I got bored (which is never good)….and decided to write an all-dialogue story. A very mini-ficlet.



"Relax, Moony. It's just me."



"Why the hell did you jump on me?"

"Because you looked like you were bored."

"I was sleeping…"

"Like I said, you looked bored. Why were you sleeping?"

"Because it's nighttime, Padfoot. Normal people sleep during the night."

"Since when do I fall under the category of normal?"
"Well, never, but that doesn't stop me from being normal."

"Well, being a werewolf, genius and, not-to-mention, extremely adorable when angry, pretty much screw your chances at normalcy."

"But, I…. wait, what was that last part?"

"Erm… hoping you weren't going to catch that…."


"Well… it's true... Right from your gorgeous brown eyes to your…"


"Sirius, keep your hands to yourself."

"Hehe, why?"

"Ahh… Stop it."


"Stop, James or Peter… Be serious."

"I am Si-."

"That was not a cue for an immature pun on your name!"


Gasp. "I'm serious. Someone will come in."

"James is currently snogging Evans in the Owlery and Peter is stuck in detention because of the dragon liver I threw in potions."
"Someone else will come in."


"Someone will hear."


"Sirius, be serious for one minute."

"I am-."

"SHUT UP! Sirius, I mean i- ahh…"

"You mean…?"

"I mean... ohh…ahh…"

"That's what I thought you meant."

I think I'll leave it off there…you can use your imagination to fill in the rest. I mean, come on, if I wrote any more it would be full of: "Ooh."s, "Ahh."s, "Right there."s, "Uhnn."s and other fun demands… Needless to say, I think it would be more fun if you used your naughty little minds to think up your own ending.
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