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Note: Our story opens on the second night of a three night full moon.

Between Worlds:

Chapter 1 – Kidnapped

A Harry Potter Fanfic

by Vampiremouse


Nightmouse ( or Mischief Managed ( LONGBOTTOM, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF.

A week ago, the portly, grey-haired wizard had admired the brand new sign on his door.

That had been a good day. Today it was not such a good day.

The evening edition was late, and it was late because John Lupin was nowhere to be found. Amos stormed out of his office "Where in hell is that Muggleborn...gave him a chance, I did, first Muggleborn at this damn paper and this is how he repays me..."

Tiffany at the reception desk looked up from her mini-fireplace set, hands permanently stained in green Floo powder. "Got a Floo call from his wife, she said it was urgent, transferred it over to his mini-Floo, and then he just grabbed a handful of MY powder without a by-your-leave and was gone."

Amos stalked over to the office fireplace. "The Prophet's Floo powder...my Floo powder since I am the editor-in-chief," he corrected with a glare at the girl.

The girl, wisely kept her mouth shut and went back to sucking on a sugar quill

"Lupin Residence" Longbottom snarled clearly, and waited a moment for the fireplaces to connect.

He stuck his head in the flame to find a scene of disarray, a weeping wife, and no John Lupin.

"Ahem...Mrs. Lupin is that you" Amos grumbled.

"Yes...oh I'm sorry, didn't hear the Floo calling," the woman sniffed, trying belatedly to dry her eyes and pull herself together.

"This is Amos Longbottom from the paper. I can see this is a time of some distress but I need to speak to your husband immediately."

"He isn't here, Mr. Longbottom"

"Where can I find him then? I have an evening edition to print and your husband, who I was open-minded enough to hire, is HOLDING ME UP." Amos was still trying to be reasonable, before the obviously distraught woman, but what little patience he had was fast running out. He stormed through the appature directly into the family living room.

"Then its your paper that will be late, or printed without him!...My husband is out there right now because a story YOU sent him to cover got our son kidnapped and mauled by a werewolf. Is that what you want to hear? Are you going to stand by us now, be more open-minded, Mr. Longbottom, or are you going to blame it on my five-year old son?"

The half-hysterical woman shoved a crumpled, tear-stained note into his hands which he read with horror.

You are about to learn a lesson Lupin, about what happens to nosy Mudbloods who look into corners of the world they are NOT WELCOME IN. You will stop investigating the affairs of your betters and become a nice tame little reporter or you will never see your little boy again. He has some injuries that probably need addressing, so tasty young flesh. Normally I like to raise these young ones into the glory of werewolf living, but in this case an infected son will keep you rather busy. Bring your so-called evidence to wizard's bluff, if you ever want to see your little werewolf again

Fenrir Greyback

--------Scene Break--------

At that very moment, John Lupin stood on a rapidly darkening bluff with a folder in cold, shaking hands. His sandy-blond hair, hastily fastened cloak, and work robe blew randomly in the breeze; hem and office slippers soaked by the winter snow.

"Throw your wand away" a voice growled. It had been years but John Lupin recognized that hateful voice despite its new deeper timbre and animalistic demeanor.

"Hello Fenrir." The reporter watched his adversary emerge from the shadows. Lupin glanced nervously at the sky, the setting sun, the soon to be rising moon.

"Lupin," the werewolf answered, scratching absent mindedly at his arms and face, "So good to see you again...so many years since our mutual animosity at Hogwarts. Did you wonder why I left?" The werewolf stretched his face up toward the sky in a combination of anticipation and mild discomfort. He rubbed at finger tips that lengthened and sharpened, before Lupin's facinated yet horrified eyes. Then the beast smiled with false commradery, opening his mouth so that the sharpening teeth gleamed blood red in the diminishing light. He deliberately bit into his own lip turning illusion into reality.

John shivered again and it had nothing to do with being cold.

"I can control the change...speed it up...or slow it down. Even choose when to kill. Not all my pack are so...skilled," Greyback purred, removing his outer garments to welcome the night. Only then was Lupin aware of the other werewolves surrounding him. Some looked eager and hungry, others looked sick and anxious, but he had no doubt he was surrounded by creatures that in only a few short moments would consider him prey whether their human selves agreed or not. He heard the crack of Apparation and three skull-masked wizards circled him on broomsticks with wands at the ready.

The sun set in a glory of reds, yellow, gold and pink, but John Lupin was oblivious to the glory. He sadly lowered his wand and threw it into a distinctive snowbank. What other choice did he have? He lowered the folder to the ground and a hissing voice said, "Accio Folder" before it zoomed into a waiting hand.

"Enjoy your plaything Greyback," the masked figure said, before Apparating. The remaining aerial guards stayed.

"So fitting, that one named for the wolf should become one...a fate I am happy to honor your son with." The werewolf smirked, stretching almost sensuously into the thin slivers of moonlight. He took off his shirt displaying the now inflamed bite scar with pride and reverence. As the moments went on Greyback scratched at his skin and each sharp claw sent bloody tracks along his flesh, that healed in lines of fur.

Anger burned through Lupin's body a rage he had kept in check for years. He hated Greyback, back when he was a Slytherin in school to John Lupin's Gryffindor, back when his blasted pure-blooded parents had sneared at the Mudblood and threatened Vera for spurning Fenrir for a boy of 'low-birth'. Now Fenrir was outwardly the monster he had always been inside. He wanted to rend this beast limb from limb, take him down before the transformation was complete...he tried to focus, nothing mattered but saving Remus. Even if the poor boy was infected now, he was still his son.

"Where is my son?" Lupin growled at the other man, hoping to get through this melodrama while Greyback was still human enough to answer.

"Still want him now that he is a beast? Hurting, hungry and far too young to understand...pity" The werewolf laughed, but the laugh turned to a wince that left Greyback clutching at his visibly shifting ribcage.

"What's the matter Greyback, conscience getting to you?" Lupin bluffed to disguise his nervousness, he knew the moon was about to rise.

"No, only the moon approaching, but these transient annoyances will soon pass, and I will revel in the gift of Mother Luna" He breathed reverently

"Where is my son Greyback?" Lupin was almost frantic now, the werewolf's posture had shifted, his limbs and face were changing. John still had no idea how to reach Remus, who, judging from the looks of the other werewolves, was probably feeling pretty uncomfortable right about now.

"Come on Fenrir, you want me to be horrified by my own son, to have to deal with a monster in my family, a dark secret, or maybe you want him to bite me. You can't control the entire pack around fresh meat get them out of here and leave me with Remus."

"A Portkey...it also serves as a key to your son's chains," Fenrir hissed, "Beg for it, Lupin." He tossed it onto the ground, lightly burying it with one half transformed paw.

Terrified, humiliated and angry, John Lupin got down on his knees in freezing snow, before a half-human monster of a man amidst a circle of werewolves, and begged for the literal and figurative key to reaching his suffering, incurably cursed son.

Even as the reporter reached for the Portkey, the monster above him continued to change, lingering menacingly above his head. Lupin dug with half-frozen hands, feeling the hot breath and drool dripping onto his skin. He shuddered, not daring to look up or react, there were only one way out of this mess.

John trembled, his breath coming in panting clouds, hearing the mixture of laughter and howls along with the beginnings of other transformations. Just when all hope seemed lost and it was time to bid his family, and the world goodbye, he saw the dim glow. Heart pounding, ears closed desperately against a cacophany of pained moans, terrifying screams and even more chilling laughter, John grasped the key between shaking hands, until with a wrench at his navel, he found himself in darkness.


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