A random scene I thought of in science.

"…and the football game will be rescheduled for this Friday. Now we have your student council president leading you in the pledge. Please rise."

Jasper heard the crackling voice come out through the school intercom, and watched the students around him rise and face the flag. He knew it would be easier if he followed their lead. It was what Carlisle would want. No sense in making a scene over nothing. All that was required was for him to stand and recite some mindless words to the limp American flag hanging in the corner, and it shouldn't have been too difficult. But he didn't want to. In fact, it was probably the last thing he felt like right now, with all the emotions everywhere.

It was Monday morning, and everyone had come to school tired and crabby. The drizzle outside felt even more dreary than usual, and Forks High School seemed to sag in the negative spirits. Jasper was putting all his will into suppressing his raging thirst, and he didn't want to be bothered by droning on and on to square of red white and blue cloth (Unless, he thought to himself, it was his beloved Dixie). So Jasper remained seated.

But this was the wrong class to do that in.

Mrs. Robinson peered out of the corner of her eye at him, hand still over her heart and mouth still forming the words, but seething with contempt. Jasper could feel it rolling off her in waves, and he realized he'd just made a mistake. Maybe if he stood up now, and finished the end, she wouldn't mind. He remembered to late that she had a son in the service, and as an American History teacher this was especially important to her.

But he just didn't feel like it.

The pledge ended, and the class sat down. Mrs. Robinson turned to Jasper and he could feel her disdain.

"Mr. Hale, would you please stand up?" He was in for it now. Damn. Jasper slowly slid out of his seat and turned to face the teacher.


"Mr. Hale, I wondered why you felt it unnecessary to recite the pledge this morning."

"Isn't that my right as an American citizen? I shouldn't be forced to pledge loyalty to a country against my will should I? Wouldn't that go against everything we believed in?" Jasper knew he shouldn't be encouraging her, that an apology probably would have sufficed, but if things had turned out his way, he would be paying his respects to the Southern flag right now. Maybe if I'd stayed for a couple more battles…. To late now.

"Ah, I see. So you feel no respect for the country you live in? Does freedom of speech, of religion, of press mean nothing to you? I know you come from a, shall we say, privileged family, but I imagined that as an adopted child you would be more thankful for what you have."

Jasper gritted his teeth. This lady was really starting to tick him off. And she could be taken care of so easily….no, no, no, mustn't think of that. He wondered why Alice hadn't seen this and arranged for him to be called to the office or something.

"Yes, I guess this country has never done anything wrong. Not like the land we have wasn't practically stolen from those already here. Not like we never entered wars we had no right to be in (I'm not talking about a particular war here, so don't get mad at me.).Not like we're in trillions of dollars of debt. Not like we never respected opinions when some decent folks decided they wanted to separate from that godforsaken Union…" People were starting to stare now, and Jasper stopped his rant. He felt a surge of emotion as he thought about the Confederacy, and he watched as a couple of nearby students got the same dreamy eyed expression as he had. Crap.

"The Confederacy? Would you rather pay allegiance to the rebel flag?"

Jasper stood up straighter and had to work to keep a southern twang out of his voice. "Ma'am, there is nothing wrong with some folks wanting to keep things the way they've been. And there is nothing wrong with the Confederacy."

Confused glances filled the classroom, but Jasper didn't care. How dare she insult the Confederacy! Suddenly an announcement came over the loudspeaker. "Jasper Hale, you're wanted at the front office."

Thank you Alice, he thought silently, and hurried out of the room. He could feel Mrs. Robinson's glare at his back.

Dashing to the parking lot, he met Alice by the car.

"What took you so long?" Jasper was surprised to find Alice's eyes full restrained laughter.

"Oh, I just wanted to see how far you'd take it. You get so patriotic when you start thinking of 'Dixieland.'" Alice finally gave in and began laughing hysterically. "And the way…you went….off….on her…" she gasped between giggles. "Seriously, you need to realize, the war's over." Trying to compose herself, she asked "So what in the world possessed you to make a scene like that? Carlisle's going to freak."

Jasper was trying to be mad, but kept being overwhelmed by Alice's hysteria. In desperation to do himself justice, he tried to explain. "You have no idea how many girls in that classroom were PMS-ing. I swear, what's with these people? And why do we have to be all negative on Mondays? For my sake, everyone should just fill themselves with warm and fuzzies. It's not like their life is so hard." Alice broke out in another fit of laughing and Jasper joined her, both of them collapsing in mirth under the rain.

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