This is Edward' s point of view... This is very fluffy and very sexual...

I watched her luscious lips as they came into contact with the strawberry. Biting down self consciously and licking up the juice with her soft, warm pink tounge. Watching as her eyes closed. Savoring the taste. Taking another bite, this time making sure her eager mouth touches my cold, hard fingers. I exhaled sharply and closed my eyes. Not savoring the taste, savoring the moment. The human moment.

She was so willing... So... Eager for an eternity. With me. As a monster. What bothered me was I didn't know why. I was so used to being able to see into the shallow human mind. I couldn't read hers... Know her motives... It frustrated me to no end... Why did she want this? I wasn't worth this... This... Life.

Picking up another strawberry, I watched Bella. She was thinking, that much I could tell. Looking quizzically at her, she blushed. Immediately, I knew... When she had given me her most precious gift. Her virginity... I knew she wanted it again, but I had only so much self control. Bella.. Bella... Bella. What was I going to do with my angel? For now, I didn't care. I was content watching her eat strawberries. She bit the strawberry again, watching the juice slowly cascade down my wrist. Quickly I reached to wipe the juice off, she caught my wrist.

Lifting my wrist to her mouth, she carefully let her tounge glide over my wrist, getting a little of the juice. She let her tounge slide out again, this time licking up my wrist and over my palm. Carefully, planting kisses up to the rolled up white sleeve, of my shirt. I didn't dare stop her, not now. She was so keen to pleasure me. I would just shut up and let her. Bella crawled into my lap and slowly met my gaze. Blushing furiously. I smiled my famous crooked smile and touched her cheeks.

Meanwhile I let my lips wander. Down her chin, over her throat, across her collarbone. Into the v-neck of Alice's shirt. She quietly moaned. If I was human, I wouldn't have heard. She threw her head back, allowing me access to her throat and the pools created by her collarbone. Bella fell back on the bed, taking me with her.

"Edward." She gasped.

I smiled slightly immediately knowing what she was thinking. "Alice called Charlie. You are having a sleep over to celebrate the wedding plans." I murmured into her ear. I licked the exposed part of her breast. She moaned. Closing her eyes and arching her back slightly. I shook my head and whispered cautiously into her ear. "Bella. What am I going to do with you?" I smirked. Knowing the words before she said them. "Love me?" I nodded. I did love her. More than she knew. Carefully, I snaked my hand up her shirt. Watching her eyes close and her hips buck instinctively. I held one hand over her hips, worried if she lost control she would break something crashing against my stone body. Easily, I slipped my hand over her breasts, feeling the immediate reaction. I smiled. Knowing she was about to orgasm.

I chuckled almost silently. Shimmying back up to her lips. "These are Alice's jeans." I said quietly. She groaned, knowing what I was up to. Though probably not caring. "Just take them off." She replied blushing. I couldn't help but comply as she clawed my shirt. I slipped that off too.

I inhaled deeply. Remembering the last time. The feel of her, the smell of her. Also remembering my favorite smells and tastes and feels. I smiled as she bucked again under me.

Bella was lost to her own euphoria lying under me, I knew. I gently grabbed her breast. Again going for her lips. I crushed my lips to hers hungrily. Listening for the speed of her heart, and the pulse of the blood. As soon as I could feel it, I let go of her captured lips watching her wriggling naked body. So fragile. So beautiful.

"Bella?" I sighed closing my eyes. Feeling her get goosebumps as my thumb circled her nipple. Again and again.

She was past coherency. She nodded. That was the best Bella could do at the moment. "I think its time we went to bed." I whispered. She grunted and sat up. Giving me a good view of all that was Bella. She saw me smiling and sat in my lap. I still wouldn't let my hands pause. Circling. Again and Again. Bella exhaled sharply. She was trying not to orgasm. I slowly set my lips on one of her nipples. "What do you think?" I murmured into her cleavage. Bella reached down to my hands, grabbing them firmly. Making me stop. Her hands on top of mine, resting on her breasts. I looked up at her, shocked.

"Edward?" She panted.

I smiled at her. All ears. "Hm??" I again set my lips on one of her breasts, feeling her peak under my mouth. Sensually, I let my tounge slowly lick her nipple. Once, twice, three times. "Bella?" Sure enough. Bella was here. Probably not able to comprehend English at the current time, but here. She was shaking. Clawing at my back. Again, trying desperately not to succumb. I slowly saw her eyes open a little bit. "Bella, stop." I commanded quietly. She needed this and I wanted to give it to her.

"But I-" I cut her off. Easily. Letting my finger slowly stroke her throbbing clit. "Sh.." I breathed slowly into her neck. "Edwar- Oh God..." She whispered. I'd slowly pulled apart the skin hiding her delicious clit from view. "Yes?" I answered properly. What she said shocked me. "Your sheets..." She panted. "Can be washed..." I assured her. I knew I'd have to wash my sheets anyway. We all had super sensitive smell and Bella smelled...

Especially now as she was coming. I looked at her face. She was still not giving in, I had to make this harder.

"Bella. Lay down." I ordered. My voice was quiet and velvet, but held a note of unmistakable authority. Bella obeyed. I removed my fingers while she laid back.

The black sheets were messed up and the gold comforter was on the floor, we didn't care. Bella put her head on her favorite pillow, a gold one. She always claimed they reminded her of my eyes. I smirked as she did. She didn't stand a chance.

Bella met my hungry gaze and sandwiched her legs together. Trying desperately to hide her swollen clit. I smiled and gently reached under her. Cupping her butt as I leaned up to kiss her. Sh met my lips. I knew this was an adequate distraction. Her legs loosened instantly. I slowly laid my cold hand over her throbbing pubic mound. She shivered and again tried to close her legs. "Bella!" I whispered exhausted with her terrible tries at stopping me. "I know you want this." I said turning my eyes on her. Her legs slackened along with her jaw. "Much better." I replied again laying my hand over her swollen clit. She moaned. As guttural an animal sound

as mine.

I splayed my hand over her stomach. Gently and carefully, I reached down to reveal her clit again. Smiling widely as the skin was pulled back. I reached the hand that was on her stomach to lay over her pubic hair, prepared to stop her if she closed her legs again.

I let one cold finger wander to her clit. Stroking it gently. Slowly. Driving her mad, she would give in. I was sure of it. Her legs opened wider this time, eagerly waiting for my hand. I could tell Bella had no control over this, she'd lost control long ago. I smiled widely as her legs opened so wide, I didn't have to hold the skin back anymore. I moved down between her legs, taking it all in. It was beautiful, just like the rest of my Bella. I slowly lowered my mouth onto her clit. Taking a deep breath and blowing it out again. She arched her hips off the bed and moaned. Thank God! If they weren't hunting, Emmett would have taken interest long ago. I licked her clit. Savoring the taste. Watching her face, feeling her heart throb. Feeling her clit throb. "Bella. Its okay." I whispered against her clit. She heard me, I'm positive, because the next second she orgasmed.

Arching her back and moaning louder than I thought possible. I drank her greedily, savoring my favorite taste of Bella. Not even her blood compared. It was knowing that I did this to her... This so human act, that made me happy to see her orgasm, but there was something else as well.

I loved seeing Bella let go. Drop her walls and really let go. When she orgasmed, she did. She didn't care about the world, or the mutt , all she cared about was me, and my hand or tounge.

When she was done, and my eyes were the lightest topaz they'd ever been, I crawled up to her, laying my head on her heart. Occasionally, kissing her nipple.

"Are you tired?" I whispered. I heard her chuckle quietly. She nodded and shivered. I moved my head off her chest, reaching down for the blankets that had fallen off the bed. Bella whimpered when I laid on top off the blankets. Laughing to myself, I crawled under the blankets again.

"I didn't want you to stop." Bella whispered desperately. I immediately obliged, happily.

Ever since the first time, we couldn't keep our "paws off each other." As Charlie called it. I didn't care, I had an eternity to "keep my paws on Bella." And I would. Every second of every day. Without thinking I started humming her lullaby. More potent than any sleep medicine. Bella fell asleep quickly and left me to my silent contemplation.

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