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Between Worlds: Chapter 3

A Walk with the Potters

"Do try to behave, James" Rose Potter admonished, her only child, with a long-suffering smile. Her flawlessly straight, gray-streaked, black hair was pulled into a simple though elegant coif, in sharp contrast to the thoroughly untamable locks of her beloved son.

The boy, scampering between his parents, looked up with wide hazel eyes and the deceptively innocent expression she knew far too well.

"I'm not gonna be in Ravenclaw mum…I'm sorry, but dad's right, I don't think I'll fit there."

Beside her Daniel could hardly suppress a chuckle.

Rose sighed knowing the boy was right.

"As long as it's Gryphindor, like your father, and not…"

"Hufflepuff?" James asked with a cheeky grin.

This time neither parent could hold back the laughter.

"You are far too much the original to end up in Hufflepuff…but if the hat offers you Slytherin, please refuse James." Daniel continued, suddenly completely serious. "Far to many dark wizards come out of that house, it's the one thing we could never abide from you, son."

Her husband had a veritable mane of chestnut curls liberally streaked with silver. In James, the combination of thick curls and fine straight hair collided in a singular mass of nearly black, cowlicks and waves that absolutely defied a single conventional style.

She shuddered passing the Lestranges, cousins of course. Were a single one of the ancient and esteemed pure wizarding families any further then third cousins-twice removed, or some such nonsense? As usual her cousins, if either family even wished to acknowledge the other, were festooned in jewels and obsessed with avoiding the very touch of "unclean" blood. Hmm there was an insight; it wouldn't surprise her at all, if the Lestrange bloodline actually carried obsessive tendencies. Yet another one to verify, and add to the chart, she mused silently. If the infant muggle science of genetics, and her own research, could be believed...the most ancient, and therefore inbred, of the wizarding families were actually destroying themselves by reinforcing negative traits over and over. At this point, it was a true question whether it was nature or nurture that made these bigots so thoroughly unpleasant.

Despite stemming from ancient pureblood families, the Potters preferred to reflect their combined heritage in good behavior and hand-tailored attire, of the highest quality, rather then ostentatious jewels and elaborate robes. The Lestranges, and all their ilk made her ill with their condescending, superior ways and eye-catching jewels.

"Another little blood traitor coming to school?" Rudulphus Lestrange Sr. nearly spat. "Or perhaps you can redeam your despicable family as a Slytherin."

"My son will never be a Slytherin" Daniel Potter answered, throwing all previous doubts aside in the face of the enemy.

"Then your son, is as foolish and contemptible as you" Lestrange dismissed the Potters as if they were no longer residents of the same planet.

Summoning all of her dignity, Rose put one arm around her fuming husband, wjho was managing to smile through gritted teeth, and the other around James who had a FAR too innocent look on his young face and a devilish gleam in his hazel eyes.

Like his father, James was a natural charmer who could look utterly innocent even when caught gooey-handed amid a sea of purloined sweets.

Intellect of a born ravenclaw well overshadowed by the courage and raw troublemaking instinct of a natural Gryphindor.

Still she would have hoped for a slightly more biddable child. Young James was brilliant, and that was half his problem. Far too intelligent for his peers, the boy had amused himself by finding ever more inventive ways to cause trouble, amassing copious quantities of knowledge seemingly as an afterthought. He was a caring and a loyal boy like both parents he had certain athleticism, taking to the quitich broom as if born to it. But she Rose and Henry the wonder of having a healthy child, devoid of the problems, which plagued the closely inbred families. Those pureblood bigots could harp all they wanted on the inferiority of muggle-born and half-blooded wizards, her studies sadly proved the importance of wider breeding if the wizarding lines were to survive at all. The muggle study of genetics was still in its infancy but Rose had learned enough from it and a careful study of the complete wizarding genealogies to realize that the rates of probable genetic defect were rising astronomically. Rose's sister Margaret was blind, from birth, a source of shame for the family but it was true they had never produced a squib. On the other hand, the Potters had perfectly fine vision but Daniel, despite being a brilliant wizard in his own right, deeply feared a non-magical child. Those problems were nothing compared to the suspected insanity and uncontrollable rage in the Black line, which was of course, not all that distantly related to the Potters.

As they approached the platform her thoughts were broken by the laughter of running teenagers and rapidly moving luggage carts. A boy and a girl, about 13 and 15 respectively, were literally racing for the barrier at brake-neck speed and on a collision course with the Potters.


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