor stated firmly with a small, meaningless glare in Martha's direction as he clutched the console of the stationary Tardis, as if afraid it might take off without warning once more.

"I didn't know you stole your hand back from Jack." Rose said at the same time, releasing the console and going over to inspect the Torchwood-inscribed jar. "How'd you manage that one without him noticing?"

Obviously feeling secure in their lack of further movement through time and space, the Doctor also released his hold on his old ship. "Just now." He nodded his head towards the other side of the console room. "I took a little side trip once we'd finished helping Doctor Jones over there invade U.N.I.T. from the inside."

"Well it worked, didn't it?" Martha demanded, also letting go of her death grip. "And we got rid of those Sontarons as well, didn't we?"

"Yeah, probably just like he always gets rid of all of the Daleks once and for all." Rose replied, jerking her head in the Doctor's direction.

It had been several months since the Doctor had returned to the Torchwood Hub to find Rose there, waiting for him, and their subsequent marriage. Since then, the two of them had been travelling constantly in the Tardis. Most recently, they had been on Earth. After the wedding ceremony in Peru that Rose had promised Jack, she and the Doctor had been set to travel the universe. Before they could go, however, they received a phone call from Martha, who had returned to England in the meantime.

Abandoning the Brigadier in Peru, they had helped both Martha and U.N.I.T. to foil a plot to make the planet a breeding ground for Sontarons. Once they had done this, Martha had gone with them to the Tardis, for just one more look, as she had said, when it had suddenly and without warning taken off. Now they were who knows where, who knows when, on who knows what planet.

"I only said that the one time." The Doctor insisted now. "And besides, it was thousands of years in the future."

"There was that other time a couple of years ago, too." Rose reminded him with a faint smile. "Don't tell me you've forgotten that?"

"What other time?" The Doctor demanded.

"Canary Wharf." Rose replied.

"Ok…so maybe I have said that more than once." The Doctor admitted slowly. "But it's not my fault if the Sontarons show up again. I never said they were gone forever."

"I think we should check outside, now." Martha said with a barely suppressed laugh as she moved towards the door.

"Excellent idea." The Doctor said.

Things might have turned out differently if they had stayed inside the Tardis and returned to Earth and Martha's waiting fiancé. If they hadn't gone outside, they wouldn't have gotten caught in the midst of a war between the humans and the Hath that had been raging for generations on the planet Messaline. The Doctor's hand wouldn't have been forced into the progenation machine, and Jenny never would have been born. And if Jenny had never been born, she never could have been killed.

Jenny had been a part of their lives for so short a time, but she had managed to effect them all so much.

Rose had known that the Doctor had had an entire life before he'd ever met her. She'd met Sarah Jane Smith, whom the Doctor had traveled with before Rose had even been born. She'd heard his stories of Gallifrey, the home planet he had practically been forced to destroy. And along the way, she'd even heard him mention the family he'd once had. But he had lost that family. And now she had just witnessed him lose yet another child. But she hadn't been just the Doctor's daughter, she had been Rose's daughter, too. There wasn't any blood relation, but Jenny had been her daughter, if only for a short while.

The Doctor and Rose made their way back to the Tardis by themselves, attempting to leave the Source and all of the problems it had caused behind them. Martha had told them she'd be back in a bit and was staying to check out all of the wounded that still remained from the seven-day war.

After climbing through and over piles of rubble to reach the Tardis, they had barely made inside when the Doctor simply stopped and sat down on the floor just inside the door. Silently, Rose sat down beside him and leaned back against the door, closing her eyes wearily.

"I hate that hand." The Doctor said after almost five minutes of silence.

"It's a part of you; you can't hate it." Rose replied.

"Well then I shouldn't have taken it back from Jack."

"You had no way of knowing any of this would happen." Rose said firmly. "Don't you dare go blaming yourself for anything. Cobb is the one at fault here, not you. Do you understand?"

"We should find Martha." The Doctor stated. "She probably wants to be getting home."

"We should stay for the funeral." Rose said softly. "Say goodbye."

The Doctor merely nodded, saying nothing out loud.

And in this case it was good that he said nothing, for if he had argued and insisted they leave instantly. If they had left, they would have missed the miracle that had occurred, either as a result of the Source itself or maybe Jenny's unique DNA. Either way, staying on Messaline for a short while longer proved to be the best move the Doctor had ever made. Somehow, someway Jenny had been reborn and, while the Doctor now had a knowing look in his eyes, overshadowed by the jubilant grin on his face, he wasn't saying anything on the subject.

"Some dad you are." Jenny said, back in the Tardis, her arms wrapped tightly around the Doctor. "Mum says you were going to leave me behind."

"I changed my mind." Was the Doctor's reply.

"I'm glad." Jenny stated, releasing him and taking a step back. "So, where're we headed now?"

"I'm going home." Martha said firmly. "For real this time. No more side trips."

"And then we'll run?" Jenny asked hopefully.

"Then we'll run." The Doctor repeated.

Once Martha had been dropped off at home, back on Earth, Jenny turned to the Doctor with an excited grin on her face.

"So, dad, where are we off to next?" She asked.

"Well, we're definitely going to need to find Romana before we send out the family Christmas card." He replied thoughtfully. "Otherwise she's going to track me down and quite possibly kill me."

"Who's Romana?" Jenny asked, slightly confused.

"The only other Time Lady in existence." Rose said. "She's the one who got me back to this universe and back to your dad."

"What?" Jenny demanded, now totally confused.

The Doctor sighed, already walking around the console, flicking switches as he went.

"We aren't going to be going anywhere for a while." He said, looking resigned. "This is all going to take some explaining."

Rose sat across from the console, a small smile forming on her face as the Doctor attempted to explain to Jenny just about everything there was to know about Time Lords, from ancient Gallifreyen history down to operating the Tardis. To her credit though, Jenny appeared to be keeping up with her father's ramblings, even as they constantly changed directions.

The smile faded a bit from Rose's face as watching Jenny and the Doctor together reminded her of herself with Pete. In the past few months she had tried as hard as she could not to think about the family she had left behind in the parallel universe, and it wasn't because she didn't miss them—because she did. It was because she didn't want to miss them; it would hurt too much. Though she missed them all, it was better for Rose not to dwell on the past.

Because Rose had found the Doctor and now they had Jenny. They were a family now, and it truly was home.