The End of Innocence in three parts (Act Three – Submission)

She panted softly as she lay in the tangled bedding, her cheek resting along the male's belly as he attempted to regain himself. Soft growls would occasionally emerge as he clenched his fist in the black hair draped over his hip. He Was already fighting himself to give her the time to recover her senses just bare minutes after he'd shattered her. She slowly opened dazed eyes and watched him, feeling the tension in his big body as his muscles rippled and shifted restlessly. She'd never imagined anyone could be so insatiable, so completely enslaved to their own sensuality.

Sesshomaru forced himself to lie still, though every warm breath that gusted over his flesh threatened to undo him. He shifted his hips and then groaned through clenched teeth as the movement dragged Kagome's silky hair over his aroused flesh. Having finally given in to his desires, he found himself utterly incapable of restraining himself as he once had, no longer able to control his body's impulses. His awareness of her had sharpened; every beat of her heart and every shift of the elegantly curved body that lay against him in unknowing temptation, he felt her in a way that was no longer strictly physical. Felt when she tentatively touched on the new link in their psyches…and when she discovered the sharp ferocity of his desire.

Kagome gasped softly. Did he always feel like this? It was like standing in a firestorm…and she wondered how he could control the chaos in his was so much more tied to his desire than simple lust and affection. If it was just those simple facets, he'd have continued to wait for her and would have taken her when his affection melted into the common love of mates. But he was never meant to be a common youkai. There was too much power in him, the gift of careful breeding through millennia and a strange anomaly in his beast. Where most young youkai were trained from birth to repress and control the witless thing that would only give them the vague urges and instincts of their more animalistic side, Sesshomaru's beast came into being with all the intellect of its chillingly gifted counterpart.

She could feel everything in him that drove him to this end…his passion, his protectiveness, his fear of her near loss, the beast's possessive nature. And most of all…she felt the love that bordered on obsession. She should have been frightened of its intensity, but all she could do was feel awed that this exquisitely beautiful animal loved herso completely. Reaching up, shestroked her fingertips over the enticing shimmer of his golden skin, drawing his even more intensely golden eyes down to her flushed face. She could see the barely leashed need in them, feel it in his tension, and touch it as her cheek brushed the heavy length of him when she shifted and drew herself upward. He released his grip on her hair in response and she slowly crawled her way up his prone form, a part of her wondering at his strange passivity as he allowed her to settle atop him. She spread herself across his heavily muscled torso, her thighs draped comfortably over his waist as she braced her forearms on his chest and leaned upwards a bit to look at his face. His eyes kindled with heat, but he remained as he was.

And she realized, then what he was giving her; atonement for his earlier roughness and the helpless fear he had caused when he'd lost himself to his instincts. Wonder and innocent curiosity shimmered in the depths of wide blue eyes as they locked on the male's own. The barest hint of the gentle smile she was used to curved the lips that had ravaged her body with such impossible pleasure. His hands drifted lower to gently shift her hips downward and roll them just slightly until that hard, eager part of him pressed hungrily against the still slick heat of her. But he made no more advances and she knew that if she wished anything more of him, she'd have to take him on her own. It was a slightly daunting prospect, no matter her curiosity and her newborn knowledge of his body.

Like always, he seemed to sense her hesitation over how to begin and took note of the way her gaze lingered on his mouth. He eased them both upward until he could brace his broad shoulders against the headboard and give her the option she seemed to be silently asking for. She hesitated for only a moment, before she leaned forward and pressed her lips against his. Like before, she was surprised at how easily the firm contours of his wide mouth gave under hers, lips parting when she let her curiosity prod her into pressing her tongue against them. She felt the subtle vibration against her breasts as he purred in reaction, and again she felt that odd moment of déjà vu. He opened further, inviting her in and she went slowly, exploring his unique taste and the subtle inward curve of his sharp canines. Her hands braced against his chest and she leaned further into him, shivering when he nipped the tip of her tongue before dragging his own along the roof of her mouth and Kagome shivered in reaction, her hips shifting restlessly in his hands and pressing down against him. He groaned softly, the tone just as much pleasure as it was needful…a sound that peeled back the shadows from the hazy memory and she found herself remembering.

It had been last year, just after her birthday. She'd been pressed by her friend into playing that silly game of 'Seven Minutes in Heaven' and promised that no one would force her to do anything after she was locked in with whichevermale was chosen. She'd not wanted any part of it, but peer pressure was a wicked thing and she'd finally cave. She had yet to understand the reason for the way her body felt chilled bythe touch of any male who attempted to draw her into a relationship, and was not looking forward to forcing herself to tolerate a stranger's hands on her. But the looks on both Sango's and Kagura's faces as she tried to get out of yet another attempt to interest her in a male had made her sigh, before walking towards one of the closets and forcing herself to close the door behind her.

She waited for the required ten minutes to passso as to preserve the identity of the females. Finally a new crowd of males were called into the room. She'd no way of knowing that both girls in question had themselves been shoved into closets and were waiting forwhichevermale to make their appearance. Sango had been saved from her fate when Mirokuall but flattened the male who had tried to follow his girlfriend, climbing in after her with a decisive thump of the door into the frame. Kagura had ended up with an outrageous flirt of anIkazuchyoukai with eyeseven redder than her own.

Kagome never heard the soft growl that caused the young man intending to open her own door to tuck tail and run before he found himself up against a male with murder in his cold eyes. She never bothered to turn and see who filled the doorway before shutting the door behind himself. And she only barely resisted as she was slowly turned to lean against the wall, resigning herself as she felt the softest of kisses pressed against her unresponsive lips. It had surprised her when that anticipated feeling of discomfort failed to chill her.

Instead…heat had spilled from his lips and seeped through her until she shivered from it. He'd not pressed her for more, but she'd been stunned bythe softness of his lips and the easy way he allowed her to dictate the progress of it.She remembered the way he'd captured her hands when she had reached out to touch him, refusing to allow her to discover him in that way. She'd gotten the impression of great height as her head tilted back sharply on her neck to keep the contact with the unknown male's smiling mouth. It was only as the last minute began to run out that he deepened the kiss…and gave her the sensation she'd never forget. He dragged his tongue along the roof of her mouth and groaned deeply, the hungry male sound startling her and kick-starting a new, fragile desire. Her first real kiss given to a faceless stranger. Then he was gone…so fast that from one blink to the next he had vanishedand she was left facing an open door with the light blinding her.

It had taken her the rest of the night, but she'd eventually forced the memory from her mind. She didn't want to dwell on something that was so fleeting in the scheme of her life, and she'd been so busy with the forgetting that she did not take note when Sesshomaru failed to comment on the scent of another male imprinted on her body.

Now….she knew why.

And like some kind of erotic trigger, the remembered sensation coupled with the rough sound from deep in Sesshomaru's throat and the heated feel of him spread under her sent that amazing need through her. She now knew what desire felt like, having learned it at the hands of his beast and his own searing need, but she found herself wanting again to feel that first spike of unimaginable pleasure and curious wanting. She once again rocked her hips down into him in unconscious need, and he responded with a slow, upward roll of his own that drove a surprised whimper from her. She couldn't help the way her body followed his unspoken suggestion, letting the thick ridge of his cock dig into her with each downward press, though he went still after that first thrilling drive. She never realized that her fingers were beginning to tighten over his biceps as her tension had begun to mount, her nails sharp against his youkai skin, and he did not bring her attention to it as the sensation sent little sparks of lust skipping along his taut frame. Nor did she remember raking them up the length of his back when she had hit that first brutal climax as he'd held her pinned to the floor, the small sting welcome though short-lived.

Kagome rocked against her new lover with a growing desperation that he could only delight in, her body flexing against his own in demand. Sesshomaru chuckled softly as he accommodated her need lifting into her and holding until she went hurtling into release. Her thighs tightened around his hips and she broke away from his lips with a cry as her body burned…then melted over him like heated candle wax. He could smell the sweet/tart tang of her release, feel it as it rained down against his skin and he shifted to let it slide the full length his cock before he once more settled under her. Her over-sensitive body trembled at the slick feel of him slipping between her thighs, and she jerked against him with another mini-orgasm. His eyes gleamed in the shadows, the ever present hunger piercing her.

Her small hands slid restlessly up over the slope of his shoulders before curling around his throat, pulling herself upwards. The loss of her heat dragged a grunt of protest from him before she slid back, shifting her hips till he butted up against the soft core of her. She couldn't seem to look away from the hot golden gaze that both demanded and begged. Carefully, she eased back further, inhaling sharply as he stretched the still tender interior of her body, discomfort flowing in hot waves. She more felt than heard him curse before he curled his fingers into her hips and slowed her untried attempt to take him.

"Easy."His voice was pitched low and thick as he shifted and eased his hands under her thighs, lifting her bottom upward until she was delicately balanced against the thick crest of him. Her forearms and upper body braced against his chest as her dancer's body arched into the position. "Slowand easy," he rumbled, lowering her in minute degrees until it was more of a pleasurable torture than anything else. She laid her cheek down between her flattened palms and twisted her hips against his hold no matter the futility, because he could have bench-pressed a semi. It was not about control, simply his desire to let her enjoy every single aspect of their joining, including that breathtaking first thrust. She let her eyes slide shut as she savored the luscious sensation, small panting whimpers breaking lose and finding answer in the male's occasional rasping moan as deceptively strong internal muscles rippled tightly around every invading inch of him as if to pull him deeper.

She could almost have cried in protest when he reversed the motion and pulled free, but he'd no intention of calling a halt. Instead, he took advantage of the additional slickness pulled from her by his withdrawal to slide deeper; faster. Shewouldhave screamed just then if she'd been capable of anything more than gasping. His hands shifted her hips slowly, letting her twist from side to side to explore the sensation before dragging over that much contested spot along the front wall of her sheath. She almost wanted to tell him 'stop! No,please do that again!',but he was already pulling back and giving her what she wanted, sensing the acute pleasure that resulted from it in the stuttering of her pulse.

Very quickly it became not enough and she once more tried to wiggle free and take more of him. He laughed at the mild curses she flung in his direction, purring when they became breathless pleas as he pulled her down until her heart shaped backside rested snugly against his hips. She trembled against him for a moment, forcing herself to breathe in a slow, even rhythm to counter that first shock of complete fullness. It wasn't just physical, though that was overwhelming in itself. But having been mated by him, she had gained a more intense awareness of him. The way his fierce youkai heart thundered under her cheek that spoke of more than simple need, because her own attempted to match it. The way she could almost taste his carefully controlled impatience as he unconsciously flexed inside of her, a gentle pull that tested her readiness. And it wasn't just him. The beast glowed in his eyes, and she was given an awareness of itsdesires. Thoroughly dominant in nature, it was nonetheless amused and wickedly aroused by the delicious irony of playing the submissive to such a small, fragile female.

Pushing herself back up astride his body proved a bit more difficult than she'd anticipated given the absolute inflexibility of him. Pulling her legs up beneath her, she tugged at his shoulders and he complied with her urging, sitting upright so that she could press her body against his. He felt her hesitate for a moment, before he lifted her upward and let her drop back into place, ducking his face into her shoulder as slim arms curled tightly around his throat when she took over the motion. She shivered when his lips nipped at the mark in the vulnerable curve of her throat, somehow less unnerved than aroused by the soft scrape of his canines. Even as they threatened to break her fragile mortal flesh, she rolled her torso along his with all the enticing skill of the belly dancer she'd been trained to be. He couldn't help either his responsive upward thrust or the short, startled growl that was ripped from him as every sleek, feminine muscle clutched and coiled around him with almost possessive hunger.

That was all it took to murder all of his good intentions.

He felt his eyes bleeding red once more as desire clambered through his senses, his lip curling in an almost vicious fang-baring snarl as she forced herself down on him , he didn't miss the tiny smile of triumph that crossed her sweet face as the last of his restraint shredded when she squeezed him just that much tighter. He let go with a roar, his body jerking upright under her and Kagome wound herself around him as she welcomed the force of his driving thrusts, just short of true violence. She loved him for the way he had tried to give her some measure of control…but she was left feeling strangely incomplete by it. It had never been in his nature to be passive, and having him do so now was almost unsettling. She wanted the dominant male and the brutal passion that drove him now that she knew it existed in him…she wanted all of him.

She wouldn't have even had the time to flinch if she'd so desired as those cruelly sharp fangs snapped closed against her shoulder, his fingers spreading over her hips with bruising intensity, and she knew that she'd bear the marks of those powerful hands for days after. They held her immobile and he drove deeper still as if determined to find the heart of her, the breath shuddering out of her lungs against the force that should have been excruciating…and wasn't. His body bunched and released in fluid, wild grace beneath her hands and between her thighs and her smile grew even as the painful pleasure intensified and burned through her like wildfire. She couldn't pull in enough air and even that seemed to drive the pressure higher, leaving her light-headed and panting. Darkness chased itself across her field of vision as her own teeth sank as deeply into his heavy shoulder as she could manage as if to anchor herself into consciousness. Sounds not unlike those of a little wildcat escaped her, pleasing the male with their tone and animalistic need.

The orgasm that had been slowly teasing along her senses suddenly exploded; a darkly burning thing that clawed and ripped at her. Her nails raked down his back as she desperately fought to pull him closer, something that even as far gone as he was, he noticed with a low rumble of pleasure just before the wicked tightening of her body dragged him over the edge with her, leaving him gasping and shuddering and wide eyed.

His heart thundered under her cheek in a wild rhythm, her small body still tightly coiled around his own as she lay slumped against his chest. He couldn't help the low purr of contentment that thrummed through him, not unlike a cat's purr when he carefully maneuvered her sweetly boneless body to lie along his own as he shifted down on the bed. The hands that had bruised her now caressed soothingly along her quivering body, drawing out the tremors and encouraging her to breathe normally. His own restlessness began to slowly abate as the beast allowed her total surrender to sooth its own need to claim and dominate the female it craved. It had spent far too many nights wanting her to the point of pain, his own body bearing the brunt of its lustful desires as he attempted to keep it from her. The ache in his body from living with the fierce arousal that refused to relent, no matter the times he had tried to take himself in hand or even ignore it was still a factor, but he refused to give it thought for now with the pleasant lassitude that was now creeping through his mind.

His eyes slowly bleed into the beast as the other half relaxed, refusing even then to give in to the need for rest in favor of guarding it's new mate, it's conscience, it's love…it's very soul given shape and form. Just like it refused to allow the separation of their bodies even in sleep, the hellish glow given off by his demonic eyes a tangible threat to anything that might dare intrude belying the gentle stroking of his clawless hands along soft female flesh.

And even then, despite the desperation with which he'd taken her, the burn of desire stillsmoldered unrelentingly through him…


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