OMG I love my reviewers

OMG I love my reviewers! I'm such a meanie-pants, but I'm unfortunately one of those people that neglects their duties! I will try to update more!

I luff each n every one of you, and I'm glad it's so good. But, I have a question- well, a poll- that I need my reviewers to review and answer for me.

Should I leave this as a fluff oneshot and end it soon, or should I add on a plot? Personally, I think adding on a plot would kind of drain the life of this fanfic, but it's your guys' opinions that matter.

Please let me know what you want!

This chappie dedicated to my wonderful reviewers and my wish for the death of my annoying spell check. It's useful for school, but not stories... Oi vei.

Now, onto Chapter 3!


"Get off Machika! Get off Machika!" Kiki howls. The stranger still ignores her.

I am shocked still. Unmoving, silent... I know that only a few seconds pass, but it feels like forever.

"Sir..." I croak. "I'm afraid I'm- going to have to ask- you to release- me."

"Machika, you don't remember me?" he asks, pulling away.

How can I, if he hides himself?

I reach up, nervous, hesitant, and remove his hood. He does not stop me. I see...

I see green eyes, and a cascade of dark blonde hair much longer than my own. I see despair, sadness, but a feeble flicker of hope and life. It hits me like a torrent of something... A word long lost to my vocabulary.

The word comes to me, so much like this strange man. I utter it softly...



I'm so sorry this is short, but I can't really continue without an answer as to what I should do. I don't wanna sound mean, but let me put it this way: You want another chapter, tell me what you want!

I hope I've kept in the style of this fanfic. I usually have a different way of writing, more casual and less... I dunno, but not this. So I hope it's still okay.

And I do realize that Machika is out of character. Oh well. :P

I do not own Immortal Rain. If I did, I wouldn't really be doing this. :P